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R3E – Open Beta Launched

Simbin has officially launched the open beta phase of their Free 2 Play RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin has officially launched the open beta phase of their Free 2 Play RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

The new open beta now gives everyone a chance to test the title that a selected team of closed beta testers has been racing with for quite a while.

R3E comes with a free pack of base content, including six cars and two tracks:

  • 134 Judd HillClimb Car
  • Canhard R52
  • Saleen S7R
  • Aquila CR1 Sports GT
  • DMD P20
  • RaceRoom Raceway Circuit
  • Lakeview Hillclimb

Additional content to the one listed above is available for purchase, single cars will regularly sell for 199 vRP to 329 vRP (2-3.50€) while tracks will be available for 349 vRP to 549 vRP (3.50-5.50€).

To celebrate the work of the closed beta testers, Simbin’s also giving away the GetReal & Apex Hunt Game Modes for free during the first two weeks. After that, these modes will sell for 1€ a piece.


FREE 2 RACE – A high end racing game for free
The SimBin interpretation of a skill based free-to-play racing game.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – SimBin quality
The brand new RendR™ graphical engine, new 7.1 sound engine, Immersidrive™, the latest physics and handling model – it is the rebirth of SimBin racing games.

ROOKIE TO PRO – Competing on equal terms
The difficulty levels within the game are designed to appeal to either rookie or pro. Two
distinctively different driving models, The Get Real™ and the Amateur Driving
Model™ allow users to tailor their own challenges.

GET REAL – Emulate real racing closer than ever before
The Get Real driving model is designed to deliver a racing experience emulating real racing closer than ever before. Use traction control like real race drivers uses it, change the
setup of your car to make it a perfect match to your driving style.

APEX HUNT – Track knowledge is key
Apex Hunt is a learning tool to help you get familiar with all the tracks and varied layouts of RaceRoom Racing Experience. Once you have learned your way around the tracks,
the Apex Hunt™ transforms into a challenge of your skill.

SKILL BASED GAMING – It takes talent to master
The only thing that can make you faster or better than your opponents is the skill and talent that comes through practice.

GAME & COMMUNITY PORTAL – Seamless interaction is a motorsport hub that thrives on virtual as well as real life motorsports and is seamlessly integrated with the game.

SOCIAL GAMING – Meet, greet and compete
Join in organized competitions and share your competitive passion with motorsports enthusiasts from around the world.

USER GENERATED CONTENT – Connect, create and share
Registered users have their own digital persona where achievements and performance are tracked. Replays and images are stored in the media hub from where the user can edit and
share select content.


Download RaceRoom Racing Experience Open Beta Here

  • Joeri Blootacker

    great stuff… a remark however, i think the addon cars might be overpriced a bit ?

    if you add all current extra content, you would need 5113 Vrp… which is more than 40€… (39€ = 5000 vrp) seems a bit much for the current content, which is a handfull, (But awesome !) tracks, and about 15 cars.

  • Tom Hunt

    Website looks really slick, going to try it out later. Taking a lot of cues from iracing is a good idea. Hopefully the cars will be good enough for me to want to buy!

    • Joeri Blootacker

      They are, the content is great. no discussion about that 🙂 Graphcis, sounds, fun, its all there 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I’m a big SimBin fan boy so maybe I’m biased but I’m very happy with this title. Looking forward to what else they have planned for the game.

  • gt3rsr

    I am just not buying anything of the pay content. The amount and quality you get is just not appropriate to the money you give to Simbin. Other sims offer much more for less money (and don’t play the old “still cheaper than iRacing” card pls).

    • Big Ron

      Why not playing the “still cheaper than iRacing ” card when it is true? What makes their content less worth that those of iRacing and Simraceway? Nothing.

      • Ricoo

        Simraceway has a lot more free tracks.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        But it’s Simraceway…

    • Anonymous

      no online not a single real life track to compare with other titles. Simbin once again has showed how to be Simbin!

  • Richard

    How can the game require an almost 5GB download? How inefficient is their coding?

    • Anonymous

      Content that you buy is immediately unlocked when you buy it instead of waiting for another download which is nice. Competitions allow you to drive content you don’t own. Also it was mentioned in the past that you don’t need to own all the cars in a race when multiplayer is implemented so I’m sure the larger size is due to that.

      • Ricoo

        Nice, using HDD space for content you don’t and maybe will never buy…

      • Anonymous

        How else are you supposed to compete with players in the same class who may drive cars you don’t own? For tracks they could probably implement a better system but you will definitely need cars that you might compete against.

  • Ricoo

    Only 2 free tracks, no multiplayer, no AI race… no more comment.

    • Tomas Beha

      Correction, only ONE (FICTIONAL) racetrack 😛

      “Free” my butt, just call it DEMO guys…

      • Anonymous

        1 race track, 5 layouts, a long hillclimb track, 5 very different cars. How can that be considered a demo? Competitions also allow you to try content you don’t own. And who knows what other free content they will add in the future, fictional or not the stuff they created for RACE 07 was great.

      • Tomas Beha

        Which content ? Well, they have lots of content to convert from Race’07, right ? 😉

    • Anonymous

      You forgot beta. Track Test -> Circuit -> AI Players On. Practice session with currently 6 AI cars with adaptive AI. Learn the track, run some valid laps, reload the track and the AI will be up to speed with you giving you a great challenge.

      • Ricoo

        I know there is AI practice, but there is not AI race and I did some sessions with them and they are quite slow…

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    I really don’t know what to think about it. But therefore will give it a spin, since it’s free anyways.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Okay tried it for 30 minutes. It seems like a game with a lot of potential. The base content seems good, although I would love to see one or 2 more tracks for free.

      The physics seem a bit weird to me, it feels completely different compard to pCARS, earlier Simbin titles and rFactor. Using a G27 here it felt like the steering etc. felt a bit sloppy.

      I also had the feeling there was way too much front grip, with both the BMW Judd as well as the free included Prototype. with the latter, even with max rear downforce I didnt have the feeling of a rearward balance shift, the front stays as strong. And although I really like the strong turn in and a bit of an oversteery car, this just felt like too much.

      The graphics etc. are looking pretty good and the feeling of “real life” seems to be there. The sound is great too.

      The pricing is something I am less fond of. First of all, why cant you just do prices in regular euro’s or dollars? Second of all, the pricing is screwing the gamers really hard. 569 for a track, but you cant get the exact credits needed, so you are actually buying 600 for a 569 track. The pricing itself is quite fair, but you always need to buy more credits than actually needed, and that is something I am not happy with. You are always just a little short on credits and you will always leave a little you can do nothing with. So you are actually paying more than the actual pricing.

      The last point named is actually a big, really big off for me. Might as well price a track 600 credits instead of 569 and by that not screw the gamers over.

      I will see how the product continues and maybe play it from time to time, but the base content is too little to be enjoyable for me

  • yi b.june

    game crashed! you guys are ok to play?

  • Michael


    (1) Don’t really see the necessity of having registration asking for personal information. Steam has this info anyway (i.e why not use steamid?) Why? well every site gets hacked these days, big names and small – game sites especially. Simbin don’t need this information and I don’t have much faith they’ll be able to keep it secure.

    Simple rule : Don’t ask for what you don’t need. At least make it optional – all people will do is bullshit anyway.

    (2) The whole idea could be great, but it seems they’ve gone for the most unimaginative way of funding a F2P racing game. You can imagine the hours of meetings and thought that went into it (yes, that’s sarcasm)

    Seems more like they spent 5 minutes “I know let’s sell cars and tracks!” “Wow, yes, I’m stunned” – I mean c’mon. With some creativity they could have found a way to give everyone at the very least all the tracks in the game and still found ways to fund the game (perhaps better ways, because no one is going to buy the same track or car more than once the way things are now are they?)

    They should have looked how the economies work in other games – and taken a real hard look at what Valve are doing with the Steam workshop, the market and the trading stuff and so on.

    The key thing about F2P is using the people who won’t pay as a service. i.e as a group of people who entertain the people who will pay. They won’t be able to do that if they can’t race with or against them because they don’t have any of the content in the game, will they? So all you have is a bunch of freeloaders who will be doing laps on the least interesting track in the game, which is of no use to anyone.

    It’ll make multiplayer a bit of a farce (especially given this rather silly “build the game you want” That’s not much use for multiplayer unless other people want it, is it?)

    I’m not really convinced there’s enough in the single player either – although I suppose it’s early days.

    (3) the vRP isn’t that good an idea either. Using the adage “If Microsoft does it, it’s probably designed to annoy customers” would have worked here. Perhaps if you’re a billion dollar outfit you get away with it.

    What’s wrong with prices in currency? It works for Valve. Or, at the very least, letting people buy as many vRP as they need or want – no more and no less.

    It’s a cheap and ugly trick, imo, to force people into buying more vRP than they need by pricing some things “just over 500 vRP” for example and only selling vRP in chunks.

    I can’t see myself buying anything as it stands now. Whether the prices are too high or to low is moot imo. The whole idea is unimaginative and poorly thought out. As a result I doubt lots of people will buy content, unless they have some great tricks up their sleeve (but either case, I’d still be waiting for them to reveal these tricks)

    I’ve already seen some simbin folk arguing with people in these comments about prices and so on. The simple fact is though – “you won’t argue people into buying stuff in your game” and if they won’t buy and give you a reason then they are right – they are telling you why they won’t buy.

    You either have to decide they are in the minority and think “I don’t care about that because lots of others will pay” or, if these comments are typical views, then you have a problem that arguing with people won’t solve.

    My advice to simbin go and look at Team Fortress 2. See the *customers* of that game who have made $500,000 – let alone the company writing it – by creating items for it using the steam workshop. Note that all the weapons and maps you need to play come with the F2P game for free (although you don’t get all the weapons by default, so you still can buy them or get them in other ways – this is how it works)

    (Note especially the MvM ticket idea) – and then hire some creative and imaginative people to figure out ways to make the game make money.

    That said, I wouldn’t simply copy what others are doing, I’m sure no one has fully explored and experimented with the possibilities for funding a F2P game, but I’m equally sure no one at simbin has thought about it much at all and that “sell cars and tracks” is not likely to work better than simply selling a full game. In fact, I think it’s likely to generate less money.

    The game itself seems to run ok and perform well on my hardware – which is pretty mainstream these days – C2D [email protected] / HD6850 / 4GB ram. Not a lot to fault there.