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Reiza Studios – Formula Truck Update & GSC Patch

Following the successful release of the 1.20 update for Game Stock Car Extreme, Reiza Studios have shed some light on their plans for the immediate future.

Following the successful release of the 1.20 update for Game Stock Car Extreme, Reiza Studios have shed some light on their plans for the immediate future.

One of them regards the Formula Truck franchise as Reiza has announced that Game Stock Car’s sister title will be getting an overhaul that will see all of the recent Game Stock Car improvements being added to the the truck franchise as well.

Furthermore, the new update for Formula Truck will also include new tracks, the names of which have not been revealed.

Also, the team is working on a patch for Game Stock Car Extreme, the 1.21 update will address small issues such as shadow flickering.

  • Gorka Barron

    Great, just great, following to those news, hope to record something soon ; )

  • Pe11e

    AI must be improved ASAP, but I’m not sure they can do that because of gmotor2 engine limitations.

    • Sigmatc

      And you think the new sim engines are able to do better. I doubt it

      • Matthew Arnold

        nope. Probably not 🙂

    • Betta Lines

      Reiza’s titles have some of the most competitive, entertaining AI I’ve ever driven against.

      • Renato Simioni

        There was indeed an issue introduced with v1.20 though, causing a lot of problems with AI behavior when running the more powerful cars around tighter tracks. This will be improved with v1.21.

      • Matthew Arnold

        I bet the AI in the super fast cars like the new Reiza Extreme is a bloody nightmare to get right.

        People wonder sometimes why these sims run poorly compared to some newer arcade titles. I can only imagine the complex calculations needed to make this stuff feel simulation quality.

        I have a lot of respect for the guys who build the engines that this stuff is made capable with.

        Maths geniuses, the lot of them 🙂

        I’d love to read an in depth paper about Racing sim AI one day.

        Fascinating 🙂

      • Professional Operator

        They are great but AI more than calculations involve lot of testing.
        There’s something called “AI min pass per tick” that improve AI awareness to prevent AI dive bombing the back of your car. Another important thing is make sure AI overtake slower cars on straight.

        In some mods you incrase that value toghether with agreession and you have better AI. It’s my quick AI fix for rFactor and it might work for GSC since it IS basically a polished rFactor.

      • Matthew Arnold

        No offence but its a hell of a lot more than a polished rFactor 🙁

        I like your AI quick fix though, ill try that 🙂

      • Professional Operator

        “polished rFactor” wasn’t intended to be an offence. 😉

        I was underlining the fact that that the engine used in GSC is closer to the one used by ISI in rFactor than that the one used by SimBin in GTR2 and Race series. Which is not a bad thing at all,

        Since it can be a second life enviroment for all those rFactor mods that can be converted without much trouble. And this IS an advantage in my book. 🙂

      • Betta Lines

        Oh right, I thought Pe11e’s comment was a more general one, I’ve yet to test v1.20 myself. Sorry Pe11e! 🙂

    • ftrracingtv

      they just need to stop them from crashing and spinning in turn 1 and i think its because the ERS system is fully charged and they are working to fix that

      that being said isi does have some of the worst ai out there

  • Glen Orpheus

    this was the first title i bought when moving across to pc from my 360, loved it then, love it now, will love the update too 😉

  • ftrracingtv

    OMG please make formula truck work with the DK2 that would be crazy

    • Mark

      Yes, Formula Truck is great fun to play but with the DK2 it would be awesome.

  • sickbroski

    What’s in the truck update and how do you get it?