RaceSimCentral Forums Close

This is by far the saddest news I have to report since VirtualR opened in 2007 but the RaceSimCentral crew has just announced to be closing their forums indefinitely, following the latest data loss.

In mid-December, RSC’s hoster suffered a data failure that affected both the regular data as well as the backup server, causing the forum to go down. The RSC crew is now trying to recover what’s left of the data and hopes to build a static mirror of the forum so that people can browse the tons of stored info.

If you have any experience with professional data recovery, make sure to contact the RSC crew here: community@racesimcentral.com

Either way, the RaceSimCentral forums will not come back in their past form as corner stone of the community and home of countless of mod teams. The full statement of the RSC crew can be found here.

This is a sad day for the whole community as there are probably not many sim racers who have not used RSC in the past. Personally, RSC was one of the first sim racing sites I joined back in 2002 and in it’s eight years of existence, the forum played a crucial part in keeping our community alive and healthy.

For those who really need to find some info posted on RSC, you might want to try Google’s Cache feature as it still allows to browse most of RSC’s Google results.


  • Hoopstar

    Mojo – thost figures prove NOTHING in your defence. What they do show is that people are using technology more in 2009 than they were in 2002. I can show you figures that track those same growth rates for mobile phones, internet usage, MP3 players or PC’s per capita players over the same period.. It’s called technology growth rate

    The fact remains, you are “offering a pirated version of Race On on your home page”.

    The interesting bit was however that because of offering a pirated version of Race On on my homepage (which is still available)

    That is theft..!! You can justify it anyway you like, but it is what it is..

    Don’t believe me? Maybe I should email Simbin and point them to your homepage and see if their lawyers agree with your defence? :lol:

    Now seriously, this is NOT the thread to continually justify it. You are embarassing yourself and pissing everyone off in the process.

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