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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Version Released

Sector 3 Studios have released a smallish update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, bringing the client to version

The update weighs 300 mbs and mainly contains small fixes as well as additional liveries for an upcoming competition.

In case you missed it, Sector 3 had rather big news to reveal a few days ago as the 2020 DTM cars will be joining the simulation later this year.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Changelog

  • Added various liveries for the upcoming competition
  • Audi TT RS VLN – Tuned damper rates, reduced ARB rates
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 – Rescaled high and low-speed damper rates
  • Group 5 – Updated default gear ratios. Improved the initial grip of the tyres when they’re brand new. Slightly reduced tyre heating.
  • Group 5 – Zakspeed Capri – Reduced rear spring adjustment range
  • Group 5 – Greenwood Corvette – Tweaks to default car setup: balanced dampers, reduced front/rear damping speed split. Adjusted torque curve at low RPM.
  • GTR 4 – Equalised damping rates across the cars. Faster gear change timings. Slightly reduced tyre heating. Fixed Lotus’ rear suspension bump steer.
  • Pagani Zonda R – Fixed AI having weaker brakes than players. Updated drivetrain oscillations, gearchange timings, and differential.
  • Slovakiaring – Fixed AI’s not respecting the white line at pit exit.

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