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R3E – Three GT Cars Coming Next Week

Simbin is due to add three new GT cars to their free to play RaceRoom Racing Experience title next week.

Simbin is due to add three new GT cars to their free to play RaceRoom Racing Experience title next week.

The Ford GT, BMW M3 GT2 and P4/5 Competizione will be added to the title next week:

Monday – Ford GT1

Wednesday – P4/5 Competizione

Friday – BMW M3 GT2

Each car release will come with a 24h-testing period during which R3E users can try the car on one specific track as listed on the previews below.

After the testing period ends, each car will have to be purchased to be used within  the game.

  • Matt Orr

    GT Predators.

    So, when you shift into 6th does the infrared kick in? 🙂

    • Mario Strada

      No what happens is that they pack hunt a prius and dismember it. It is quite ugly actually. Natural selection at work.

  • StarFoXySxv550

    This sim needs the Le-Mans circuit…

    .. and multi-class multiplayer.

    The car list so far seems well suited

    • Den Burnout

      Lemans, yes!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! more cars, but what this game really needs is multiplayer. only so much time trial one can actually do!

    • Pavel Drandiiski

      Yeah. It really needs some king of race mode at this point..

  • Anonymous

    So the P4/5 Competizione being added here pretty much confirms that what was thought to be GTR3 is in fact R3E if you remember back on some of the screenshots posted in the GTR3 threads

    • Mazda Mps

      Shame. I really wished for a boxed copy of a true GT game just like GTR/GTR2. I guess times have changed.

    • Herry

      Like seeing the same cars spread across games is something unique…… I will keep hoping GTR3 is still in the work until they have told us officially its not coming!

      • Anonymous

        Well of course my quote is an assumption with the use of some logic. I really can’t speak for Simbin on their future plans. I guess much of it would depend on the success of the RR platform. Yes Simbin has been known to recycle it’s content in the past and is nothing wrong with that IMO so who knows? The GTR3 question was asked on their Q&A post on their sites. Let’s see if they choose to answer it.

      • mrk1984

        I doubt they’ll answer it. Their forums were flooded with questions about GTR 3 since RE 3 suprinsingly announcement, but they are still yet to be answered. By the time we know whats goin (whether is coming or not), might be too late anyway.