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RACE 360 – First Screenshots?

RACE 360 – First Screenshots?

Gerrit has just send me the following shots via the Report News function, these seem to be the first screenshots of Simbin’s RACE 360 for XBOX360. Apparently, the shots have been scanned from paper, explaining the rather bad quality.

While the shot of the BMW is the old Lizard-promotional shot, the other shots are unseen material. Interestingly, they include both the Aston Martin DBR9 and a BMW Z4M Coupe, hinting that RACE 360 might even include content from the upcoming GTR Evolution simulation. The BMW Z4M is seen for the very first time in a Simbin game, it has not yet been included in any GTR Evolution screenshots.

The fact that the Lizard-promotional shot was used and that some pics feature motion-blur hints that RACE 360 will indeed use the Lizard engine. But remember, no sources have been giving for this one…it all just might be a hoax.

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