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RACE Pro – Another Two Videos

RACE Pro – Another Two Videos

I was in a little rush posting the four new RACE Pro videos earlier today, missing another two completely.

Below are the missing two videos, showing Simbin’s RACE Pro Xbox 360 simulation at work. The first video shows a rainy GT Pro race at Monza while the second clip shows off the game’s menu system.

Naturally, the menu has been changed completely to suit the console, the menu screens also reveal some additional content in RACE Pro. While the game’s content is pretty much GTR Evolution without the Nordschleife, Xbox 360 racers will be getting two all new tracks – Laguna Seca and Road America.

Furthermore, the WTCC 2007 class will include the Peugeot 407 and the Bio-Ethanol Volvo S60. Both cars entered just one round in 2007 and were left out of RACE07 due to time reasons. Even though its unknown if the Seat Leon TDI will also be included, it seems likely that RACE Pro will feature the full field of the 2007 WTCC season.

  • flips

    Cool… I liked the menu preview… A couple of comments…

    Its cool to see Road America in the track line up.

    I wonder what the career mode will be like. Would you start with a mini then work your way up?

    Man.. was that a video issue or did it take forever for the model of the BMW to show up in the screen??? Maybe they are working on that bit of code yet.

    Notice the max number of cars is 15. It looks like the 360 hardware was taped out before the 23 limit in the PC game…


  • RKipker

    Why does every video state’s “November 2008” if it’s a Jan. release? Would be crazy to show the month the video was created… right?

  • Scuderia Ecosse

    I think its looks great but i wish that the tyre barriers would move etc when hit. Like in the latest codemasters games. But the driving model of simbin’s games are infinetly better.


  • Gaiajohan

    Hmm I just wanted to see them drive with a proper wheel.. The only proper wheels on the XBOX will be the Fanatec 911 Turbo S ones..

    Looking kinda good now.. I just dont want to have an XBOX360… :sad2:

  • Pugamall

    Agreed about the steering wheel, personally I cant understand if the Xbox360 is so similar to a decent PC,in terms of the way things are programmed ect,why will a pc wheel DFP ect work on PC ‘AND PS3’ but they can’t get it to run on Xbox
    Or am I missing something being that I am no expert in that kinda thing
    I will no doubt buy this,but even in the video’s you can see how twitchy the steering looks,I guess if your used to Simbins Pc stuff with a wheel this is gona be a bit of a shocker to drive

  • rustymike12

    I am glad it will be on Xbox, I have ps3 and 360 and the 360 is better overall as far as I’m concerned. The PS network is free and there’s a reason, it sucks, Xbox live is $50 US for a year and it is WELL worth it. This game is going to awesome compared to anything else out there. GT5P demo is an arcade racer for the kids, F1CE isn’t bad, but it’s showing it’s age, FC trys to be a good sim but isn’t there yet and Forza2 comes the closest overall at being a sim racer.

    just my .02….adjusted for inflation, .01

  • tezuka_18

    “GT5P demo is an arcade racer for the kids”

    oh boy…