Renovatio SRD-4C Display Unveiled

Renovatio Development has unveiled their newest product, the SRD-4C display.

The SRD-4C is a designed to resemble classic analogue gauges found in production cars, coming with a modern twist as it is powered by state of the art LED technology.

Alongside RPMs, the display is able to show various data such as speed, lap times, fuel data and much more.

The display is driven by Renovatio’s SRD Manager software, ensuring the compatability to all current racing sims.

The SRD-4C can now be pre-ordered for 89€, more info is available here.

  • F1Racer

    Hey I like the look of this and the price is very reasonable.
    Might have to treat myself to one.

  • Benjamin Dolard

    Would be great to have more pictures of the hardware, like the stand 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So this is a small, round LCD display and software? How big?

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