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F1Racer, frequent VirtualR commenter and one of the community’s render experts, has announced to be closing his website due to the siteconflicting with his new job.

The website will stay open until September 13th and everyone looking for nice desktop wallpapers should head there and grab what they can.

Racingrenders offers an impressive collection of renders , covering almost a decade of sim racing. From Formula One to sports cars, F1 2002 to Need for Speed Shift – You´ll find high-resolution renders of almost all cars that have been hot and popular in our community for the past nine years.

  • BSR-WiX

    Must be an interesting job.   🙂   i wish him all the success. Lets hope we dont loose him as a community member. 

  • GTEvo

    First ive seen F1Racer with Renders of RalphHummerichs F1 Mods..anno 2000/2001.

    He is just a Sim Pioneer!

    Stay Healthy Mate

  • Bjørn

    What a pity though.

    Thanks for your contribution with those 1st class renders as long as it lasted, F1Racer

  • Dave

    Sorry about site ,best of luck in what ever you do F1Racer
    Any chance of putting all the renders in a pack and maybe nogrip or racedept would host
    or file site like mediafire or the like.
    Be a shame to loose great renders.

  • F1Racer

    Yeah I could do something like that.

    Thanks for your comments guys.  Been rendering sim-racing cars since 1997 and it’s been great getting to know the mod makers in this community.  All hard working guys, which is why I don’t criticise them for what they freely provide.   It’s been a ride.  

    Thanks for all your comments and support over the years.

  • Dave

    Maybe Montoya would post link if you do
    Pretty please Montoya

  • Koen Calleyl

    It has been great knowing you since 2004, having seen my name stuck on so many renders, I must be ranked about 3rd I guess, probably behind Ralph & Ivo 🙂

    You were THE crucial link between me and the Hummerich crew, your site has always been a brilliant reminder of a great period I had with them!

    The other day I was thinking that everything started at some online race where I, meaning sh*t in the modding community, ran into you, you seemed that have accepted my MSN request, and look where we are more than 6 years later!

    Thanks for your support, especially in the beginning, and which lasted over the years, I may sound like we are about to lose contact, but I’m sure we won’t 😉 .

    You can’t refuse doing another render of a car of mine, can you? Hahhaha


  • Simosimosimo

    f1Racer! If you have a new job and don’t have time to manage the site Why don’t you sell it to someone who can manage it?? It’s a shame to lose it man! Too much effort gone into it and it will be a pity to just let it go!

  • F1Racer

    Thanks Koen 🙂
    I was glad to help you out in the modding world with Ralph and it seems it worked out very well which Im pleased for.

    I don’t think we`ll lose contact though, I’m not going anywhere if I can help it.  Just not unkeeping the site any more.

  • F1Racer

    Well it is a shame in that respect, but I don’t feel Im at that point where I’m just going to hand it over.  I plan on at least holding onto the domain name for a while.   Who knows what the future holds.

  • Firefox

    Been on that site since around 2005 when you used to render Ralph Hummerich’s work. 
    It’s a shame seeing it closing but I had a blast looking at those renders and using some as backrounds. 
    I wish you good luck in the future F1Racer, and I hope you won’t stop rendering just because you close the site! 😉

  • F1Racer

    Ok guys, so now I can spill the beans. 

    I am now working at Slightly Mad Studios as Project Manager so this is why the site has to close at this time.

    I`ll see about archiving the current content if there is an interest for that.