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RaceRoom Racing Experience – New Interview

Simbin has released a new interview with Creative Director Diego Sartori.

Five days ago, Simbin launched the closed beta of their RaceRoom Racing Experience free to play title.

While invited members can now try some new content and features of the title (click here to apply for beta access), Simbin has published an interesting interview with Creative Director Diego Sartori.

The interview contains lots of info that has already revealed before plus some new bits such as more details on the Get Real handling model, something all sim racers are interested in:

The Get Real™ driving model asks a little more from the player. Here tire wear, tire heating and damage are optional and will play a part on how the car performs throughout a session. The Get Real™ driving model also allow the use of traction control, but the traction control system we supply for the Get Real™ driving model works in similarly to that used in real race cars.

In most racing games you can turn traction control on or off and the strength of the traction control is the same regardless of the car you drive. That is not how it works in real racing.

In real racing the team and the driver spends lots of time on fine tuning the traction control strength and in most cases the driver will have several strength settings to choose from when driving the car.

The normal dynamic would be that the driver uses none or very little traction control on the first laps where the tires are at their best, the driver can then go up in traction control strength as tire performance decreases.
That is exactly how traction control works in RaceRoom Racing Experience, players can assign any traction control strength setting to any of the 6 preset traction control positions.

Click here to check out the full interview.

  • Giancarlo Lenzi

    Finally! A sim that understands that Traction Control isn’t some normal assist! I hope they do the same with ABS!

  • Markus Ott

    Ready for shitstorm.

    TC is only for mega arcade crashing noobs! [/hardcore sim racer]