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RACE Pro – Games Convention Trailer

RACE Pro – Games Convention Trailer

Simbin has released a new trailer of their first ever Xbox360 simulation RACE Pro in time for the start of the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

The trailer contains some in-game footage of the Lizard-powered game so make sure to check it out.

  • Bram

    Sorry, but that vid has been on since that site launched and is not new from GC. I even think you’ve posted it here before?

  • Montoya

    Hi Bram

    Hmm, Gametrailers labeled it as Games Convention trailer, that’s where I got the idea.

    No, I have definately not posted this here yet. The one I posted before is this one:

  • Bram

    Ah, ok, that explains 🙂 Guess its Gametrailers not paying attention then.

  • Kill4f00d

    Port it to PC or I eat you SimBin.

  • Dave Ellis

    Isn’t this just GTR Evo, in the Lizard engine?

  • Montoya

    Pretty much, yes. Minus the Nordschleife but with Road America and Laguna Seca.

  • Pugamall

    Makes you wonder how ‘SIM’ like it will be for the console market,always a drawback to release anything on Xbox that can be used on line as you have to pay to play on line,but I guess they have become the lucky ones as their first to get the lizard engine game,bit of a kick in the teeth to the avid PC following crew,and shame its not just multi platform 🙁

  • Bradley

    This trailer has been out for a long while as Bram said, nothing new here.

  • :mad:

    here we go , he same bulshit game once again… sto it stupid simbin 👿

  • MrcL

    All that supposed physics research so it can be used with a gamepad…Yeap, and i’m the king of Qatar 🙄 . People in public servers on rFactor playing with gamepads and keyboards DEMANDED traction control with those idiotic Meganes or they started nagging that the cars were undrivable lol :mrgreen: . No need to sell bs. This is just another money-flow title by simbin and i assume on the arcade side by far 😐 . Not that I’m terribly bothered, on the contrary. Just don’t shove “poop” in everyone’s face about physics and realism on a console 😉 .


  • Grozni

    lol MrcL 😆 you are so right

  • Stu

    IMO it’s only a matter of time before consoles become the leasd development platform for sim racers.

    As console technology improved, we saw PC FPS shooters being ported across, these days consoles are the lead platforms for these very PC games.

    Other than niche, expensive, PC sim titles such as iRacing, I see the likes of Simbin and Blimey focusing on console development, with the PC getting ports at a later date.

    Gran Turismo, and particularly GT5P, has lead the way, each update see’s ever more sim features added, to the point were it’s now taken over from rFactor as my prefared sim. Those production values and sim physics are going to be very difficult for the PC to match.

    Now we see Simbin debuting the Lizard engine and new tracks like Road Amaerica and Laguna Seca on the 360 with Race Pro, it looks so tempting I may even buy a 360.

    Th PS3 is compatable with the best PC wheels like the G25, even clutch support is included in GT5P, and about to be added to Ferrari Challenge. Wheel support is the only area that let’s the 360 down, but there are an increasing number of users who want this support, suggesting there’s a decent number of sim racers who own consoles.

    Blimey’s new Ferrari title is reportedly coming to consoles as well as the PC, IMO this is neccesary to justify the costs of development a AAA title runs up these days. I wouldn’t be suprised if Race Pro sells more in it’s first month on sale than all of Simbins previous PC titles in total.

    The only area the PC is leagues ahead is mods, then again, how long are the most ambitious mods taking these days? To develop a mod takes huge resources, I don’t see how home made mods can be developed and released in a resonable amount of time to compete with the every increasing pace of console development, especially as these console sims will no doubt benefit from a steady from of DLC content.

    I see consoles as an opportunity for sims to find a wider audience, Gran Turismo is arguably the most popular console game of all, so if that title becomes more sim like, it gives an opportunity for the likes of Simbin and Blimey to find a large userbase on consoles.