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RACE07 – Patch Released

RACE07 – Patch Released

Simbin has released a new patch for RACE07 and all titles based on it (GTR Evolution, RACE On, STCC – The Game), fixing a handful of bugs and adding support for seven-gear vehicles to the title.


– Added support for cars with seven gears engines;
– Updated garage setup gearmapping visualization graph to make it adapt dynamically to the car specifications;
– Updated HUD revmeter to only show every other digit when reving more than 16000 rpm;
– Fixed an issue where a pit window was shown in all sessions instead of race only when mandatory pitstop was enabled;
– Corrected an issue in second race session with HUD pitstop menu that didn’t display correctly.

Top update your installation, start Steam and the new version will download. The patch is currently not available for non-Steam users of RACE07.

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