R3E – New Content Previews

Simbin has released new previews of upcoming content for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

The previews below show the newest upcoming addition to the free to play racer, the Nissan GT-R GT3 that R3E players will soon be able to purchase.

Furthermore, we get to check out a temporary new menu design for R3E as Simbin is in the process of revamping the menus for R3E’s upcoming multiplayer launch.

First in line to sample the multiplayer mode are owners of the DTM Experience 2014 season pass, followed by DTM 2013 owners and finally all R3E users.

The previews have been released as part of Simbin’s newest dev blog.


  • Patrik Marek

    cool, probably first car I will actually buy

  • rauf00

    HAppy to see new menu layout, wheel method made me headache.
    Any multiplayer realease date?

    • Mar Mar

      GTR Evo menu is back yay!

      • melanieuk1

        Yup it does look kind of gmotor race07 style, why cant developers move on from their previous design style, progress is gooood.

  • vcorp

    Lol right side driving wheel :( but really happy for a true and easy menù

    • Almacca

      That’s how it’s done in the Japan, champ.

  • http://batman-news.com Leeman

    I have virtually all the content as well, in addition to DTM. Unfortunately I am regretting those purchases at the moment because the game crashes every time I try to play it. They really need to get the NVidia driver issue FIXED. UGH!

  • http://batman-news.com Leeman

    Maybe 1 out of 10 times I can get through a race unscathed but generally it crashes at the start of the race or during replay and occasionally in mid-race. The drivers work fine for everything else I have on my PC.

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