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Racedriver GRID – Released

Racedriver GRID – Released

Even though the official release of Race Driver GRID is scheduled for tomorrow, Codemasters’ newest game can already be picked up at some stores. Earlier today, I bought the PC version at a local games shop, expect screenshots and a review in due time.

The Xbox 360 version is also available at some outlets, at least in Germany players seem to be given a little head start on the game. I don’t have any info on other countries but it might be worth checking out your local retailer today.

  • WiX

    i wonder is sales are going to be good. For the arcade gemers a great racing title. But for the Simracer its probably going to be the biggest dissapointment of the last few years. in one of the last videos they call it the GTR2 killer .. i dont understand how anyone could think that.
    Lets hope we ever see it modded . The Grid gfx engine with a Sim like physics engine would have been the max .

    Fingers crossed for GTR Evo and rFactor 2

  • stabiz

    I think sales are going to be great, as sit-down-and-win-in-five-minutes-games usually become bestsellers if the graphics are good.

    Yeah, bring on Evolution and rFactor 2.

  • steve

    they should compared it with nfs but not with gtr2 but grid is much better than nfs , gtr2 is another league . gtr evo is nothing different than gtr2 and race in one game , but with a simbin ns 😛 . i hope the best for rfactor 2 . hopefulle they implant not only rain . some realtime reflections would be nice .

    the grid physics remind me of the first racedriver game , not the third .

  • Stancke

    In Belgium you already can buy the game in some stores.

  • erale

    I wonder how someone can compare these physics with GTR2 or Forza Motorsport. Top speed of the Audi R10 in LeMans is over 410 km/h!!! You can corner some hard chicanes with around 200km/h.

  • Trebor901

    the third Race Driver game was really really sensitive, i think that GRID is still a game for the gamepad cos otherwise ur just gonna ruin your G25 or DFP

  • arronski

    one word this game SUCKS,cant even keep the cars in a straight line the worst handeling in any game ive ever played..and to think i used to love toca 1&2 and mcray rally R.I.P………..Codies you should be ashamed. so are they going to run the f1 game on the ego engine…..time for a refund 😈

  • cefiro driver

    Graffics are all balls cant get more realistic than that… that said its also too blury while racing and is hard to focus on what you’re doing..not clear cut like Rfactor..
    Same for the handling, some cars handle more realistic when damaged severely! way too unpredictable! cant hold a race line well, it always wants to slide out..the cars want to understeer then snap oversteer to much.