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Renault Truck Racing 2010 – Released

Renault Truck Racing 2010 – Released

Back in July 2009, Renault Trucks released a free truck racing game developed by Gameseed, creators of Nitro Stunt Racing, allowing gamers to race against 15 AI opponents in a full blown race truck.

Now, a second version is available and the title has been majorly updated, coming with three new tracks, a new truck model, new physics and a multiplayer mode.


– 3 new tracks (more interesting and harder than the one from last year)
– 1 new truck
– Behavior of the trucks and force feedback has been improved
– Multi-player mode
– Online Records
– Skin tool (your skins will be transmitted in multi).

Download Renault Truck Racing 2010 Here

  • scca1981

    For a free title this isn’t half bad.  Only gripes here are the sounds could be better and for some reason AA is greyed out in my settings at the start?  I don’t like having jaggies all over :/

  • nh racing
  • Montoya

    Could you please stop spamming your F1 2010 everywhere? Thank you.

  • aceruber

    o yes i like them free

  • MiniMadPaul

    Moderators need to stop this guy its very annoying

  • StarfoxSXV550

    I liked the original version will have to give this a try. Four tracks & multiplayer should ensure it stays installed a bit longer too.

    Is there any news on the Reiza studios Formula Truck Series. I fear I may have dreamt reading it was already released on VirtualR :-[

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    Pretty good, especially for free. I feel like I’m on a Top Gear episode 🙂

    Funny, it’s free and already had better physics that F1 2010.

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    it’s a shame about the AA, shame problem here as well.

  • scca1981

    Yes that needs fixed immediately.  Even forcing it in my nvidia control panel doesn’t help much.

  • Frankyboy

    It´s funny, it´s free, it´s good but physics better thean F1 2010, … pfff

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    Assuredly so. They spin out realistically, unlike aforementioned game…

  • TheSTIG

    I don’t see any servers, you ?

  • YouKnowThatsRight

    None here either.

  • Fokkak Menny

    Oh yes, go compare that big boy to an agile F1 car, you do make a point.
    Like you’ve driven one of those trucks before, or even an F1 car? Don’t think so.