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RaceDash for Project CARS – Preview Videos

Stephan Gauch has shown off a very neat Project CARS iOS app called RaceDash.

A few weeks ago, Slightly Mad Studios added an API functionality to their Project CARS simulation, allowing sim racers to use third party software & hardware with the WMD-powered title.

Among those making use of the long list of possibilities is Stephan Gauch who’s working on a Project CARS iOS application called RaceDash.

RaceDash displays various telemetry data and other information such as lap times as you can see in two preview videos below. The display will be customizable, allowing users to move the widgets around, change colors & more.

  • Me

    Android too…please?

  • Stephan Gauch

    Thanks for mentioning my project here 🙂

    • Guest

      could i use this on my psp 3000? this looks terrific talented!

  • Anonymous

    I have this Dashmeter Pro (same as above) for GTR2, iRacing, F1 2012 and rFactor. Does that tell you anything? It’s easily the *best* of these sim-meters that I’ve found. The tach is especially awesome (the line-bar version) and looks the best of any I’ve seen. It looks amazing on my Nexus 7, which is big enough to easily see and is actually about the right size for a real dash. I’ve got it mounted directly to my CSRE right now and it’s awesome.

    Bottom line – great products form this guy. Once you play F1 2012 with this dash, you’ll never go back.