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R3E – RaceRoom Hillclimb Previews

Simbin has announced the next track coming to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as the fictional RaceRoom Hillclimb will be available during Easter.

Simbin has announced the next track coming to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as the fictional RaceRoom Hillclimb will be available during Easter.

Made by Johan Friden, the semi-fictional track is located in the French mountains near Spain, running from Luiz Ardiden to the Spanish border. For the environment, Simbin has taken inspiration from Google Street View, creating houses and foliage matching the area as you can see in the previews below.

The RaceRoom Hillclimb is the second hill climb track in R3E following Lakeview which is part of the title’s free base package. The new track will be available around Easter, selling for 3.50€-5.50€.

Via Simbin

  • Marcio

    wow! looks so smooth!

  • Vivian Stans

    i’m sorry but I want to now where Simbin is going with this project, will there be a GTR3 and will there be support for this on a long term. maybe I’m spoiled by the long term planning of pCARS that are very clear but Simbin is in my opinion a bit blurry at that point. I want a planning!;)
    sorry of my lacking English

    • nameless

      I wouldn’t keep hopes on GTR 3. 3 years since the announcement of its development and not a stretch of info from the developer for more than 6 months (since R3E’ surprising announcement). The screenshots of the Zonda and Ferrari, wich was strongly believed to be of GTR 3, turned out to be R3E.


      • BackMarker

        You are probably correct. (sad face).

        Maybe due to company politics or economics? I recall someone saying the SimBin was bought out by the current owner in 2011. Maybe the new owner decided to change GTR3 into the R3E format to (potentially) make more money?

      • nameless

        It could be, or they’re just using R3E to test the tech and see the reception.Unfortunately, all we can do is speculate. But regardless, I just wish simbin could at least answer the community about it. Its feels like NDA all over GTR 3 (or what its still left of it).


      • Anonymous

        RaceRoom Entertainment is a partner to Simbin and have been promised a completed platform for some time now so I see it as keeping their partner happy.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed; I’m ok with what’s they’re developing… but develop it, then promote it! They keep telling us what’s coming, but not mentioning changes, corrections, bug fixes, and as you said, where are they going. No online/AI support for now, but focusing on new content, more money!

      • Anonymous

        Yes I very much like the openness of SMS on the aspects of the development of pCARS.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      simple… licencing killed GTR3. In today (greedy) world, licence cost a fortune or even more are exclusive (see EA and MS if you want Porsches and Ferrari), not just for the cars, but for the sponsors, the tracks and the serie itself… so dream on if you ever want GTR3, because it won’t happen other than with modding by third party groups which have a good chance to be sued for their “virtual” work.

      • Anonymous

        It is expencive, but look at the Assetto Corsa. Thay found a way to ferrari!

      • Anonymous

        It’s an Italiano thing

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Yeah, I was thinking the same, for sure it helped I think. But lets not forget they have been partners before with FVA.

        I wonder how much TD: Ferrari cost..

      • Big Ron

        Agree, developers must be rich to get complete series and car fields together nowadays. Licensing- world became hilarious and overexpensive.

  • Anonymous

    Yay exactly what I wanted more Hill Climb stuff, only so many times one can run Lakeview. One track I’ll be purchasing on release for sure!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say those images in village with mountains in distance are one of the most beautiful images from any sim I saw in a long time.

    I don’t like R3R format though, if only we had this in rf oh well

  • Richard Hessels

    Some pretty awesome modeling and textures….

  • Alejandro Ramirez

    Looks promising, specially given that SimBin’s hillclimb stage for Race07 was such a B-L-A-S-T to drive around!!!

    • blockhead

      Except that the Raceroom hillclimb wasn’t a hillclimb at all.

      It was well modeled and pretty though.

  • GamerMuscle

    Its nice to see more development images , This sort of thing is very useful for people learning 3D modelling for real time applications.

    Years ago when I was first learning 3D (PS2 era) It was at times a real pain to find good quality “in progress” 3d models from AAA studios.

    With the images above you can clearly brake down a bunch of real time modelling principles ( low poly / LOD into distance ) that sure are obvious to people that do 3D art but to a person just starting out would be invaluable.

    Building Game levels and tracks such as the one above are also quite intimidating , It would be nice if they put out more images annotated with there workflow/pipeline.

  • Anonymous

    So much poly for mountains, river… But also very few for road spline…let’s add some fake bumps!! So sad…