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Real-Time Racing – Beta Phase Ended

Real-Time Racing – Beta Phase Ended

iOpener has officially ended the beta testing phase of their Real-Time Racing technology that enabled thousands of sim racers to race against real race drivers in various events.

Launched in September 2009, the beta program enabled virtual racers to compete in several real racing events at Zolder, from club racing to high profile events that were part of the FIA GT & FIA WTCC outings at Zolder. Following the beta phase, iOpener will be working on the future iOpener Enabled game, causing them to end active development of the current RTR website.

That dosen’t mean that the racing fun ends though as beta testers will still be able to race the stored events as often as they please, even people who don’t have a beta key yet can still sign up for one here.

  • IonAphis

    Even in beta no one played it… imagine now…. Companies should just stop reusing the same outdated engine and develop something new…

  • mike88

    tbh the beta was horrible i played it few times and just deleted it

    the concept is good and it works okay but the outdated graphics engine the lack of immersion ruined the experience

  • Carbonfibre

    I got invited to this and I didn’t even bother with it lol.
    In fact, I think it’s the only beta I’ve ever applyed for but not given a flying fart towards, in my life.

  • CAR

    The beta phase ended for most people a long time ago 😛

  • Turkey :D

    The beta was just meant to showcase iOpener technology, not wow us with impressive graphics and physics, although those elements could have kept me more interested. At least I got a free track and car addon for my Race07 install.  🙂

  • kave

    Nonethe less, it sucks for now…

  • The Biff

    On my computer the graphics were amazing.  To me they looked way better than the race series.  I didn’t like it because it felt the same as the race series. 

  • The Biff

    aren’t you special.

  • Michael

    Well I have to disagree with some of that.

    Yes, same old race07 engine etc etc beta was a waste of time.

    But the concept was and is a complete waste of time for a game, so it’s a broken idea before they even started to implement it. All the beta demonstrated was that it didn’t work well at all.

    The tech itself might have a market. One application might be it being used alongside TV footage showing the real time positions in a race, letting you watch the race from any vantage point or spectating inside any car. That kind of thing (if they can significantly improve the graphical output)

    But, this idea that you can race alongside a “real racing driver” is nonsense. The better idea is iracings where they pay some washed up nascar has-been to play the game. Then, at least, you are playing the game and racing against that person.

    So, if you could persuade Lewis Hamilton to play F1 2011 online, there’s your “racing against lewis” chance. But putting his car position in your race is no more racing against him than when you have an AI driver with his name written above it – and certainly not with the current inability to match the real and simulated worlds closely enough.