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RACE07 – Five Expansion Packs Announced

RACE07 – Five Expansion Packs Announced

The release of a new RACE07 patch three days ago was just the start of things to come as Simbin has announced to keep their long-going RACE07 series fresh with new content in the coming months.

RACE07 and all titles that are based on it (GTR Evolution, STCC – The Game, RACE On) will be enriched by five expansion packs that will bring highly-requested content to the series. Four of these packs will be commercial, selling for 5€-10€, the packs will only be available online on Simbin’s RaceRoom website and Steam.

To kick things off, all RACE07 owners will receive a free expansion pack that will bring the Formula RaceRoom car  and Hockenheim to the series. The fictional open-wheeler was initially released as part of the free RaceRoom game where it was confined to one single track, the free expansion pack will bring both the car and three-layout version of Hockenheim to the RACE07 universe.

No release date for this first pack or info on the content of the other four packs are available yet, stay tuned for more on the RACE07 expansions.

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