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RealFeel for rFactor – Version 0.936 Released

RealFeel for rFactor – Version 0.936 Released

TechAde has released a new version of the popular RealFeel plugin for rFactor that majorly improves the force feedback effects in Image Space Incorporated’s popular simulation.

Reiza Studios’ Game Stock Car title was recently released using an improved version of the plugin and the new version carries some of these changes over to rFactor.


1) VehicleDelimiterSize

This simply defines how much of the vehicle name to use to define the ini file entries, to give modders a bit more flexibility in defining which cars share RealFeel ini entries.

2) DefaultFrontGripEffect

This is a bit of a fudge that when set above zero will provide an additional steering force reduction when the front tyres are sliding. Maximum recommended value is 1.0 which will provide a 100% drop in force when 100% of the contact patch is sliding.

3) DefaultKf, Ks, A & Kr

I have implemented Leo’s “Parking Lot” FFB code which now cuts in when vehicle speed is below ‘MinSpeed’ as defined in the RealFeel ini. Quite what the various parameters mean I’m not too sure as it’s just a copy of Leo’s code.

Download RealFeel for rFactor Version 0.936 Here

  • f12bwth

    Wish Techade went a bit further into detail. He commented on it here.

  • Ed Luna aka eddiespag

    A taste of rF2?  🙂

  • Bakkster

    Kind of odd for release notes. ‘This is a fudge factor, and I don’t know how this stuff works because I just copied it’…

  • Fistro

    Works ok, better than older Realfeel, it give teh front lossgrip i used with Leo’s, now just tweak the controller.ini to some brake and motor vibe, better suspension, better steer response, and better tire grip feel. Near perfect, i’ve tweaked controller.ini to add the last effects vibe on motor (real cars have vibration on their wheels) dunno why the people don’t use it, it’s pretty good on rfactor, but it comes with the motor revs, hope they can mix some speed/Rpm vibe, and also brake vibe too which is good to feel how deep you brake. Any other “canned” effect is off.
    I have now nearly perfect FFB.

  • Aaron Carlisle

    I personally can’t stand RealFeel.  LeoFFB gives MUCH more feedback through the tires, and anyone who has ever driven a real race car would know this.  “RealFeel” isn’t as real as some might believe, as LeoFFB gives you a much more authentic feedback through the steering wheel.

  • Sigmatc24

    I agree with that.

    I prefer LeoFFB, but may be it depends on the steering wheels

  • Jos

    it’s just a forum post at no-grip.

  • rusty

    sounds good Fistro, I would like to try this

    Please share your controller.ini

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    I’ve only driven superkarts and road cars so cant comment on race cars. But certainly for road cars LeoFFB feels way too exaggerated, like the steering is connected directly to the tyres……

  • Dave Oliver

    Thats why you run a combo of RealFeel & Leos. As RealFeel runs off suspension data & LeoFFB runs off tyres.

  • Fistro

    I’ll share tomorrow, today i can’t. but i will do.

  • The Biff

    What do you care?  You’re an iracing fanboy with only one opinion. 

  • Noel Hibbard

    RealFeel takes the forces from the steering rack and sends it directly to the wheel. Tires directly effect the forces on the steering rack. I dont know about your car but on any car I have ever worked with, the steering wheel is connected to the steering rack not the tires. Esspecially not the rear tires. If the front tires loose grip then the force on the rack drops. If the rear end gives, the front wheels try to rotate in the direction of the slide. Not simply go limp. Anyone who has driven any car has experianced this. Well, assuming they have driven a car to the limit or a little past. This version of RealFeel looks at streering arm forces and the front grip factor. So it is a cross between LeoFFB and the old RealFeel. So it should satisfy both camps now.

    Most people don’t even configure LeoFFB proporly and they still say it feels perfect.

  • Fistro

    Here is my controller.ini here, it is for DFP 540º, but a few tweaks will do the job for G27.
    You have to install, leo’s and the new realfeel. I put in the archive leo’s, controller, and realfeel default.
    To make it work ok, it’s different in different mods, but by default ill give you realfeel.ini
    In logitech profiler:
    Global 100% (don’t use more, never)
    Spring at 10% (this can be changed if low forces in the center)
    Damper 0%
    Activate centering but at 0%
    To work on it in game, mix with leo’s may be 90% or 80% in most cases.
    With this like i said, in game just use Ctrl+9 or Ctrl+7 and see how it goes with the mod, i usually meet the correct, when i have front loss grip when turning, but not a dramatical one.
    For G27 just tweak this ones in controller.ini:
    FFB Gain= to more power maybe needed never more than 100
    FFB throttle vibe freq mult= This one if you don’t feel good vibration, u can tweak other parameters viculate to this
    FFB brake vibe freq mult= Same as adove

    IMPORTANT: Never touch the FFB, and controller parts in the rfactor menu, it overrides whole controller.ini, and it changes lots of parameters. Only key bindings, can be tweaked from menu.

  • Bakkster


  • DeDios

    thanks really much, best plugin available for rF.