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Race Driver GRID – Second Demo Released

Race Driver GRID – Second Demo Released

Now that Race Driver GRID has successfully hit the shelves, Codemasters has released another demo of their newest racing title.

Contrary to the first demo, there’s only one series to race in but you`ll be given the opportunity to compete in a string of races in the Ebay Motors series. If you haven’t tried GRID yet, the 700mb demo is the perfect chance to try out the controversial discussed game.

Download Race Driver GRID Demo 2 Here

  • Mark Abbott

    Oh dear Lord, why would anyone want to, Codemasters. took a game franchise that while it was no where near a simulation did provide some online thrills. But this is the worst driving game I have ever experienced – the neon engine powering the physics is just laughable, NFS Pro street has better handling and that is really not saying much! If their aim was to build up the user base then I cannot see it wowing the sim world or the arcade world either it is just a poorly thought out concept – leaving out the 2 biggest reasons why people bought the original game V8 supercars and DTM to replace them with a very poor Drifting sectionand Lemans series – Way to go Codemasters. One last thought the HDR is also appallingly overused – This game is as enjoyable toothache – do yourself a favour – don‘t bother using your bandwidth for the detritus. All you websites and magazines who gave this good reviews shame on you!

  • stabiz


  • Racingfreak

    I totally agree with you.
    GRID just sucks. Worst driving experience ever, even the graphics are bad, because the HDR is too much…
    I´m glad I haven´t bought that piece of s*** :mrgreen:

  • Piston Browke

    Dear oh dear… I had the misfortune to download the first demo in a state of mental weakness…

    Ran two corners and dumped the whole bloody lot in the trash. Talk about getting too big for your boots. Guys, please don’t forget that it’s the people you are doing these games for (and I use the word ‘games’ most saliently as it is definitely NOT a sim racing program). You talked about taking the next big leap forwards. Sadly without realising you were on the edge of a precipice to start with.

    Next time, why don’t you foist pointless and done to death sub-genres on us…

    Oh, hang on a minute – you did! You schmucks.