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RACE Pro – Cover Released

RACE Pro – Cover Released

Simbin has released the box-art for RACE Pro, their first ever Xbox 360 simulation. The cover sports the Aston Martin DBR9 in Gulf Le Mans livery alongside WTCC Champion Andy Priaulx in his BMW 320si.

Interestingly, the Aston Martin GT car is headlining the cover, being much bigger and more eye-catching. Until now, the WTCC series has been the headline content for the RACE games – It looks like as the GTs are starting to catch up in terms of importance.

RACE Pro is scheduled to be released this November, Atari has put up an official homepage with plenty of preview material – Nothing VirtualR readers have not yet seen though.

  • 6e66o

    Yay, purple Headlights!
    NFS Guys will love it 😆

  • TimMun

    Yeah, haha 😛
    The cover looks really “pro” aswell. 😕

  • trebor901

    are they racing in a shopping centre? i mean the floor looks like it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they’re racing at all actually