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RACE Pro – New Screenshots

RACE Pro – New Screenshots

RACE Pro will be showcased on the Games Convention in Germany these days and four new screenshots of Simbin’s Xbox360 simulation go along with that.

We get to see the WTCC, F3000 and GT cars in action, both from cockpit and outside view. Remarkably, these screenshots have a much more realistic look to them compared to the first shots of RACE Pro.

There’s barely any bloom or motion blur visible, the new Lizard engine manages to impress with plenty of details like trackside objects and cockpit interior instead.

  • GiVeUsLiZaRd

    This kind of graphics we need on PC. This isnt fair! Why the upcoming STCC game doesnt have graphics like this RacePro!? I just dont get it … 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Because STCC is nothing but an addon that contains a few new models, skins and tracks.

  • Bram

    “There’s barely any bloom or motion blur visible…”

    Praise the Lord for that one, and lets hope it stays that way 😉

  • Paul Kelly

    Sorry, but I’m not all that impressed by the graphics, especially the track textures and lighting.

    Look at the Ferrari cockpit shot, for example. That asphalt to the right of the right front wheel looks nothing like asphalt bathed in sunshine. It looks like a slick, bumpy dirt track, something on which AMA flat track or World of Outlaws sprint cars would run.

    That exaggerated texture and lighting seems to be pretty standard for next-gen console games.

  • [GC]Alex

    I dont see a ferrari cockpit shot, but i do see a f3000 cockpit shot. 😀

    i think the graphics are .Ok not the greatest, but better than before.

  • The Lonely

    those road textures are rather poor to say the least!

  • The Lonely

    those road textures are rather poor to say the least!

  • flips

    You can say that again! 🙂

  • phil23

    Well it looks like the next gen pc sim they make with Lizard could well be the dogs balls 😯

    I’m glad we’ve got GTR Evo and STCC addons to keep me going, though I’ll probably buy the Xbox 360 game anyway!!

  • Grozni

    judging by all the screenshots of RacePro ive seen, the game graphics look like Neon engine (DiRT/GRiD)…
    i have feeling that its still not the Lizard engine, or just Lizard clone of Neon engine?…hope its not true.