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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Coming in 2 Weeks?

It seems like it won’t be long until we can try Simbin’s new RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin’s new free  to play RaceRoom Racing Experience title has generated a lot of interest in the community and it seems like it’s not long until we all can try the base version.

Simbin advertised the new title as being available soon and it seems that this can be taken literally. Simbin’s Anthony Monteil, responsible for the title’s much discussed sounds has revealed the following right here on VirtualR:

Believe me, the sound engine is very different from ISI, we worked for 3 years to get the best of this new platform. But you’ll find out by yourself in 2 weeks 😉

To bridge the gap until the release, has released a big bunch of new RaceRoom Racing Experience screenshots. And if you`re more into moving images, Wim Bries has uploaded some very cool gameplay footage from his GamesCom visit to the Simbin booth.

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