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Real Racing…. On your Cellphone

Real Racing…. On your Cellphone

Right now, the closest you can get to sim racing on your mobile phone is visiting site using mobile internet. This changes soon as Firemint is working on Real Racing, a racing title for new generation cellphones such as Apple’s iPhone.

The game features 3d graphics and surround-sound, the car is controlled using the phone accelerometer. That’s not exactly like using your G25 but it does the trick. The game comes with some neat features such as the ability to race against your friends using WiFi or the cell network as well as integrated Youtube support for one-click uploading of your quickest laps.

Below is a gameplay video of the game in action. Yes, it may not live up to the “Real” in the title but keep in mind, this is just a mobile game. Release is scheduled around Christmas, Real Racing will work on the Apple iPhone as well as several Nokia phones.

[youtube CFavTmIGplo nolink]

  • Superapex

    wow! That looks amazing!… for a cell phone. What I find impressive is that I see virtually no input lag from the accelerometer. Impressive indeed!

  • gtrNL

    Like Superapex said, almost no lag from the controls. I think I need a iPhone…

  • Pinje

    This does look great, been wanting an iPhone and now I defiantly want one, roll on April when my current contract runs out!

  • Substance242

    Defiantly? You mean “deviantly”? 😉

  • Dave Ellis

    Looks fantastic considering the limitations. I have a 2G iPhone and would at least try this game out to see how it works.

  • :)

    really very nerd :mrgreen:

  • F1Racer

    I`ll definately be getting this on my IPhone. How could I not ? 🙂

  • F1Racer

    … least they can’t call it IRacing 😀

  • kill4f00d

    Very cool. I bet it doesn’t have a good physics or damage system though.

  • Gerdoner

    @F1Racer: lol, that comment made my day 😆