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R3E – Ruf RT1 2R & Suzuka Previews

Simbin has released previews of a new content addition to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, the Ruf RT 12R.

Simbin has released previews of a new content addition to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, the Ruf RT 12R.

R3E will include the German sports car in semi fictional form as Simbin has permission from Ruf to turn the 700bhp road car into a fictional 525hp racing version that fits the title’s GT2 class.

The previews also show off another upcoming content item as we get to check out Suzuka, a new track to join the title’s choice of tracks.

  • eifionevans

    Tracks are really well done in this but they should drop the 90’s Arcade style brake markers asap!

    • Charles Sami Amyouni

      or leave it optional for the newbies or else they’ll complain like crazy!

      • eifionevans

        yeah in graphics or difficulty settings. For those who know the tracks they’re an eyesore lol

  • Matt Orr

    WTF is up with those textures at Suzuka? Looks like a high school football field in Texas in the middle of July.

  • Richard Hessels

    All these screenshots been photoshopped, Simbin style.
    I tried the RRE on the highest settings.
    But it does not look remotely like this.
    It looks more like a rF1 engine where they put reflections and GPU accelerated shadows in.

    • somebody somebody

      Really? I feel it looks like “smoothed” rF2 with some sort of visual filter applied over it.

    • Jay Ekkel

      Well all i can say is that I myself took these screens and no photoshopping other then adding the URL and game logo has been done to these. What specs are you running?

      • Richard Hessels

        I’m sorry if i offended you.
        Core i7 @ 4.4ghz – 16GB – Radeon HD 6970.
        But somehow i did not notice the motion blur so extreme and DOF ingame, like is see at those screenshots.
        Are these DOF effects only seen in the replay?
        They somehow look so much better than what i have been seeing on my system.

      • Jay Ekkel

        No offense made, just had to correct your statement there:).

        Your system specs are better then mine so your game should be able to look like this easily. I do think you are mistaken the distance fog for DOF with a tad of motion blur?

  • Petr Doležal

    This beast is GT2?!

    • Anonymous

      In reality, no. They’re just using it as a stand-in for the impossible to license Porsche. Basically, a what-if exercise where RuF got a GT2 homologation.

  • Jos

    damn these free to pay games.

  • Anonymous

    Yes those corner markings are horrid, whats wrong with 5-4-3-2-1, black numbers on white markers?

    And the floating steering wheel that does not look like its connected to the dash is also something that stings the eye.

    But the sounds make you forgive almost all of that…oh the sounds…

    • Richard Hessels

      I have the steeringwheel off by default. seeing one steeringwheel is more than enough for me.

    • Mario Strada

      I hate those markers. To me they are almost offensive. They are unrealistic, obnoxious and huge! I wish they could be turned off. It would be nice to have the choice. Simbin? Can we do that?

      • Brandon Miller

        You have my vote. Simbin! Include an option to disable those signs!

  • Roger

    Awesome car!! Cait wait to add it to my collection!!

    Btw R3E looks awesome in 3D!

  • Mirko

    What about GTR3? Is it cancelled or what?

    • Ar Kh

      i think R3E is “GTR3”. as far as i remember everything about GTR3 was just rumours.

      • Mirko

        Rumour?! Well, what’s this?

        And where are Zonda and P4/5 Competizione from 1st scrennshots in R3E? GTR 3 is too famous franchise to be renamed just like that.

  • Big Ron

    That´s pretty cool, well done SimBin. That´s the way how to bypass narrow-minded and ignorant sportscar manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

    “semi fictional” marketing BS! It’s real or fictional there’s no such thing as “semi fictional”. The dude kills a neighbor and in court tells the judge it was a “semi fictional” killing because he hit the guy unconscious and throw him in the swimming pool still alive so he basically died on his own while wearing batman’s clothes. This car doesn’t exist in real life period. It’s a FICTIONAL car with FICTIONAL specs you will never see in the real world. Sell it as a fictional RUF at least you aren’t lying to your customers. What’s next “semi fictional” sex???

  • Anonymous

    Can you past a link to the forum? Can’t find it! Only the raceroom dashboard!

  • Professional Operator

    super awesome car

    super ugly livery

    seriously simbin need to change their skinners.

    • Anonymous

      I like it.. has a martini racing vibe