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R3E – Open Beta Launch & Pricing Confirmed

Simbin has confirmed the planned launch date & pricing model for the open beta of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin has confirmed the planned launch date for the open beta of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as people can start joining the free to play racer next week.

To go along with the announcement, Simbin has also released some new previews and a video trailer you can check out below.

R3E is free to play, coming with several free cars & tracks to race on as well as a large library of cars and tracks that can be purchased for vRP (Virtual Race Points) which translate into actual money.

First details of the pricing model have now been revealed as single cars will regularly sell for 199 vRP to 329 vRP (2-3.50€) while tracks will be available for 349 vRP to 549 vRP (3.50-5.50€).

Content will also be offered in bundles from time to time, new game mode additions will be available for 99 vRP (1€).

  • wajdi nujeidat

    I was waiting for GTR3 for years and now they give me this?!!

    • Joca Nadalist

      Times changed while we were waiting for GTR3 m8

      • Paul Todd

        Honestly? Have Simbin come out and said so?

      • Nicolas Grignon

        there won’t be any GTR3, mate… unless Ferrari and Porsches agrees to not provide exclusive licence anymore.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      There is no GTR3, not anymore anyway. It died years ago if it ever existed.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        And why has Simbin released this trailer one year ago?!

        they teased, that’s it!

        I won’t buy this cr&&p of game!

      • Marco Hooghuis

        That was never sold as a GTR3 trailer…

  • Anonymous

    Free content:
    – 5 cars – nice πŸ˜€
    – 2 unlicenced tracks – meh ;p
    – Game modes and features: “amateur driving model”. Whould that mean we have to buy “advanced driving model”? “Get real package” for 1 euro? baffled.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      Still very expensive with the F2P trap… a new way for game creators to increase the price of their game to +100$ for the same content of a boxed game! The future is (NOT) bright… they just trick you to think it will be much better this way. But at the end, possibly a bad move… Simbin could have taken the risk to sell the track and cars for 1$ each and ending with more money than with the actual prices! people will just be more careful to buy only what they want (me included), instead of buying all if the price was much lower…

      • Marcos Sanz

        This way you can spend only what you want. Also think about the money the servers running 24/365 cost and that the game development will continue after the release (at least it should)… (waiting my negative points ;p)

      • Anonymous

        In every boxed sim games I have purchased, only about 5-10 cars I really care about and about 3-5 I drove regularly.. the feature I really hope will be added is test drive mode, where I can try a car for maybe about 10 minutes (1 time only) to decide whether I want to buy it or not.

      • LΓΊcio Marques

        Nice idea, this “Test drive” mode would be great, so that you can actually test the car/track add-on (paid DLC) before purchasing it.

        Although I agree with you that (like you described in your experience) most people find only part of the content really interesting in full content, boxed titles, there’s also the other side that is the problem with this sort of paid “DLC” business… which is “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.
        And that’s the huge advantage the full content, boxed titles always had, have and will always have. πŸ™‚

        I don’t think SimBin made the right decision for their product regarding business practice (time will tell), but I wish them good fortune in their efforts.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        It’s only expensive if you buy every single thing they offer. Like said before, there will be tracks,cars or modes that you don’t care about. Also, they will offer bundles from time to time.

      • Big Ron

        I am also not a fan of F2P-concepts since they often have a money trap.

        But for racing games, I often have the problem that I am not interesting in most of the content but just caring about a smaller percentage of the whole package.

        So I am pretty fine with RRRE since I can just buy the stuff I care about and ignore the rest (or rather just donΒ΄t need to waste money for it).

      • somebody somebody

        The thing is..with F2P games, they only become money traps if the player purchases based on impulse. Be a smart shopper, only get things you really want.

  • albim75

    GTR3 is not dead

    • Marco Hooghuis

      It is…

    • Mark

      it was officially announced in march 2010. In 2011, a website was launched, some shots were released, and we’re in almost february 2013 and all we hear is R3E.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      it is… without Ferrari and Porshes, you can’t have the full roster: no full roster , no GTR game… why do you think all the cars anounced for GTR3 made their way to Raceroom?

    • Nicolas Grignon

      Licencing greed killed GTR3…

  • Rolands Svetins

    Is it tyre deformation at the beginning of the video, when corvette leaves a pit stop?

    • Tom Hunt

      Wow, nice spot, that’s a neat feature in RF2 it will be cool in this.

      • gt3rsr

        Yeah, and that’s a feature which has been in LFS for years (or even a decade now???)

    • Rolands Svetins

      it might be and it might not be. Cuz in other scenes tyres visually act as constant 3D model without any deformation, just going through the ground.

    • MirceaRad

      see this video for tire deformation

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Not sure if I’m going to try this or not. Having to pay (even if only a couple dollars) to turn off the driving assists isn’t the way to get me in the door.

    • Roger

      For 1€ you get a top notch sim with couple of amazing cars and two very nice tracks…

      If that is not good value I don’t know what is…

      This is an amazingly good sim, ive been driving it for many hours during the closed beta, I will buy pretty much all available content right away, its really that good!

      • djkostas

        Glad you liked it!
        ‘Cause I wouldnt (and wont) spend a cent for the condition its in atm!

      • ___ Ι₯qp ___

        Each to their own but I hate it, and in my opinion it is the worst thing Simbim have done since they formed.
        Good luck to Simbin though, they have given me many hours of pleasure with their past sims and I’ll maybe look into this again a few months down the line

        *deletes beta from PC*

    • Anonymous

      It is a bad move against more hc simracers indeed, now of course 1 euro isn’t even 1 beer but it’s about the principle! lol

      • Matt Orr

        Its harder for me to open my wallet than it is to spend more from my open wallet.

        Cryptic, but true, statement.

  • Anonymous

    strange decision, instead of offering one single price and then later addons they are asking for iRacing pay structure.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Not really, it’s more like simraceway. There is no subscription fee.

  • Tom Hunt

    I’m definitely interested and I’ll give it a go. I think underpricing competitors like iracing and Simraceway is a good move, the cost of cars and tracks is at the impulse buy level whereas I have to think long and hard about dropping so much money on a track in iracing.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like a good balance feature-wise between SRW and iRacing, with prices slightly below SRW. If they can get the actual wheel to wheel racing up and running, they will have already beaten SRW and left it to its own devices as a perpetual hotlap competition.

      I’m interested in giving it a go, they definitely have a better track record than SRW…

  • Kyle Williams

    Get Real mode being a buyable addon?

    Get Real SimBin.

    • Anonymous

      Would you feel better if the game costed 1€ instead of being F2P and the Get Real mode was free instead ?

      • djkostas

        So we all agree its not F2P?

      • Nicolas Grignon

        it never was, a demo (even unlimited) stays a demo…

      • Anonymous

        Free to Race not F2P BIG DIFFERENCE HaHa

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Ofcourse it is F2P…
        Just not F2S (free to sim ;))

      • Anonymous

        You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, right ?

    • Anonymous

      Delete. I agree Get Real should have been included

    • Anonymous

      are the tracks Iaser scanned????

    • Ar Kh

      maybe not so bad as sounds at first. less stupid kids in serious mode.

  • Chris

    I cant believe they would charge you to play with get real mode… disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      What’s disgusting is the level of complaints about spending a bit chump change. Are you really that cheap?

      • somebody somebody

        Hes probably one of those F1Classic users

      • zerez86

        Most of the F1classic “users” are not different than other parts of the community. It’s a great forum

      • Anonymous

        So being a user of F1C equals being homeless thief or what… ? I’m not ashamed of enjoying conversions from other platforms to rF *if* they are done well because I don’t think they steal any income from original authors, especially the older ones.
        Half the rf community visits there, a lot of people just use different nicks hehe.

  • GamerMuscle

    From using the Beta I think its a nice product, its way more polished than Simraceway with a better web interface and all round feels like a better product to use.

    However I think charging for tracks is a mistake , it all depends if they have competitions where users can win tracks or credits or if there is some way to earn the content outside of buying it.

    Personally I’d rather just pay $25-50 and get a solid product out of the box.

    Mind you I guess if they sell bundles in a reasonable way it will work out the same as GTRE and its expansions.

    For a free to play title I think they tend to work better when you only pay for cosmetics or additional features rather than core game play features, for example higher quality graphics , Nicer car skins.

    In some ways having so many methods to acquire content and dividing it all up might just add complexity and put many users off.

    • Pawulon

      i wonder how it will work in the end, but I’m afraid it can work the same way Quake Live worked (and failed) – separation of community. Even with only one subscription giving you access to play with every premium possibilities the playerbase got split. And if you multiply it by all the cars and tracks you can buy or don’t, I’m afraid that there will be noone to race with outside of the most popular combinations.

      • Jay Ekkel

        We have used a performance balancing method as used in real race series. This way each car has their own characteristics but the laptimes are real close together to keep it competitive.

        We are doing our best to stay away from the Pay2Win drawback that many F2P suffer from. We try to make it all about the driver and his/her talent, and not about the car that is being used.

  • Anonymous

    dont think its worthe even a couple dollar we will se

  • Chris Wright

    The pricing seems very reasonable to me and, I hope, this will be a runaway success that embarrasses iRacing’s still exhorbitant fee policies and brings some real competition for the Community’s bucks. Simraceway has utterly failed to do that, but R3E is a real step forward in many areas and should, finally, give us all the element of choice that has been missing for so long.

    • Marcus Caton

      You’ve either gone senile or broke to look at a products cost over quality.

      • somebody somebody

        Take off your iRacing blinders. There are many compelling games out there that can EASILY take it to iRacing. With rFactor 2 I get RealRoad and a enthusiastic modding community to support it, with Assetto Corsa I get laser scanned tracks, modding support and top class physics, with RaceRoom Racing Experience I get arguably the best car sounds in the industry coupled with good physics, car models, etc. across the board.

        Just because it costs 5x more does not mean that it is 5x better.

      • Jay Ekkel

        In the end every game provides something different for every user. I am just happy that lately we simracers are spoiled with an option to choose from!

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Even though it doesn’t tell you everything about a product, cost is still a very, very important factor. Would you buy a sim that is 100% like the real thing but costs a million per year? I didn’t think so.

      • Marcus Caton

        cheap &@^#%[email protected] you deserve PCARS and RER, have fun.

      • Chris Wright

        If you’re happy with a very dated engine and being royally ripped off if you want to run a full race series then carry right on.

    • Jason Garrett

      People keep looking at the big whole numbers for iRacing. When you really break it down, it’s NOT THAT EXPENSIVE. They’ve constantly got deals going on for new and current members. $49 for a year of membership, bonus $5 in credit for spending $20, 20% off content if you buy 6 pieces at a time, $10 per season just for running a couple series at least one race in 8 out of 12 weeks, etc, etc. If you can enjoy mostly the base content you can play iRacing for $50 a year. If you want more, spend more, but keep an eye out for credit bonuses and stuff.

      You buy $75 in credits but get $100, then you buy 6 pieces of content, and you pretty much got 1/2 off the regular price. They do these specials all the time too, it’s easy.

      On the surface iRacing looks expensive, but once you get into it, you realize it’s not really that bad. The online system is second to none if you like pickup racing. If you are just a league racer, might not be worth it to you. But that’s what is great about being us (sim racers) right now, we’ve got so much new stuff coming out in the coming year that you’ve got several different great options.

      • Chris Wright

        Whatever way you slice it, you’re still spending quite a lot of money. I went back in a few months ago to do some stock car spot racing. It was OK but plenty of wreckers still in evidence. I dare say I’ll have another bash next time they make me a decent incentive offer to come back.

      • Jason Garrett

        All depends how you look at it. If you take it slowly you can get away with only spending about $50 a year including content.

        There are plenty of iRacers who have found one series that they absolutely love and have stuck with for years. Then after the initial cost, they are paying maybe $20 a year for the membership.

    • SlowOnlinePilot

      Wow! You really seem to hate iRacing. I have only been here short time but it seems to me that you go out of your way to constantly bash iRacing. All that vitriol for iRacing cannot be good for your health. Peace out! πŸ™‚

      anyway, this SimBin game could be a winner, but without a structured system it could be a crashfest for online pickup racing. I will still try the game – since it could offer something unique that I enjoy. πŸ™‚

      • Chris Wright

        I sleep really well not worrying about iRacing. But I have always had a problem with the pricing. The issue is mainly tied up with progression through the ranks in iRacing sometimes running into three figures if one is to compete in a series. I’m sorry, but that is exclusive not inclusive and I’m pleased to see that Simbin is favoring the latter philosophy. Not everyone agrees with me, which is totally cool, and if they want to blow vast sums of money in it then that’s fine. I confidently predict, however, that when a truly competitive alternative arrives, be it RE3 or A N Other, iRacing prices will fall like a stone if they start losing membership.

      • Matt Orr

        It’s exclusive for a reason. The day iRacing ditches the sub fee is when iRacing stops being relevant. And yes, I mean that. And no, you probably dont understand that comment because you can’t.

        Fact is, no competitor to iRacing will exist even after this generation of sims comes out, because none of them are getting what makes iRacing iRacing. Here’s a hint, it’s in it’s name and it is more than one letter. Here’s what happens Chris. Those people who “leave” see that the iRacing Week 13 looks like a calm collected professional level race once they race 10 minutes on an open server. Yea, I have every sim on the market and have different uses for them. They all have something I like. Yet when it comes down to it, I choose racing, not simply “driving fast around a circuit”.

        PS – one full series in a game like this will likely cost you more than any regular off the shelf game will – yet you get less content. Hey, we both pay out the nose now.

      • SlowOnlinePilot

        That is good to hear if true. In the short time I have been here I think you have called out iRacing in just about every comment and blog entry and that does not seem mentally healthy imho. πŸ™‚
        iRacing is basically free if you only use the basic membership road and tracks.
        Yes, I do agree that iRacing is expensive if you want to run a series past the basic membership. I feel fortunate that I can invest in top hardware (computer, wheels, pedals, simrig) and enjoy iRacing for clean online pickup racing. I do not have time to join and run in a league.
        I find iRacing gives the best online pickup racing experience and I am glad to pay them for the experience and structure. If a company can come along with a comparable product I will also join that group. πŸ™‚

        Peace out! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Even though I won’t buy it now as the content doesn’t appeal to me, it looks like a great sim.
    Also SimBin has a good reputation of delivering and I am sure they will.

    Again people sadly seems to be more hang up on pricing than anything else, doesn’t even matter it is just a few €…

    Ridiculous I have to say!

  • Pulley

    I’ve read theres no AI in this SIm, is that true?

    • Ricoo


      • Pulley

        Good, my worst nightmare is a good sim without AI!

  • Guest

    If I’ll have to pay 1 euro for the sim mode, I’ll probably do it. But I won’t pay for every single car and track – how much would it be? I suppose at least 50 – 100 euros. How much was the original price of GTR2 or Race 07 + GTR Evo?

    • Olivier Maas

      I have the same issue one time buying the game is no problem to me. But now I’ll have to buy I think 20+ cars & loads of tracks so all in all we have to pay around the €100,-. When GTR2 came out, I paid something like 50-60 euros if I’m right. I’ve got a real nice copy on a real disc in a box that I can put on my shelf. I understand that the times has changed, but I don’t have €100,- for a game in this way. It will be interesting to see what Assetto Corse will ask for their title. Same story with Project C.A.R.S.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t ‘have’ to do anything, dude. I know I have a few favourite cars in each sim, and generally ignore quite a few. I like the idea of only buying the cars I want, and not paying AU$70 for a bunch of content I never use. Random speculations about what you might ‘have’ to spend, and then using it as a reason to complain about the game, is kinda looney.

        The people complaining about paying a buck to turn off aids might have a point if it was on top of a full retail priced game, or a subscription model, but as it’s free-to-play, you just come across as entitled brats.

      • gt3rsr

        It’s always better to have a whole package. Do you remember the huge amount of stock content and possibilities in GTR2?

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I do, and I barely used any of it, so I get where Almacca is coming from.

        I see the majority of the community splitting off in sections with this game, and people only buying what they need to compete it their leagues and what not, and most people not exceeding the price of a boxed version in the first year.

      • Olivier Maas

        I know what I want, ok you don’t have to buy the whole package. But to get some decent grids you’ll have to. I play SimBin games since GTR came out on a disc, Q3/Q4 2005. I’ve always had big packs, the modding community have always contributed to the SimBin games, with loads of free content. So the choice of 100+ tracks & cars etc. besides the standard content is huge. If you want to race single class races it’s possible too with this new game, for free. Although that’s not what most of the community will do and wants. I’m not bashing this game, nor SimBin. My post is more a complain about the structure for what we get if you compare it to previous titles. Users are free to decide what they want and for what they want to pay.

  • gt3rsr

    Well, I know times are changing but I am probably still stuck in the past a bit. I’d rather pay for the whole package and then for addons like in case of Race07 + GTR Evo…

  • Mark

    The footage so far looks great.

  • Ricoo

    The price is not what will lead my decision to buy content or not, it will be the driving feel (physics+FFB) and in that matter the best for me is rFactor 2 (among available new or updated sim).

    • Marco Hooghuis

      That part feels good to me in R3E. And I agree, rF2 has a great feel.

  • Anonymous

    5.50€ for a track not laser scanned, with colored brake markers, and a circus atmosphere instead a SPOT ON reproduction on iR for 7€??

    That is a joke for sure!

    No comment on the “get real (trolled) mode” to pay…

    • somebody somebody

      Have you factored in your subscription fees?

      Oh wait, lets see you try to justify iRacing’s ridiculous price with BS like “think of this as an alternative to Grassroots motorsport”, or “iRacing is incredibly cheap when compared to real life racing”. Because really, if iRacing is considered cheap, then R3E, rF2, and AC must be the deal of the fucking century.

      • Anonymous

        Less than 30€ at year for the best multiplayer service it’s a ridiculous price?

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        According to what you said about the track price it seems like it

      • Anonymous

        I hope for them, they will release a multy outstanding. The best ever made, or they will fail soo fast…

        I have all the race 07 series, I will not pay so much money for something just a little better than what we have now.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Why spend so much money? You get around with a similar price for the same amount of content, they only difference is that you can choose what the content is.

        In the end gamers tend to want more, and that much quicker. And to do so this is pretty much the only way, games that, as a title have a longer lifespan but in that time gets continuous development. And then this is really the way to go, how much of a rip off it may seem. A developper can bring out a game every year, and we all see how that turns out(NFS, CoD for example).

        Pricing will possibly go down too once the game takes storm

      • Ricoo

        They ARE really the fucking century deal. πŸ™‚

    • StarFoXySxv550

      You’re forgetting that you pay for the iR scanning equipment year upon year via subscription..? That one 7€ track is actually costing you a lot more to use.

      For 5.50€ you can keep and use the RRE3 anytime & forever… or until the servers shut down, which ever comes first, unless there’s an offline mode?

      • Anonymous

        Well, it probably depends both on the relative quality of the R3E tracks, and what the “new game mode additions” are. I don’t dispute that iRacing will be more expensive, but public perception can be fickle. If the cost of running servers is rolled into the price of a car or track, it will make the price seem inflated to some, even though overall R3E will be less expensive for the comparable content in iRacing after accounting for the subscription.

  • Olivier Maas

    half way the video @round 1.20 The people standing at that particular side of the dune from Zandvoort isn’t very realistic. From halfway the “Arie Luyendijk bocht” up to the tunnel it should be empty. The next time I’m visiting CPZ I’ll look for an entrance, but I’m pretty sure there’s nobody during the races. Even with top events like DTM/Easter races/Masters of F3. And those people looks quite big too. GTR Evo had the same problem, but with this new title it should get better.

    • Explosive Face

      Given the giant coloured brake markers, probably not…

    • Olivier Maas

      Can’t understand the down-votes, it’s a real track so randomly placing spectators shouldn’t be done when it’s not necessary. I went to many events at Zandvoort, but if anyone got a Photo/on-board footage that there are standing spectators there, feel free to post. It’s quite easy to fix for SimBin.

      • Jay Ekkel

        Sometimes we do allow ourselves to have some creative freedom to create a nice racing atmosphere.

      • Olivier Maas

        I can understand that Jay, I know you’re a Dutchman too and there are fantastic details made for this track. A saw some fictional billboards too, it’s a way to generate money and that’s logical. But with those spectators at that specific point it somehow ruined it for me, as it’s not necessary to me. Some nice idea to have is sand not only from the dune, but also from oil-leaks. But that’s something for a next title.

  • Ben Lee

    Yep, finding public games at least I imagine will be tough, it depends on how many servers there are of course etc.

  • itsme

    Still expensive??? To be honest I don’t believe it’s possible to make anything worth an attention for such moneys. A somewhat cheap taste in graphics reveals it pretty clearly. Looks like a gazillion other typical F2P games. Not sure I even should to bother downloading.

    • Mark

      there’s nothing wrong with R3E graphics.

      • gt3rsr

        There’s nothing wrong with GTR Evo graphics.
        Heck, there’s even nothing wrong with GPL graphics.
        But it’s 2013. GT5 is two years old and pCARS and Assetto Corsa are just around the corner.

      • Ricoo

        R3E tracks looks good and realistic, what else!

      • Mark


        Gmotor2/GPL graphics are obviously very dated in comparison to all aforementioned games, wich is not the case of R3E, that looks fine in comparison to recent titles.

    • Big Ron

      I don’t see why this sim looks bad. In my opinion it looks partially better than iRacing and rFactor in sum.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Better than iRacing? I really like the R3E beta but this is simply not true. I’ve played both on the same machine and iRacing looks better.

      • Big Ron

        ThatΒ΄s why I said “partially”, not “at all”.

  • mclaren777

    I’ll probably jump in once they release something similar to an Formula 3 machine.

  • Matt Orr

    So, bout $7 (depending on conversion) for their tracks. Versus $12-15 for an iRacing track. LOL! What a waste Simbin. Your tracks aren’t even half as good as iRacing’s. Yet your model tries to infringe on the iRacing style model…

    Hopefully this gets you filthy stinking rich and you can get on with making an actual PROPER GTR3 instead of this random car all over the place BS.

    I’d gladly have paid money for a “retail” product. You know, everything intended, full content, $40-$60. FYI Simbin, GTR2 hit the streets where I live at $20. What is the difference? I’ll put it this way – Planetside 2 fits much the same. Sure it’s F2P model isn’t abusive, but it ruins the entire thing because it is F2P and has the restrictions needed to get people to occasionally pay.

    F2P games are the most expensive games out there. Bar iRacing. lol

    • Ricoo

      I find R3E tracks rather good looking and as much interesting as iRacing’s ones.

      If the game is good and you can afford 4 $ for a car and 6 $ for a track, really what is the problem?

      With your $60 you can buy 7 tracks and 4 or 5 cars. If you add the 2 free tracks and 5 cars, you will get 9 tracks and 10 cars, not so frighteningly expensive.

      Much more content for less than a year in iRacing with only the base content…

      And if you don’t like some tracks or cars no need to buy them… but you will still be able to play the game for years without any subscription.

      If F2P is the price for a regularly updated game that last many years without having to buy a new version every year (as for instance as with F1), then I think it’s rather a good thing.

      • Matt Orr

        Check Zandy. It’s so far off it might as well be fictional. If I’m paying that much PER TRACK, I demand quality. At that price I don’t expect laser scanned, but I certainly expect better than that. Even pCars in it’s baby stages is still miles ahead of where R3E is ffs.

        Tell me, what game do you pay $60 and get only 9 cars and 10 tracks, of this quality compared to the then current competition? It would be different if each car was one of the most amazing in virtual format ever in terms of driving realism – but… here is a hint – they aren’t. Notice I didn’t say they sucked, but from what I’ve seen and had a go with, they are not. More than decent, but again, nothing truly special.

        Not even the Race games comes close to that lack of value. And they have hugely limited car count – for a reason though.

        iRacing is expensive, but you get certainly the best tracks and by far the best online experience even AFTER this “next” generation of sims come out, and you can bet on that.

        Again, I’d gladly pay 40-60 for the full package, and a truly FULL package where I don’t have limited content because of it. Going back to the FPS analogy – most F2P FPS games have far larger XP requirements to unlock stuff, even including “boosters” or whatever. It completely ruins the experience.

        F2P is a plague to gaming. I was interested in this title – yes even knowing it was F2P – after the teaser. They continue to lose my interest.

        I’d be much more interested if I could pay my money in a FULL PACKAGE, get the content now and the first whatever months “new” content, similar to what Forza did with their Season Pass. Providing it works out that I get as much – or more (given I paid in a lump sum up front, pretty standard practice – think exclusive track or whatever) content than I would have in a regular full price game. Currently with what we know, this doesn’t even come CLOSE to offering that.


        3 month DLC > Microtransactions that always end up costing more because people don’t recognize what is happening. Has nothing to do with “expense”, has everything to do with being “fleeced”.

      • Ricoo

        This theory about package has no meaning. If the game is good put money in it, otherwise don’t do.

  • Mario Strada

    I don’t care about the money. What I want is available races, good physics, interesting and nice to drive cars, pit stops, day/night transitions, changing environments, rain, etc.

    If they don’t deliver on that eventually, they can sell their cars for $0.50 but I won’t buy them.

  • speed1

    I’m fine with the pricing model. Today it is not easy to keep alive with a company. nobody can live with air and love only. A bad planed and produced boxed game can fail very easy but a bad planed free to play basic game with the oppotonity to upgrade it further is more save for a company. The prices are fine and ok. They earned it for the effort they put in. I’m more for this marketing model than a boxed game where is nothing to get as some bad mods ( not all ) for years. Let the pro’s give us what we need. A constant in developement game is more usefull as a boxed one without any updates for years. This genre should be stay alive and only we as the consumer can enshure this and not with a single payment. No we should put constantly little mony in to keep them alive. It is not ok to think that we should get everything for only 50 euro where licences are very hard to get and the costs are

    outrageously high for tracks and cars.

  • Russell Wilson

    Is the Get Real mode $1 per race? I don’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      It features 2 driving models, Amateur and Get Real which is unlocked for $1.50. Six quarters.

    • Big Ron

      Per race? I guess, you pay 1€ once and that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    I think SimBin is doing it right with the pricing. I will be a big supporter of this title once I am able to actually play it.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    “With a planned launch next week where the store goes live, anyone can join the beta and begin to build the game of their dreams.”

    -Select All PCars forum
    -Copy to clipboard
    -Paste in RRRE forum

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Wrong, you don’t have to buy yourself into the beta.

  • Guest

    Select All PCars forum
    -Copy to cliipboard
    -Paste to RRRE forum

    • Marco Hooghuis

      That’s not true. Simbin doesn’t demand money for beta participation.

  • 2Air

    I hope they give the beta testers a handfull of credits just for the sake of beta testing πŸ™‚

    It really is a good game, graphics are top notch, physics are ok and the sound is the best i’ve heard in any (race)game period!

    • Marco Hooghuis

      That would be cool πŸ™‚

  • sclowes

    I think the pricing is reasonable, the overall cost to play (including subscriptions) undercuts Iracing and SimRaceway by a country mile. The overall cost to us depends upon how many cars/tracks/addons we choose to buy and how not having some of them may affect our access to online play especially.
    If “get real” does cost 1 Euro (~66p?), you will cut off your nose to spite your face because you feel it should be part of the freely provided material? The whole point of the F2P model is to attract you to a game with a few freebies and then encourage you to make regular micro-transactions to buy extra material.
    Some of you need a reality check, why do you think GTR3 has not turned up and why did Simbin keep churning out expansion packs for Race07? The company specialises in driving sims and a one-off payment by us of ~Β£30 is not going to cover the costs of the Simbin company including building costs; staff wages; electricty; taxes etc.
    I do wonder what will happen if I want to race online with my purchased BMW Z4, while someone else has a RUF I do not own. Will I see something like Rfactor’s “temp car” to represent the RUF, or will I not be able to even join a sever running cars I do not own?

    • Anonymous

      I think they’ve covered your last question in various places but it won’t be a problem.

      • Jay Ekkel

        What USteppin said, you don’t need to buy the whole grid of cars to be able to compete against friends.

        We have had these issues in our previous games and their expansion packs, and we have done our best to avoid these situations in the future!

  • Marco Massarutto

    Well, I can’t resist anymore. I remember when a big developer told me some time ago that we shouldn’t care too much about what people write on simracing blogs, because comments do not represent the real preferences of gamers. I know you guys will get angry for that, but probably he was right, sadly. Because if comments I can read here, in a simracing blog like this, represent the thinking of the simracing community, well guys, this genre does not have a bright future ahead.

    What we are complaining for? How much we spend to watch a football match, for a pizza, a movie, a beer outside with our friends, for a indoor football/tennis/bowling match, for an ice-cream, for a bigmac menu? What about PayTv costs? To rent an in-door kart for few minutes? How much are we available to spend for a hi-fashion t-shirt (made in China)? How much entertainment these activities give us in term of amount of time, immersivity, fun? Surely they do, and we not complain because we need to spend money for that, right?

    Software is untouchable, immaterial stuff; but it is not less real than any other thing. And people who work on it don’t work less or badly than any other worker.

    “If I have to buy all the available cars I will spend much more than a boxed game, why I should pay for an advanced physics pack, why I should…”.

    Ok, before all, we do not HAVE TO do nothing. It’s a free choice. Second, imagine we buy one car, and we have just four tracks. Before to be bored with that car, we will drive it AT LEAST, how much, just 1 day per track? Ok, let’s say 4 days per car. If we play EVERY day, and we buy 50 cars, we have fun every day for about seven months, at least a couple of hours per day. And we will spend for it, how much? About 150 dollars, or less/more. 150 dollars to have fun every day for 7 months. Which other activities give you the same for that price? And anyway, you can be happy also with 20, 10 cars, for one year, if you like the product. You don’t need 50 cars in your garage to be happy, to have a lot of fun.

    If only we would be able to convert all the attention and energy we waste to complain for everything, we could get so much fun from this great hobby.

    Anyway, if you don’t like RR concept, GT5 is a great, great game, with 1,000 cars and a lot of tracks and game features. I’m not sarcastic, really. You don’t like GT5? Do you want to play racing sims on your PC? Do you want that developers meet your needs? Well, do your part. Support the industry. When little, simracing companies will have had enough of this attitude (many of them has already left PC market,that’s considered such a ghetto, and situation can only get worse), we will complain because our tablet doesn’t feature a correct ff effect playing the 25th chapter of NFS Most Wanted…

    C’mon guys, take it easy, have fun.

    • speed1

      True words. Strong but honest. Agree with you.

    • Diego Colafabio

      Great words Marco.

    • Guest

      “Anyway, if you don’t like RR concept, GT5 is a great, great game, with
      1,000 cars and a lot of tracks and game features. I’m not sarcastic,
      really. You don’t like GT5? Do you want to play racing sims on your PC?
      Do you want that developers meet your needs? Well, do your part. Support
      the industry. When little, simracing companies will have had enough of
      this attitude (many of them has already left PC market,that’s
      considered such a ghetto, and situation can only get worse)”

      So what you’re saying is support the “Simracing ” industry at any cost…
      I dont think so..

      • Marco Massarutto

        I haven’t wrote “at any cost” anywhere. More: thanks to a solution such as RR, you can support only the kind of contents you like, that’s much better to pay 70 dollars for a game that includes 1,000 cars when you will really use 10% of them. But, to complete my statement, if supporting the industry means that we should pay a couple of coins to get an advanced physics, well, what we are talking about? How much cost the steering wheels we have on our desk? Anyway, I would expect to find the kind of comments I read here (and I’m not complaining about VirtualR, just to be clear), on a videogame blog, this would be reasonable enough. But not here. I find it demeaning, honestly. My 2 cents. Anyway, I wish the best to Simbin guys, they deserve it.

    • Anonymous

      are the freaking tracks laser scanned??? Can someone please answer me!

      • somebody somebody

        Google is your friend..lazy lazy

      • Big Ron

        The only thing you have to care in any of your posts in any articles is “laser scanned tracks”. Man, someone should donate you bed linen with laser scanned tracks on it.

      • Anonymous

        no need Iaser scanned tracks are enough for me!

    • GamerMuscle

      ” big developer told me some time ago that we shouldn’t care too much about what people write on simracing blogs”

      I don’t think people posting here expect developers to care in the end all sim-racers know they are a minority and that most the products are for profit only.

      This is a sim enthusiast website do you expect people not to talk about what they like or dislike ?

      If you go to any enthusiast website for anything people will talk complain and compliment prices / percived value of things ( ticket master , wine , restrants , football tickets , cinima prices , dvd’s ) Thats the piont of enthusiast websites , they dont exist to generally talk about what is the best business decision.

      “If only we would be able to convert all the attention and energy we waste to complain for everything, we could get so much fun from this great hobby.”

      I would say allot of the comments on this site is actually positive congratulating people on mod work or when a game actually is good, I think you are just offended by people being more critical.

      “Anyway, if you don’t like RR concept, GT5 is a great, great game, with 1,000 cars and a lot of tracks and game features.”

      I agree For what it is I think its a fantastic product , though I think they have made a mistake charging for tracks and they risk diluting the user-base. But if they get the competitive aspect right then its no worse than other FTP games and its certainly better than Simraceway I would Imagen it will please the market as a whole and even many simracers.

      • Mrslfrsl

        “Websites like Virtual R help sim enthusiasts find out which games potentaily would appeal to them.”

        The days where sim enthusiasts thought this website is objective about sim news are long gone.

      • GamerMuscle

        It doesn’t help them in the sense that VR gives an objective commentary , it helps them in the sense that VR puts Game news in peoples faces.

      • Mrslfrsl

        read, re-read and re-re-read again, if that doesn’t help read this comment again.

      • GamerMuscle

        “”Websites like Virtual”

    • Jay Ekkel

      Thanks Marco, for me you hit the nail on the head. I applaud the idea of creating the game you want, with the cars and tracks you like and only invest in the parts you care about. If you don’t want it, you don’t buy it! Easy as that.

      I know from experience that most people don’t drive all cars available to them. All be it you prefer FWD rather then RWD cars or you only drive GT cars or purely focus on Road cars. You pick your favourites and stick with them, you specialise in a few cars, and leave the other cars collecting dust in your virtual garage! What better solution then to be able to handpick what the cars and track you want!

      As you said in your post, we easily pay Β±20 EUR for 12 minutes of karting, or pay Β±17 EUR to go see a 1,5 hour movie. We pay 300+ euros for a triple monitor setup or 150+ EUR for a wheel! Some of us complain about the prices there too, but in the end make a conscious decision to buy it or leave it…..

      In the end there will always be a (loud) crowd that does not like the F2P platform, and we can only try and convince them otherwise. Luckily there is also a (not so loud) crowd that applauds the F2P concept.

      I hope that any doubters will try R3E or any F2P game for that matter, and then draw their conclusions. I mean its for free, what can go wrong. If you don’t like then delete it again!…If your conclusion is that you don’t like you are in for a treat, this is 2013 and there are some real cool racing games (like Asetto Corsa,RF2, pCars) coming to us sim racers! We are being spoiled this year. Noone forces you to choose one, drive and enjoy them all if you can, in the end your favourite will emerge and you will stick with it until the next one comes around,.

      Your post ended with the only two words that matter the most to me when I play any game… have fun!

      So lets try and have some fun! Be it with Asetto Corsa, R3E, RF2, pCars or Mario Kart on the Wii, lets just have fun!

      PS. small fun fact, if someone bought GT5 on release day and tried one car a day, up until today he/she would have tried 822 cars and still has plenty to go + DLC cars. Kudos if someone tried all +1000 cars! I gave up after a few….

      • C4

        Mario Kart for Wii U announced. Playable at E3 πŸ™‚

      • Matt Orr

        And what happens when I feel like driving something in a very rare occasion. I hate FWD cars, but from time to time a Clio race is fun.

        Oh wait, have to buy it. Guess I’ll just drive something else seeing how I’ll use it maybe 15 times a year.

        I drove the C5R in GTR2 for less than 100 laps total up until this last week across what, 6-7 years? I’ve easily quadrupled that since. Just cause I felt like driving it for whatever reason. Tell me, how does “selecting which I want” help me? Wait, it would have kept me driving the Lambo just like I’ve more or less always done.

        Most of the hate – myself included – stems from the fact the teaser and most of the beta has been looking quite solid. Had my money and my interest, but this style? Hell no. You want us to say nothing about it? Let’s just bury our heads in the sand. Say it’s a buggy mess. Let’s not say anything. Bug reports are so negative.

        Two worlds here -the people who play and the people who make. The people who make dont want to listen to the people who play. That guy you responded to Jay? That’s what happens when you listen to what the community wants. Why is AC hyped beyond belief? Because it has – on paper – everything we’ve been begging for for a very long time. Please Jay tell me how a F2P model makes everything better for me. It does.

        For casuals. Ahhh Simbin… once leaders, now also ran status.

        We knew R3E would be F2P, but cmon… unless we are missing something – in which case it falls on Simbin for not communicating properly – this is odd to say the least. Why NOT have a package deal? Paying isnt the issue, quality / price ratio is, plus a lack of content to make me even remotely interested in what R3E will be. Wake up guys.

        I’m having a blast. Is Formula Truck here yet? Haters below.

      • Jay Ekkel

        No offense meant but “haters below”………Well thanks in advance for calling everyone with an opinion a hater before they have already spoken their mind…..

        By the sounds of it you have enjoyed yourself plenty with a 6 year old (great) game, driving only two/three cars. I would say the F2P Platform would be perfect for you…..

        I am not some kind of preacher trying to convert you to F2P and the blessing that it will give you…..please try all games out there and enjoy them as much as you can! There is only one thing that decides if you will enjoy our game or not, and that is you.

        The thing that “stings” me the most is that you seem to believe we are in the business of silencing and ignoring other peoples opinion….If anything I believe that we have been very open to (harsh) opinions and feedback, and responded accordingly when and where we could.

        Also as stated in the article here on VR, if you don’t like the micro transactions ” Tracks and cars will also be available in bundles from time to time”. So if you don’t like the micro transactions, go for the bigger bundles.

        Although an upfront package deal (or asthey call it maybe a season pass for FPS games) is a nice idea, but then most likely the problem will be that you don’t know what you will be getting for your $60. How many cars/tracks will you get? How many of that content will actually be of your interest? Many dependencies that can result to you never playing that game again,

        To every decision that a game developer makes there is another good idea that makes as much sense, but also brings as much problems and issues. We try to cater a large part of all racing game enthusiasts which is a tall order to get right. But we never stood down from the challenge.

        Again If you don’t like it, don’t play it, noone is forcing you to do so. If you tried it and have some good feedback, let us know, we can only try and make things better.

        FYI, that “guy” I responded to, I consider him (and the rest of Kunos) to be a friend. Although we have only met a few times with the Kunos guys during races and shows, we always have a good time together, and discuss each other games and nonsense stories, and enjoy each other games when we try them.

        Their end result as a game might be completely different from a game perspective, but I know that their approach in game development is very much the same. The differences are created during the path of development, and at certain moments decided to go with different solutions. That is the great thing about game development, we all reach for the same goals (make a great game) but all come up with different plans. on how to achieve that. The above is the only reason why this year you will have some great sims to try!

        In the end it results in some people liking your game or not. Personally I only have on bar to judge a game, if a game can make me get out of my seat with a smile and an accomplished feeling, the game has done its job. It provided me a good time and I will play it again.

      • Marco Massarutto
      • Jay Ekkel

        haha, thanks for the reminder!

      • vinicius ferreira

        Jay i understand your point, like in GTR 2 i drove only ferrari 360gtc in NGT class, porshe gt3 in G3 class, BMW m3 in G2 class, and ferrari 550 in gt class, so basically 4 cars, in race07 i drive only honda accord in wtcc class. Looking this way i would spend less with “my package”, but more important than this, if i join a multi-class event, do i need to buy only the car i drive, or every car in the event?? thx

      • Jay Ekkel

        As replied else where int his thread, you only need to buy what you want to drive, not the cars other are driving.

      • Jerzy Havel

        Matt points out the big problem with the R3E pay-to-play
        model. I prefer to drive RWD and AWD cars, but, on occasion, I’ll have a blast with a FWD car. But when developers and others hear such criticism, they often say, “If you don’t like it, don’t play it” or, implausibly boast that they don’t read sim-racing blogs.

        I know the criticism can be brutal, but those responses say to me that their feelings are hurt and they are shutting down creatively rather than brainstorming a solution.

        Instead, why not offer RENTALS.

        Let us rent a car for a few days. If the price is right, the developers can make extra profit where they wouldn’t have made anything otherwise, and people like Matt and I will get our fix for a torque-steering, jerky hot hatch.

        I like good developers and want them to make money selling good software. So please don’t stop innovating in response to the criticism, no matter bluntly it’s stated.

      • Matt Orr

        You know how it is around this community Jay – least I hope you do. You say anything remotely not blindly positive people go batshit crazy about it.

        Re : Bundles – other F2P games have them. Doesn’t change anything.More often than not, by the time you see the content in a bundle everyone has moved on. Kinda important in a racing game that will have a small community by it’s own nature.

        Re : Upfront Packages – Providing you guys could turn out content timely (which you kinda have to do with the F2P model obviously) then what does it matter? Most of your serious audience will give everything a whirl at least once. Do I care about Brazilian Truck Racing? Uhh, no. But will I still plonk down on that? Yup! It isn’t necessarily what I want, but I’ll use it and have fun. Would I have bought a racing truck otherwise? Nope.

        New stuff is fun. People always want the newest, which is why F2P even works halfway decently for anyone. If anything, you could use that new found joy in off the wall / non usual for the guy playing content to expand later on down the road.

      • Michael

        “The thing that “stings” me the most is that you seem to believe we are in the business of silencing and ignoring other peoples opinion”

        It’s moot whether you do or not.

        You’re not going to debate people into spending money on your game.

        So you can either decide the naysayers are a minority and things are rosy, or that they are a bigger group and then you’ve got a problem – one that you won’t solve by arguing with them.

      • Michael

        ” I applaud the idea of creating the game you want, with the cars and tracks you like”

        It sounds good, but in reality, a multiplayer game needs lots of people to have the same content as you (or I suppose in respect of cars in a racing game, they need cars at a similar competitive level)

        So, if simbin have got the singleplayer experience done well, it’ll be interesting to see how “building your own game” works.

        Personally when I run a game that I’ve either downloaded and/or bought on Steam, I’m not a huge fan if that game asks me to register or sign up somewhere else, and since that’s the screen I’m current faced with in R3E I’m not even sure I’ll play it.

        But I feel they should have paid more attention to successful multiplayer F2P games, like Team Fortress 2 and note how they manage to make significant amounts of money even though they give every player in the game access to all the weapons and maps for free.

        Their ideas about giving everyone updates for free is to avoid fragmenting the community and to ensure that everyone is playing the same version of the game.

        Whereas they make plenty of money selling what are effectively consumable items – keys to open crates to get items and tickets that let a group of people play a competitive mode that, if they win, nets them an item.

        That’s not to say Valve or Team fortress 2 has explored every possible way for F2P games to make money – i.e merely copying them would probably be a mistake – but selling cars and tracks seems a very unimaginative approach imo. Any buffoon could have come up with that model. But I think equally, any buffoon could have predicted the community response to it too.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      What I don’t like is the sneaky way to make business from a marketing point of view. Why not tell everybody the truth, the sim genre is a niche market, more complicated to do and therefore you will know have to pay at least $100 for a full game, period… with F2P, you trick the buyer, like the slowly boiling a frog analogy… “it’s just few $, you know” but at the end and if he’s not very careful, a naive buyer could spend hundred’s of dollars easy because it’s just marketing science: you know that 100$ is a treshold that many gamers wont pass (even 80-90$) so F2P and DLC were invented to bypass this treshold.

      The “free to play” word is laughable in itself, like a “politically correct” or a “con” word… “Free-to play” is in fact the new word for a simple demo! (a demo was always free to play!). If you want more, you have to pay…. (like any demo’s gist).

      • Marco Massarutto

        Base version of RR it’s much more than a demo. And it’s free. Therefore, “free to play” is simply a truth. You can play it for years if you want. Freely. You can also decide that you like it and you want to get more. And, you can purchase only the contents you like. Personally, when I’ve purchased GT5 I’ve found -let me think- less than 30 cars I was interested to drive. For sure, I didn’t like to be forced to drive a Toyota Prius just to unlock some contents I was interested. And I’ve paid also that Toyota Prius, as well as some hundreds of cars that I’ve never used. And I’ve paid all those cars. Same for many of GT5 fantasy tracks.

        Therefore, it’s not an absolute truth that with a F2P game you pay more. You will pay more if you buy each single content. But this means that you are interested to ALL those contents, and this means that probably you will spend more time playing a F2P that includes only your favourite contents, than a boxed game that you could use at 20-40-50% and pay in full.

        Another point: when you purchase a boxed game, you must pay the entire cost in advance, and when you buy it, you are not sure you will finish the game. Because you could get bored before to finish it, because you could recognize that at the end, you didn’t like it so much, and so on. With a F2P game, you decide how much to pay, for what, and how long. And, if your finances aren’t so good for a full-priced boxed game, a F2P solution can allow you to play it legally, instead of crack it.

        This is another way to look at F2P genre. I don’t find anything sneaky with it. I can dislike it, I can prefer to get a full-boxed game at day one because F2P fades the immersivity I want, and so on. But it’s a matter of gameplay, not a matter to be fair, or not to be.

      • Nicolas Grignon

        Even if I’m a big fan of AC and waiting for it with less and less patience because of your cruel tease ;-), I have to disagree with you Marco. Base version is nothing more than an “unlimited time” demo. If you want to play hardcore… sorry, you have to pay. The 2 track are also very limited, at most, just a tease to suck you in for more interresting and REAL track. You said that you don’t like to start in a Prius to unlock better content, but it is really better than to pay for better content? At least in the F2P world you have two kind, the one where you still can (painfully) unlock better content and the one you just have to pay for them, R3E is the later: you have no way to unlock anything if you don’t want to pay the price. You refers a lot about GT5, but even without the “standard” cars, you still have a lot of choice to play with for a reasonable price (and I don’t mention the tracks)… I’m sure GT6 on a PS4 (with enough power to get rid of the graphical glitches, the jaggies and the bad sounds) will be amazing with a large roster of tracks and HD cars (around 500). However I agree that grinding can be really become a frustrating gameplay.
        Let’s admit the true secret of F2P and DLC: a new buying trend based on impulse more than reason carefully invented by clever marketer’g gurus…. We live in a consumer society where we are wired to respond to “the new thing in town” and we have to get it even if we don’t need it… you know that a lot of gamers will buy the new contents even if it’s not their cup of tea for 2 reasons: “but it’s just few dollars” and ‘I really want to try this new stuff” The perfect example is the GT5 fans, Kaz gives them so few DLC that even a bad one will be bought just to test something new… negating the “rational and reasonable buyer” mind that you are talking about. At the end of the day (or let say a year), the gamer will get as much content as a boxed game … for twice the price!
        Another thing that I don’t like with the F2P is the concept of inequality. at least with a boxed content, all the cars and tracks are available in a multiplayer game, (or you just have to unlock them)… not the case with a F2P pay only game where if you want to join a multiplier session of a “chanpionship” type

      • Marco Massarutto

        Thank you Nicolas. Well, I don’t know if it would be much more unfair toward Simbin guys to talk about AC in a RRE thread, or toward ourself, talking about AC sounds in the same thread of the game that is raising up the standard of the sound environment in racing games. πŸ˜€ As you can see, I always write what I think, I’m a simracing enthusiast before than a project manager. πŸ˜› Soon we’ll come back on the matter.

      • Jay Ekkel

        One thing for sure, you will try πŸ˜‰

    • Ernie

      These wise words should be a SimRacing manifest. 100% agree with you, Marco.

    • Anonymous

      ‘Support the developers’.
      Ive never understood this commonly used phrase.

      Sorry. They are selling a product. That product has a price on it. People are perfectly within their rights to debate about whether that price is acceptable or not, whether it represents acceptable value, or not.

      In all the products you mention, we work out whether it is good value for money or not – we should do the same with games. I do not care if its a specific genre, or how small the genre is – they are still selling a product.

      Simracing is a small genre, and it always will be, because of the nature of the game. It will never be as popular as triple A titles, obviously. That does not mean then, that we should just throw money at simracing titles that do come out.

      This pay to play is nonsense. I would rather pay 50 bucks for the full game, Or pay a monthly fee of Β£4-5 for all the content, IF its a good service and the game is Good.

      This is not a charity. No one needs to support anyone. Simbin are in it to make money, they are a BUSINESS. They will have a business model. Whether it is good enough, we will see – but that does not mean we should just arbitrarily throw money at them.

      The reason why people leave PC market and focus on console is because there is obviously a bigger audience, and therefore more opportunity to make money. It will ALWAYS be like that.

      Therefore it is hugely important for everyone to constantly critique and discuss the current simracing products, because thats the only way the games will improve. If Simbin realise that not enough people are playing, they will realise that they got their pricing model completely wrong, and use a different approach.

      im not going to support anyone. If the product is good enough for the price, I will happily pay for it. There is no way any game is worth Β£20-Β£30 a month however.

      Also look at the evidence so far. Simraceway is the only other comparable game and its been a total 100% failure, hardly anyone playing on it, its been running for years, but of course that good old excuse ‘still in beta’. It is massively overpriced for the quality of the content. Do you ‘support’ them as well?

      • StarFoXySxv550

        “This pay to play is nonsense. I would rather pay 50 bucks for the full game, Or pay a monthly fee of Β£4-5 for all the content, IF its a good service and the game is Good”
        I don’t get it, you’d rather pay Β£60 per year over paying $60 in a lifetime simply just to have all the content for the same service just for the sake of owning everything in the game?

    • Luciano Saraiva

      So can anybody explain to me why F1 tv show in full HD is free and Ecclestone wish it was a tv only show? I guess you would need to make people believe your product was special and, when it was big enough, let people have fun for free with the money of sponsors that are selling non-virtual things.

    • Silvio

      I make mine your words, because I have said the same thing for years. I’ll pay for R3E, without any doubt. They deserve our support.

  • Markus Ott

    Wtf is going on, comments get constantly deleted?!

  • Markus Ott

    They would deserve it if the quality would match the price. But this game is already outdated and is the typical sim racing phenomenon. Outdated graphics, neat physics and FFB and the community defends it. Even if it is just another spin off of a used engine.
    We don’t have to buy it? Yeah, we don’t have to, but you are short sighted to think it stays this way if the f2p non sense and the unreasonable prices get defended. There will be a point where we all have to pay that bill because of people not using their brain. How did f2p start? “Oh, look, it is just 1€ for a custom skin. Not a problem”. But publishers are not dumb, gamers indeed are. Nowadays SOE sells ONE weapon in Planetside 2 for 7€ that isn’t even new but made of the parts of existing weapon. Just some editing in the game files and we have a NEW rifle. For fucking 7€. And people buy it. Or how about real money auction house in Diablo3? Yeah, sure, nobody needs to use it, but Blizzards earns their asses off because of that and you can be sure it will be part of many games coming in the future.
    It is the same with LAN disappearing in games, the (first day) DLCs, buggy games, outdated stuff, being online all the time for a single player game and things like Steam, Origin and uPlay. It all began with “Oh, but it is my favorite game franchise, I support it this time, it doesn’t hurt and people don’t need to use it”. Oh yes, we all have to at some point if publishers see we gamers are dumb enough to pay them.
    That’s why most sims come with outdated graphics and why CoD doesn’t get a better engine. Why should they spend money on it, we gamers are dumb enough to buy the outdated stuff, we want it, we don’t think about our dumbness and we even cheer at publishers for milking us like cows.
    Gz to you, Marco Massarutto.

    P.S.: Yeah, sim racing is so much cheaper than real racing. But real racing also is so much cheaper than owning jumbo jets. So real racing is a cheap hobby. Dumb comparison? Right.

    • Andrew Tiltman

      You sir are pretty much on the money with that post, sad but true in its entirety.
      If the community is going to continue to support this type of platform and marketing, there’s not much you can do except hope that as time goes by that more people wake up.

    • Anonymous

      was it written by Massarutto?

      Ops… Sorry, mod delete my post please πŸ˜‰

    • pez2k .

      Just one point, R3E is actually on a new engine, it’s not isiMotor any more like the original RaceRoom game.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard from two people that are currently in the beta testing, that this game doesn’t include Multiplayer, where you are able to race against friends & family, at the moment, the only multiplayer is hot lap & leader-boards, I would rather purchase a bundle pack than separate vehicles & tracks, and at the same time I wouldn’t purchasing content just to hot lap or beat my own lap times & others on a leader-board.

    SimBin needs to clarify to potential users of this software, that it is a
    “hot lap leader board sim” in its current form, and will not feature
    Live online races.

    • Jay Ekkel

      Q&A part 3 on the insider blog covers the multiplayer aspects that are planned for R3E

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the reply Jay, I’ve not found any link with that info, could you please link that info, most of the links just leads me to the RRRE steam download.

      • Jay Ekkel

        Just browse our dev blog

        dont forget to click the “older posts” button int he bottom right

  • Juhan Voolaid

    In some MMO-s there is so that you can earn virtual money to buy/subscribe game content. I wonder if this is in this game also.

  • Pascal

    πŸ˜€ I just got to closed beta at Saturday :D.
    My impression, Graphics: good, Sound: good, Physics: ok,

    One thing I hate, I don’t know if it’s my settings, but when I steer full left/right and then try to go, wheels just automatically, straight themselves, like some steering help, it’s impossible to spin car back driving direction after spin.

    I think, physics is better then in pCARS, but rF2 and I hope AC ate still best.

  • Alex White

    Finding the fact the you have to pay for “Sim” physics a touch disgusting, especially when your target market are “Sim” racers. Yeah, its only Β£1, but that really is not the point I’m making. What’s wrong is the fact that you say its a free to race game to you target market then hide the mode that the target market wants to play with behind a paywall.

    Other than that the pricing seems reasonably fair, Spare change levels almost. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      I raised that when they released original demo. Hmmm. Bad form.

  • Ar Kh

    testing closed beta these days… must say i like it and gonna buy
    my fav cars and tracks despite having other upcoming sims paid (CARS,
    RF2, AC will be bought 4 sure). all these sims are great in their own
    way, i don’t wanna deprive myself with fun and all. i don’t think that
    prices are high for ppl who work. i know what it costs to make such
    products and i appreciate all teams work, they all push the industry ahead.

  • SlowOnlinePilot

    I will buy into the initial game and the advanced driving model. If I like the ADM, cars and tracks I will buy more cars and tracks. πŸ™‚

  • Wim

    Why the hell would we complain. its the year of plenty. Way better then we could have hoped for. All but one upcoming titles exceeded my expectations so far.

    2013 will be an exquisite year for all of us that love the hobby. It will be the same boring year as always for all haters and trolls. just choose.

  • Hobbs77

    I remember getting GTR2 at Best Buy for $19.99 the same week it was released. What does that get me here, 3 tracks and 2 cars? I’ll wait for all the other games to be released this year before I’d buy into this money pit! It’s basically just a graphically enhanced Race On game with a few different game features and cars!
    But by all means if this works for any of you, go ahead and enjoy, but it’s not for me and that’s why I also voted against this type of payment scheme for PCARS. I just hope there’s enough of us that this type of micro payment scheme disappears altogether!

  • sclowes

    “If we reach 2.000 concurrent users active during the stress test window, we will be giving away GET REAL and APEX HUNT modes for free for anyone who registers during the first two weeks of the Open Beta.”
    The stress test started at 0900 this morning. πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      Looks like it was successful =D

      “Yesterday’s stress test has been excellent. Thank you all for your efforts ! The 2.000 real (non simulated) users goal has been easily achieved and therefore, Get Real and Apex Hunt will be for free for anyone who registers in the first two weeks after the launch of the Open Beta !” via

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    ok, i’ve made my mind, what i want for my easter present: R3E Sound + pCARS Graphics + rf2 Physics.

    • gt3rsr

      Just wait for Assetto Corsa.

  • Nico Langelage

    Sounds good for me, but there is one question: Is it possible to paint your own car-skins?

  • Marc Lavry Cohn

    From the closed beta thus far the physics and FFB are arguably better than both rFactor 2’s and Project CARS (of which I actually have both). The content (especially those fantastic silhouette cars which are the most fun I’ve had with tin-top race cars) is excellent and despite some bugs, I’ll argue that this game alone could blow those two out of the water if they were willing to either lower the price of their content or go with a $50-80 fixed price point for all of their content. It’s a shame that all the content is so pricey, as, I might spend a bit of money getting what I want, but, like SimRaceway, I’ll not be able to experience every vehicle due to the end expense. Congrats to SimBin for their progress so far and I hope at least the Silhouette cars will be bundled as well as some tracks to go along with them as that in-game series alone has a ton of potential for success.

  • Anonymous

    Charging for the ‘advanced physics mode’ blows chunks.

    And it’s quite a ‘tell’ about where this package is coming from – and where it’s going.

    Game demos are now called FreeToPlay. Ho hum.

    For me, DLC only works if it augments a rich standalone. Otherwise it feels like nickel-and-diming. Such as charging for ‘advanced physics mode’. How ridiculous and penny-pinching is that? How is “the community” served or rewarded by that? Well, it convinces me not to even bother having a look. How do you like them apples?

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Apples? Or sour grapes?

  • ivaneurope

    This project sounds very promising. It could rival rF2 and AC.

  • Ron Sandrin

    2013 is the year for simracing!

    We’ve never had it so good being able to assess so many quality products. Not speaking as a top driver or most knowledgeable on all aspects of simracing but as a genuine car enthusiast who appreciates the variety of sims made available to us.
    RRRE and AC will be welcome additions on my computer and I’m glad they are different. This way we only benefit having more freedom of choice on how to spend quality time behind the wheel and for quality I’m willing to pay.