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Real-Time Racing – Virtual DSC Coming Up

Real-Time Racing – Virtual DSC Coming Up

The Dutch Supercar Challenge sponsored by Dunlop is hitting the track at Zolder this weekend and like many events on the Belgian track this year, the two sixty minute races are iOpener enabled.

That allows sim racers who are part of the Real-Time Racing beta testing programme to compete against the stars of the Dutch Supercar Challenge right from their home, driving a Supersport 2 class Marcos Mantis.

Beta testers can reserve their slots in the races by clicking here, the action is planned to start on Saturday July 17th at 13:10 CET. If you aren’t a beta tester yet and want to join this and future events, you can pre-register for a beta key here.

  • Rasmus

    I like the concept of Real-Time Racing, though I haven’t tried it… yet.

    You beta testers: what do you think about it?? Is it worth signing up? Don’t remember seeing that much feedback on these articles here, so that’s why I’m asking. 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Sign up is free so it’s definately worth a go.

    I’ve done a couple of real-time races and its quite a unique concept and one that I think isn’t being embraced enough by the community.  Racing against real drivers in real time ?   Pretty cool I reckon.

  • Rhys Gardiner

    I second what F1Racer said. It’s not quite a “complete” package when it comes to game features, the fact being that iOpener have used a stock version of Simbin’s RACE series games for the time being, but the game is not what is being tested – it’s the technology, and the technology is looking pretty damn good right now. It definitely works, I can tell you that… I was there for the first test, and I was impressed. Once this is released (presumably on a different engine, as Gmotor2 is a bit old in the tooth), I reckon it’ll be one of the top racing games on the PC. Like F1Racer said, it’s a shame that it isn’t being welcomed by the commnity as much as it could be..