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Racedriver GRID – Damage and Flashback Video

Racedriver GRID – Damage and Flashback Video

When the first screenshots of Codemasters’ Racedriver GRID surfaced, everybody was wondering if Codemasters was finally going a reasonably realistic route. After the release of the demo, many people were disappointed, the arcady-feel of the game felt like a big let down.

As we´re closing in on the March 30th release, it seems to be getting worse as more and more arcardish features are revealed. The following video shows the game’s damage model in action. While the damage model with 70 detachable parts per car looks really impressive it comes with an unrealistic feature called flashback.

When you´re crashed, the game lets you view your crash from various angles, making the most of the effects. After that, you can rewind and pick up where you left of before the crash, meaning no mistakes you´ll make on track will have any effect as you can always fall back.

[youtube OaM4OOSZ2-E nolink]

  • MJ

    That means that you can crash at the start on a big part of the field, get lots of damage, rewind and get away as if nothing happened?
    I think crashing is crashing, and that should not be rewindable.

  • Trebor901

    Montoya the release for GRID is actually Friday 30th May 🙂 well in UK and rest of Europe 🙂

  • Montoya

    Thanks, one of the older videos said June 3rd, that got me confused 😀

  • R Kipker

    Actually, I like the falshback mode and rewind so you can retry! We all know it’s only a game right… don’t we?

    Anyway, I’m sure it will not be allowed online and if you don’t want to use it, simply don’t 😯

  • F1Racer

    MJ, If you choose not to use the Flashback feature then how can it be lame ? Its a option to use if you want to or not.
    Im sure in Multiplayer it cannot be used. Otherwise its pure personal preference. Flashback is no different from reloading a game (such as Crysis) from the last checkpoint if you are killed. Why should an arcade racing game be any different ?

    Anyway… maybe the physics isnt the best around, but credit to them, the damage system is really awesome. That first high speed crash is almost frightening. The replay system (from what Ive used in the demo) is very intuitive and gives you plenty of control.
    Heres hoping sims like GTR3(?) or rFactor 2 can get even close to that sort of damage. In the sim world we dont even have tyre stacks that move (except on a couple of tracks in rF) Unless nkpro does it ? I dont remember.

    Well with Codemasters having the F1 licence now lets see how F1 2009 turns out. Dont get your hopes up though otherwise you might be setting yourself up for a fall if it turns out pure arcade like Sonys efforts.

  • beep

    Wow… what a great damage simulator! 😆

  • CuttlefishTech

    Well, in the demo, there was only a set number of flash backs. I believe 4 was default, but if you went to a harder difficulty, the number shrank to 3, then 2. It’s an arcade feature in an arcade game, but I feel like its done right. Who likes wrecking due to some tiny mistake (or glitchy AI) half way through a 2 hours endurance race? I certainly don’t. A couple do-overs will enhance my gameplay experience, don’t forget its up to you whether or not to use them!

  • stabiz

    Lets rename GRID to CRAP.