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Race Driver GRID – Review

Race Driver GRID – Review

It’s been quite a while since a PC racing game was hyped like Codemasters’ Race Driver GRID. Basing their opinion on preview videos and screenshots, many critics already praised the game as the next best thing in terms of PC racing.

Can GRID live up to that hype from a sim racers perspective?

Powered by the Neon engine, Codemasters’ newest product is certainly state of the art from a technical point of view. Neon was already used for DIRT, the latest edition of the Colin McRae Rallye franchise. Even though DIRT was far away from being realistic, the game was well received by many magazines and most players – Making it a success.

Success that Codemasters wants to transfer to their Race Driver series by bringing us GRID. The ingredients for a top product are there: A state of the art engine, 14 tracks and over 40 cars� should make up for a good game, right?

There’s no shortage of content in Race Driver GRID as Codemasters wants the game to be appealing to a broad audience. The cars and tracks are a mix of fantasy and realistic choices. From drifting to Le Mans racing, Destruction Derby and Touring cars – Almost all road racing disciplines are covered.

Most sim racers will be interested in the realistic cars. Those of you that like Endurance racing will be satisfied as a big emphasis is put on Le Mans style racing. Codemasters seems to have acquired the needed licenses as many teams and drivers of the 2006 Le Mans Series season can be found. To top things off, the game includes the mother of them all – The 13.6 kilometre Le Mans circuit, birthplace of endurance racing.

Since I´m a big endurance racing fan myself, I was pretty keen to try Race Driver GRID. But first, I had to install it which takes quite a while. As soon as installation is finished, you´re good to start the game. Like most multi-platform games, GRID relays on gamepad/key controlled menus. You can’t use the mouse in the menus, making it somewhat harder to navigate. But in all honesty, there is not much to navigate trough…

First, I paid a visit to the settings section. There is not much to choose despite the usual stuff. Resolution, anti aliasing, sound options and key assignments can be found. You can also edit the driving aids and tweak control sensitivity which is kind of pointless – But I´m getting ahead of myself.

Once you´re set, you can either start a career or do single races. If you choose to start a single race, you have a choice of tracks and cars. If you want to race in the Le Mans Series, you can choose the matching tracks, same goes for all other disciplines. You can’t drive the Le Mans cars on the drifting circuits and vice versa, GRID splits the cars and tracks into isolated groups.

Ok, off we go to the first race. Beforehand, you can choose your difficulty level and where to start on the grid. Once you click go, the race starts! There is no practice or qualifying, nor a setup screen. Such stuff does not exist in the GRID world – All you can do is going straight to a race.

This is it, I´m sitting in an Audi R10, ready to go racing at Le Mans. What sounds like a sweet deal turns ugly as soon as the flag drops. During the first seconds of driving, all enthusiasm for GRID instantly dies. The cars handle awful and make you feel like driving a hoovercraft. Steering is wobbly and incredibly unresponsive, changing the above mentioned sensitivity settings does not help much.

The game simply fails to give you the feeling that you fully control the car. You can’t feel what it’s doing, it feels numb and fake, making it very hard to predict what the car will do next. The physics aren’t just bad bad, they´re incredibly unrealistic too. The cars have almost infinite grip, you don’t have to brake much as almost every corner can be taken very fast. Drifting won’t slow you down at all, this game does not reward a clean driving style.

The cars are not just very grippy, they are insanely powerful too. The Audi R10 will easily top 260mph, a WTCC touring car goes up to 175mph. But you don’t have to worry as the cars have out-of-this-world brakes too. You won’t miss many corners as even breaking at the 50 meter mark will do the trick even if you´re on full speed.

While you´re trying to keep the car on track, the AI will constantly slam into you and each other, making excessive use of the damage model. Even in the real-time 24h Le Mans race, cars slam into each other at turn one like there’s no tomorrow.

Now that we´ve covered the ugly, let’s get to the slightly better stuff. Graphically, this game is pretty decent but ruined by overusing HDR and other effects. Graphics are of shaking quality though. While some things look very nice, you´ll find low-res textures in other spots. The car models look very good, no surprise as they have been modelled based on CAD data. All cars come with their own cockpit which are accurately modelled too.

Same goes for the tracks, the overall quality is nice but far away from being a new benchmark. Everything is packed with effects, from animated crowds to flashlights – The GRID world is busy. Sadly, the tracks are not very accurate. While they mostly resemble their real-life counterparts, many corners don’t feel right and most tracks are either too narrow or far too wide.

The game comes with plenty of special effects. From smoke to dirt, debris and flying tires. GRID looks impressive, but you´ll get the feeling of being trapped in a bad Michael Bay movie quickly. The developers just love their damage engine and make excessiveve use of it. Yes, 70 detachable parts per car are impressive but the flashback-system rewards players for doing stupid, unrealistic stuff. If you crashed your car beyond repair, you can rewind and pick up where you left off. The number of available flashbacks varies with the chosen difficulty level, you always get at least one flashback though.

Sounds are decent, most cars sound somewhat like their real-life counterparts even though you shouldn’t expect excellence. Despite that, there is some team radio and plenty of crashing and banging sounds that are used often.

When you´re tired of the single races, you can start your GRID career. Don’t expect anything like Gran Turismo’s rewarding career mode. You don’t get to choose much stuff, all it takes is accepting driver assignments to try and make money for moving up to the next license level.

Assignments vary from single races to setting fast laps and mission races. In those races, you have to finish ahead of chosen cars for the challenge to be complete. But, GRID is all about quick and easy fun without much pressure involved. It does not matter if you meet the requirements, as long as you finish the race you will get money and advance in the career mode. There is not much to screw up, seems like the usual GRID driver does not like to be challenged.

That’s it, there is nothing else to do. There are not time trials, no test runs or anything else. All you can do is race. Yes, there are plenty of cars but if you´re not into drifting or crash derbies, things get repetitive quickly.


Many things have been said about Race Driver GRID before the release. Many people praised it, some even said it will blow GTR2 and other simulations out of the water. Fact is, GRID is a poor game whose features are average at best, some are just incredibly bad.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I´m writing from a sim racers perspective, I would have liked a decent arcade game. I´ve enjoyed Gran Turismo 4 for quite a while but GRID does not come close. It’s not even an arcade game, it’s just a train wreck.

Who will like Race Driver GRID? I don’t know but certainly nobody who’s a motorsports fan. Many details in GRID show that its makers don’t care much about motorsports. Its not about acquiring licenses and take photos of tracks and cars. It’s about an eye for details and passion to do it right, passion that has fueled companies like Simbin to produce accurate simulations. There does not seem to be much passion involved with Codemasters which makes thinking about their upcoming F1 games just scary.

Finally, many expressed their hopes that GRID’s content will end up in other games. I say, I would not care much about converting the content. The tracks are too inaccurate to be of any use – And most cars can already be found in rFactor and GTR2 -Looking better and handling right.


Gameplay Videos – Courtesy of erale

[youtube 74S_f9B432w nolink]

[youtube 9VUn4HBi-wA nolink]

[youtube bYL1cpfx9ow nolink]

[youtube Hs3ZePdDuec nolink]

Do you agree with me? Or think I´ve got it all wrong? Let me know in the comments:)

  • Anonymous

    You can do time trials in the career mode…

  • JasonSix

    You hit the nail on the head with your review Montoya. Being an avid sim-racer myself, my expectations of the game wasn’t much in terms of physics. I knew it was going to be an arcade-style racer with arcade physics before I even played the demo. That being said, I really like it regardless of it’s shortcomings.

    If people are buying this game with hopes that the car physics are accurate, then they will be disappointed.

  • R Kipker

    I’ll let you know once I receive my copy in the US. Pre ordered. May be in next week I guess.

    I do however, appreciate your time to cover the game in your review very well and detailed.

    It’s ashame, things are not going in the direction most had hoped. F1 may be the sequal to disaster, let’s hope not.


  • austin

    nice review.. all the guys on my local car club forum ** thought the game was awesome.. and my other buddy who is a Toyota Supra nut, thinks this game is awesome too.. What i try to tell people is these games are marketed towards people who dont know how a car is suppose to be like.. more towards eye candy and the “you can do this in the game”.. I tell people that a game designed for drifting is going to suck , esp if the drifting game has to give you points when all you gotta do is fishtail..

    I played the ps3 demo and wasnt surprised, tho the interior view was kinda cool for drifting.

    Im looking forward to that upcoming ferrari game, hopefully its good, even if its like that old ferrari f355 challange arcade game

  • C

    I’m with you on this one. I (like most of us here) only played the demo, but I finished the touring race with only half a BMW from the massive accident that always happens at the first corner. DIRT was enjoyable, but I think the engine being used for track racing was a bad idea. In a rally car, you do not expect pinpoint precision when you turn, but on a track that is part and parcel. And the massive HDR is not so bad in a desert or scrub land, but in the middle of France? Come on. So, I think I’ll skip GRID.

  • Anonymous

    physics in game very very unreal! Im shoked! I will not play in this arkade… 🙁

  • Marengo

    I`ll be happy to carry on with GTR2 any day of the week for another 5 years with NAP 1.4.

  • F1Racer

    It kinda makes me wonder why people are even expecting the physics to be realistic in an arcade game. I think its quite foolish to go in to a game like this with those sort of expectations.
    You cannot look at a game like Grid, Burnout, NFS, PGR etc. from a sim-racers perspective. If you do, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
    You have to treat it for what it is – an arcade game.
    For Codemasters, this is just yet another title, another box to shift on the shelves. Of COURSE they are not going to put the same passion into it as SimBin or Blimey. Codemasters have a range of other products too. They are not a dedicated racing title producer.
    Anyone expecting F1 2009 to be a simlation or anything close to are about to be disppointed again. The primary reason why F1 2009 will be arcade is simple. It will be multi platform – and console gamers get prioirty because thats where the money is.
    Console gamers in general do not want sims. They dont want to be messing with setup screens etc. They just want to get out and get on with it. Just like what GRID does.
    The PC users just happen to get a converted version of game that was written with the console market in mind.
    Its sad that it is that way but there ya go.
    F1 2009 will again be a focus on an evolution of their damage system, pretty eye candy and passable sound.
    Dont expect GPS tracks, accurate physics or something that drives better than any F1 mod in rFactor. It aint happening.

    When it comes to Codemasters or any arcade racing game, if you’re a sim racer, my advice would be… lower your expectations. 🙂

  • erale

    Everyone should know that GRID is not a simulation. But the point is: Codemasters want’s us to believe it IS a simulation. I watched a video in which Codemasters invited some community members. One of them compared the physics to Forza Motorsport 2. Sorry but this is so fucked up. Forza is a simulation. So Codemasters DOES promote GRID as a simulation.

    A lot of magazines also compare GRID to a simulation. But even on the highest diffulty an without any driving aids this everything but a simulation. It’s not even an arcade racer. The PGR series is an arcade-racer. But there the cars feel like cars and not like the Millenium Falcon on wheels.

    And console gamers don’t want simulations? Forza Motorsport 2 sold about 4 million units. The Gran Tourismo series is even better. Maybe GT isn’t a complete simulation but it’s far more realistic than that GRID stuff.

  • Octavarium

    I agree with F1Racer – except for that sadly there aren’t even that many people who want PC racing sims – the majority of PC gamers would prefer this to rFactor or GTR2, I expect the sales of this title will prove this conclusively.

    Personally I enjoy 3 types of racing game:

    Arcade: PGR series etc.

    Semi-Sim: Gran Turismo & Forza series

    Sims: rF GTR2 LFS etc

    Sadly only the first two have any money to be made in them. Much as I love Gran Turismo and Forza they just aren’t real simulations, they have great physics but the game babysits you with forgiving controls if you make a mistake. Also the lack of realism of the performance of the race cars annoys me.

    I will have to try GRID to see if it even makes the arcade category.

  • WHAT21A

    For those expecting a simulation for the F1 game check out were all going to be very pissed off on release.

    Heres a few select quotes from the interview.

    “Yes, simulation versus arcade. Codemasters’ history in TOCA Race Driver has been very heavily weighted towards simulation, appealing to the real hardcore fan”

    “you have to appeal to a mass audience and so we blend the simulation with an awful lot of arcade elements too. ”

    “I believe we’ve balanced that in GRID™ and I believe we’re going to balance it in Formula One.”

    “we may not be the biggest, but I do think we are the best.”

    The last 2 quotes are laughable.

  • erale

    Forza has forgiving controls? Maybe with the gamepad. There are some little aids activated. With the wheel Forza is as least as challenging as rFactor, GTR2 etc. The physics engine of Forza itself is state of the art. In some aspects even better than the Motor-Engine.

  • Anonymous
  • ermax18

    Does Forza support any wheels besides that toy MS calls a wheel?

  • Disapointed Horse

    I totally agree with this review. I enjoy GT5 as a semi-sim game (I do think Forza2 falls in the same category, even with its pros but with its lack of cockpit view and good steering wheels too) and GTR2, Race07 and rfactor as sims. GRID is some kind of crazy arcade and it’s scary that somebody in this world thinks a car can react like that, just to say he “blend” it with a sim. For me it’s annoying the fact you must “change your mind” in order to have fun with this game, stop thinking how ridiculous is the behaviour of the cars, mobile phone game like, and how easily it could have been a really good arcade or even semi-sim (funny word, I know).

    In summary, I’m most convinced Codemasters boys are on drugs and that’s why they like that HDR effect so much… 😀

  • stabiz

    They are not only on drugs, none of them have driven a car.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but probably you are the biggest fool who could review this game! Did you play the demo? What made you think it is will be a sim.

    CM keep saying it is all about the race. Intense racing games, no technicality involved. Just pick and play and have fun. AI is too aggressive in demo and retard IMO. Always have crash too which is annoying. But I think it was that bad from demo what you made it look from your review.

    Little sad to know that tracks are not accurate??? You din’t even like the graphics LOL ……. I have to say this is very biased and foolish review.

  • Disappointed Horse

    BTW, somebody played F1 Championship Edition for PS3? Not bad at all… If Codemasters can make something like that with force feedback and 360 degree rotation for the wheel I’d just forgive them… 😎

  • WHAT21A

    Its surely not to much to ask for realistic performance on the brakes and on throttle is it? Even with arcade games most atleast try to keep the cars at a realistic speed. 260MPH for an audi R10 is just stupid and shows how amuture codemasters are. I’m sure we’ll be seeing f1 cars do sub 1 minute at monaco in there new f1 game and topping 300mph on a regular basis.

  • gtrNL

    When someone at school told me today that GRID was THE BEST RACING GAME EVER, and that I just had to play it as a true racing game fanatic, just as him, I developed some weird ideas on how to kil him.

    It’s also very funny with games like Forza or GT (who are MUCH better then GRID). I tell them I play realistic racing games So they say I have to play Forza I go over to their place, play the game, and get completely blown away by them. They are much faster. So they say I suck, and laugh. So I invite them to my house, put them in my bucket seat and fire up Race07 and let them do a lap on Anderstorp with a Seat Leon WTCC. They suck big time (crashing BEFORE the first corner, stuf like that), so I laugh at them.
    I know that if they had more practise they would be better, but looking at there very first actions on the track, I know if they have it or not, and all guys who play Forza and so on, and say GRID is the best, really suck, and will never learn it… It’s a sad world.

  • Axp

    you dipshits failed to realize this is NOT a sim, no one cares about your “realistic” boring crap.

  • erale

    You’re right GRID is NOT a sim. But it’s not a racing game either.

  • Montoya

    I´d like to welcome all the GRID fans to VirtualR 🙂

    About some of the recent comments:

    I´m foolish and wrong to say that the tracks are inaccurate? Please, watch a few on-boards and compare. In Le Mans, the s/f straight is far too wide, the Mulsanne is too narrow. Same goes for other tracks.

    And no, I did not like the graphics. They´re average at best, pimped by way too much HDR. Go play a good rFactor mod on a decent track and see what it looks like.

  • Boris Johnson

    “you dipshits failed to realize this is NOT a sim, no one cares about your “realistic” boring crap.”

    Spoken by someone who is well qualified to talk about being a dipshit.
    Fuck off and play with your Mario Kart you pleb! 😀

  • Marengo

    LOL !

    Chill out guys !

    I`m sure Codemasters has released this game for a niche of people that like to go fast in no time, and impress the mates with the graphics.
    However we all know that Codemasters recently seem to have loosen up on the Sim-side of the market and preferred to concentrate on something more flashy and arcade-y.

    I have driven games from Codemasters since I remember and I can see that unfortunately this title is way behind of many of our expectations.

    I have driven many titles in 20 years and unfortunately GRID is a poor handling game, with questionable graphics, at times excellent, at times very poor + the HDR nonsense.

    In my humble opinion I remember Toca Race Driver 2 a much more involving experience, hopefully Codemasters will be back and crike with a proper title.
    I did grew tired of DIRT`s mindless talking pretty much on the spot, please leave an option to decide if somebody like to hear that whole bunch of empty words each time the game starts.

    As I said earlier SIM-Racers will better look again to GTR2 or rFactor, and thanks god for that!


  • empii

    Millenium Falcon on four wheels? Ever played Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance? It’s a better sci-fi Simulation than Gran Tourismo is a Car-Sim :P. I however liked the Grid Demo with the BMW 320si, because it’s different to the annoying pseudo-sims on Console. Also it has better “Physics” than Colin McRae DiRT, which sucks totally when it comes to handling etc.

    I first thought this could be a good game for “relaxing”, but it seems like every developer is to dumb to create a good game for this on PC. And as I never want to buy a stupid console, I think I have to stay with simulations like GTR1, rFactor and Live for Speed for relaxing…

  • WHAT?

    are you freakin RETARDED?!
    GRID handling is incredible, feels GREAT and the damage model is awesome.
    I have no idea what youre on, but to say it has bad handling and doesnt feel like youre controlling the car is retarded…

    • joe langford

      what have you been smoking
      this game is the worst i have ever played no control over cars at all none what so ever
      will never buy codemasters game again ever

  • WHAT21A

    Well it didn’t take long for the uneducated arcade fans to make there way here and hurl abuse around left, right and centre.

  • Too bad…

    Yes, I’m afraid this post is over as all those kids have finished their homeworks and come here for insulting everyone just because GRID is “da shit” and has to be honored as “best physics in history of videogames since pole position”… hey, watch all those flying tires… wow!!!

    Of course the handling is “incredible”… you have the option to travel in time!… xDDD

  • F1Racer

    WHAT21A: heh, not the cleverest thing to accuse people of being uneducated and then make a grammatical error of using ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

    Anyway, going by the demo, the replays are the most dynamic I’ve seen so far. As for graphics, I find them pretty damn good. The bloom effect is a bit overdone and perhaps the colours are desaturated a little too much but thats just being picky. As for what its meant to be, which is an arcade game, it does its job well imo. The physics are clearly designed for what the game stands for, which is not a sim. It has no features of even being a sim. I still find the fun factor is there though which means for me the game has delivered what its programmers intended.
    I was never going to even start comparing it to GTR2 or RACE07 or indeed rFactor. It’s a pointless exercise.

    It seems that some of us are maybe just a bit annoyed because GRID has not delivered what we expected after seeing the videos and the hype. Believing the hype is the first mistake. Expecting an arcade game to drive like a sim is the 2nd. Get past those and maybe you can actually have some fun in an out-of-sim racing environment.

  • C

    Several people have said “What made you think this was a sim?”. You might want to watch the PR video about Lemans, with a professional driver talking about how incredibly realistic it is. Don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk.

  • Boris Johnson

    “You might want to watch the PR video about Lemans, with a professional driver talking about how incredibly realistic it is.”

    I would lie through my back teeth for a few grand in my back pocket as well!

  • stabiz

    Sadly that is the new way with all games, we get insanely good looking renders and videos showing “ingame footage” and promises of “advanced AI”, and that is just as much a lie as the LeMans debacle in GRID.

    I hope the ISI- and SimBin-guys get laid every day, because they are the only ones keeping us sane.

  • A

    Fancy graphics are pure HDR. Just rip a track or a car model and see how they look like in 3dsmax. Crap.

  • F1Racer

    @C Which just highlights my point about believing the hype.

  • stabiz

    Yes, you are smart.

    The reason people are pissed is not because they expected GTR3, its because its piss poor even compared to GT Prologue and Forza 2.

  • Dave Ellis

    Did someone let the kids out to play or something?

  • purplesky

    OK, GRID is definitely NOT a sim – that isn’t even questionable. It’s a GAME designed for a bit of fun, and was developed by Codemasters to sell to the sheeple and MAKE MONEY – hey, that is what commercial companies do!! 🙄
    Codemasters couldn’t care if anyone thinks their game is crap – there will always be a large base of peeps who will buy it. It’s where the money is as always. Personally I like sims such as GTR2 which plays great with my Logitech G25 wheel, and I have to admit I did not like the GRID demo where I first played it. After a bit of practice however, I am finding myself liking the game just for a bit of fun… you know, something that is not to be taken too seriously after a hard day at work??!!!

  • R Kipker

    You know what else is funny and hypercritical

    CM states the arcade design was to meet the demand for users in the US, cause all us Yanks are only interested in Fast Causal Experience, but they released it in UK five days before released in US so all the hard core gamers in the UK/Europe can play first.

    Now I mean no disrespect to all users, I’m simply trying to point out that this is all a bunch of crap! They made the game arcadie to design it Faster and Cheaper, and the simple minded arcade users are defending them.

    Montoya, thanks for your review, I’m glad someone had the ROCKS to speak their mind…. hoooorah!

  • mbeast

    Who are all these idiots defending the game as if it’s the finest racing game ever? Talk about buying into the hype. It’s not even the best racer on console! GT4, PGR4 and especially Forza are miles better than this horrible, flashy, arcadey mish-mash of a game.

  • Noo Noo

    IMHO Grid easily beats the re-released, rehashed, badly tweaked, repetative, poorly optomised 10-year old ISI game engine — used by soo many mod groups (including Simbin) to produce visually dull limiting and limited racing games over and over and over…Hard-core sim racers, don’t make me laugh, your all just sitting in your bedrooms playing racing games on little plastic steering wheels (yeah, the G25), just like the rest of us simple minded arcade fans. This reviewer is so far up his own sim arse, I’m suprised he can use his sim fingers to type!

  • Racer2006

    Noo Noo, you come on a website dedicated Sim Racing platforms, and you start slagging off the ISI engine….seriously buddy, your like those people who go on Youtube, type in the name of a crap car and slag the owner off for having it. If you dont like it, you know where the door is….go back to “floaty boaty” Race Driver Land, no-one cares what you have to say!

  • stabiz

    Hehe, stay away from the troll. He has driving-AIDS.

  • Noo Noo

    I’ve got as much right to post on here as you have numb nuts! I’ve paid for my share of sim games to say what I damn well like on a public forum, If you don’t like it, I suggest you go find the door.

  • Racer2006

    haha, changed your tune aint ya

  • Darren

    Play mostly Forza 2 and PGR 4 on 360 but also own GTR 1, GTL, and GPL on PC and have enjoyed all of these games. With the exception of PGR 4 the driving games I have played veer from semi sim to full on sim but I can enjoy arcade racers when the handling is decent.

    Unfortunately from the 360 demo of GRID the handling is not good, unless you like you track racers to allow excessive power sliding. The cars suffer from having a central pivot point at the front which the handling model seems to slide the back end around. The result is a very unrealistic handling model which feels like the back end is on ice at times. It is an arcade racer but PGR 4 proved that arcade racers with a consistent and physics model which doesn’t pivot around the front of the car can be enjoyable. Shame because I codemasters seem to be moving all of their racing franchises away from semi-sim to be very arcadey. I am sure the game is still enjoyable and I like the single player progression (from what I have read and been told) so may still buy the game but for my proper racing fix I will stick with Forza 2 on the consoles.

  • Sunwest

    I am frankly really impressed with your review Montoya, fair and square.
    It is clear that this game is just for having fun with good graphics, and nothing else. When I was 10 (20 years ago) I was able to develop more accurate physics of acceleration and braking.
    This game is best played with the keyboard, my overall rating 5/10 due to the graphics that save the final score from a 2/10.
    I would like to thank them to have released a demo so this ensure I save some of my money and do not buy this game.

    Noo Noo, I am starting to feel that you must really like this game and perhaps you have participated in the making of it. Your attitude towards real sim racer is poor, attacking the incredible robust/proven and accurate engine that ISI has developped is laughable at.

    Good night to all arcade and sim racer, prepar for the worst F1 game in history!

  • Anonymous

    No time trials or test runs?

    Surely some mistake.

    Has anyone tried running the game without the traction control and braking assist?

  • Mikey

    Sorry – I left the above comment but forgot to sign it.

  • slipcurve

    Stop defending this game with : “It’s not supposed to be a sim, its just for fun and giggles!”. It does not cut it. Arcade doesn’t mean that the vehicles should not behave atleast a little bit like the real thing. imho it is REQUIRED. If you really enjoy a racing game where the cars a in fact hovercraft/rocket assisted sledges, go ahead and buy GRID.

  • blitze

    Have too say GRID is fun for a quick and intense “Race” session but some observations here are right on. The game seems too drift orientated with many cars loosing the rear very easily.

    HRD and Bloom can be modified and there is a nice PC mod that brings better lighting to the game. Biggest issue is more the dweebs racing this online. There is nothing to sort out the racers with assists and those without and way too many people play this like it’s a dodgem car sim.

    Matter of fact the game really is a pita for clean racers as it’s not possible to compete with the slammers online.

    Looking forward to the new engine being developed for rFactor 2 and the likes as that will bring the visuals better than GRID with some more believable driving.

    If you want an ok online experience with GRID select long races and then hand back from the pack, drive clean and watch everyone else wipe themselves out.

  • Anonymous

    I play many sim and arcade pc racing games and i like them. Each one has something good to offer. Never played such crap like GRID. Completely bad gameplay and handling, sad and unrealistic graphics too. The worst racing game i have ever played (trade mark).

  • Ark

    Anonymous: I play many sim and arcade pc racing games and i like them. Each one has something good to offer. Never played such crap like GRID. Completely bad gameplay and handling, sad and unrealistic graphics too. The worst racing game i have ever played (trade mark).

    Exaggerate much?

  • mikem

    I would say the PS3 version is the best of the bunch. I tried the PC version and somehow despite having the most flexibiltiy, the G25 wheel just wouldn’t function well. If you happen to have the PS3 version (and have given up on the game but still have laying around somewhere), here’s my suggestion:

    FF Setting (In order)

    * 60
    * 70
    * 70

    * Deadzone- 0
    * Steering Saturation- 25%
    * Linearity- 1
    * Accelerator Pedal Deadzone- 10%
    * Accelerator Pedal Saturation- 85%
    * Brake Pedall Deadzone- 15%
    * Brake Pedal Saturation- 85%

    * 900%- ON

    I usually turn the ASM and the TCS off (although I’d turn the tration control on for harder races) but keep the ABS on. And I use manual shifting, and there’s a feedback when you shift in this game. I would say, the car handles as well as Gran Turismo 4 with a more powerful FFB and a better implelmented FFB when compared to GT4. While the sense of speed in this game is unabashedly arcade, with the use of steering wheel, I get better control of the cars.