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RDDev 2011 Season Mod for F1 2010 – Released

RDDev 2011 Season Mod for F1 2010 – Released

The Racedepartment Development Team has released their massive 2011 season mod for Codemasters’ F1 2010 title.

To shorten the waiting time until the release of F1 2011 this fall, the mod transforms the 2010 version to current season spec including liveries, helmets, steering wheels, HUD & much more as listed below.

Liveries — Brand new liveries have been made for each car to match each team from the season.
Cockpit Wheels — The wheels have been redone for the teams to match their real life counterparts.
Pit and Race Crews — Crews have been repainted to match their 2011 appearance.
Garages/Paddocks — Teams have new garages and paddocks to better match their sponsors and car livery.
New Drivers — A total of 6 brand new drivers are now in the game.
Track Order — All the tracks in the game are in proper 2011 order.
Driver/Team Strengths — All drivers and teams are edited to match their skills and positions as close as possible to the 2011 season.
Helmets — Some helmets are done but the rest of them will be released soon.
Car/Track Menus — There are new car and track menu selection screens.
2011 Video — A brand new video was made at game startup for the 2011 season.
Car Hud 2011 — There is now a new speedometer to match the new season.

Download RDDev 2011 Season Mod for F1 2010 Here

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