RDDev 2011 Season Mod for F1 2010 1.1 – Released

Back in May, Racedepartment Development Team has released their massive 2011 season mod for Codemasters’ F1 2010 title.

The mod transforme the 2010 version to current season spec including liveries, helmets, steering wheels, HUD & much more. Now, the team has released an updated version of their mod, adding some new graphics, HUDs and other improvements as listed below:


– Updated all gloves, driver suits, cars, and most helmets
– Tweaked team/driver stats
– New HUDs to choose from
– Added more bonus content
– Replaced Karthikeyan with Ricciardo
– Fixed Spanish and Portuguese Languages
– Increased Practice+Qualifying AI Difficulty
– New HUDs to Choose From
– Fixed Crash when Using Force India

Download RDDev 2011 Season Mod for F1 2010 1.1 Here


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