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Red Bull Ring 2010 – Released

Red Bull Ring 2010 – Released

SMD has released their Red Bull Ring 2010 for rFactor, bringing Austria’s premier racing facility to the simulation.

The track is based on the A1 Ring for Grand Prix 4 and has heavily changed to reflect the changes made to the venue in recent years, below is a video of the track in action.

Known as the Östterreichring and later A1 Ring, the Red Bull Ring is Austria’s main racing venue. The track hosted the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix until 2003, most of the track’s infrastructure was demolished in 2004 for a planned major overhaul by Red Bull including a layout extension, ending all racing activity.

The spectacular plans never materialised, leaving the site unused for several years. In 2010, Red Bull started to rebuild the demolished infrastructure, making the original track layout usable again. The Red Bull Ring will make its international motorsport comeback in 2011, hosting a round of the DTM series.

Download Red Bull Ring 2010 Here

  • jpmjpm

    I love A1-ring, the old layout and the new also. I loved racing on the new layout in GP4. Sadly in rFactor there wasn’t an accurate layout, only some look-a-likes, which were close but wasn’t as accurate as GP4’s GPS accurated layout. It gives me hope this track is based on the GP4 track.

    Ps.: please someone work out a method to convert iRacing’s laser scanned tracks. That would be heaven. Track accuracy is so important.

  • Riches

    Converting iracing tracks would be very illegal!
    Good craftmanship can come pretty close.

  • CAR

    But not impossible 🙂

  • JGoenR

    Thank you very much for converting and editing this track!