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Radical SR3 XX for rFactor 2 – Now Available

Studio 397 has been on a hot streak releasing new content lately as two brand new Formula E venues and the debut of Ferrari in rFactor 2 have been released in quick succession.

The studio’s far from done though as here’s the next addition to the title’s ever-expanding car roster: The Radical SR3 XX.

One of the most popular entry-level customer prototypes, the XX is the newest generation of Radical’s successful SR 3 prototype that has become a stalwart at track days and national racing series.

Powered by the 4th-gen RPE-Suzuki engine and equipped with a six-speed sequential gearbox, the XX is a significant step up especially in terms of electronics as the car is equipped with a high-end steering wheel akin to those in modern Formula racers, allowing drivers access to a wide variety of data & functionality.

The Radical SR3 XX for rFactor 2 is now available, selling for 4,99€.

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