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R3E – LiveStream Reveals Upcoming Features

Sector 3 Studios have revealed plenty of upcoming new features & content for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Sector 3 Studios have uploaded last night’s RaceRoom Racing Experience developer live stream that revealed plenty of new info on the title’s future.

The live stream allows us to take a lengthy look at the World Touring Car Championship 2013 pack that will be part of the title’s upcoming October release.

Aside from the touring cars, the new release will also include other standalone cars, include a hill climb vehicle.

Furthermore, the new version will also introduce a feature called “Test Drive” that will allow users to track-test cars before having to buy them in the R3E store. The track test will happen in a limited environment, allowing no setup changes or other advanced tweaks to the car.

The developers are also working on including a first pass of the title’s time of day feature to be included with the title, allowing a basic choice for different “mood” settings at first. Later, the system is planned to be expanded to something more dynamic, night racing does not seem to be in the cards in the foreseeable future though.

The next update for the free to play racer is scheduled to be released on October 7.

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