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Racedriver GRID – Le Mans Trailer

Racedriver GRID – Le Mans Trailer

One of the many disciplines of auto racing featured in Codemasters’ upcoming Racedriver GRID game will be Le Mans style prototype racing.

For that part, Codemasters’ has taken inspiration from people in the know, teaming up with Creation Autosportif, a well-known British Le Mans Prototype team. The following trailer highlights the Le Mans part of the game with Creation drivers Felipe Ortiz & Stuart Hall introducing themselves.

[youtube 7ZaY-w3SuxU nolink]

  • Octavarium

    No sound for me on that video, but this one appears to be ok:

    Game looks great fun! Remains to be seen if the physics will be real enough, but if there aren’t any Le Mans Prototype mods availible before its release I will definately be playing it as a stop gap!

  • ap

    Octavarium, thanks a lot.

  • Montoya

    Weird, video was fine when I posted it.

    Thanks Octavium, replaced the video with the one you posted 🙂

  • scca1981

    Grid is shaping up to be one of the best racing games to come out