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R3E – Ford GT1 Available

Simbin has released the first car of their three GT-car event week as the Ford GT1 for RaceRoom Racing Experience is now available.

Simbin has released the first car of their three GT-car event week as the Ford GT1 for RaceRoom Racing Experience is now available.

Build by Matech, the Ford GT1 was one of the dominant cars in the short-lived FIA GT1 World Championship, the car also competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

You can check out plenty of previews of the car below, the next car in line to be released will be the P4/5 Competizione later today.

  • mrk1984


    Can’t help to think how awesome would be all this content in a cohesive retail package. I just hate this whole f2p model. Regardless, I hope this game meet simbin’ profit expecations.

    • Professional Operator


      I bet all this stupid free 2 play model will hurth them on the long run instead of making profit. Dear SimBin you have to realize Assetto Corsa and pCars will be selled at a retail price, and most of the people in this economical era are not keen to spare money when they can buy something similar for a smaller price.

      Furthermore even if actually there is no Ford GT1 planned on Assetto Corsa as soon as modders start to jump in I bet someone will do a quality Ford GT1.

      That said SimBin’s Ford GT1 looks GOOD.

      • Jay Ekkel

        Well you can only compare the projects until a certain extend. Yes, they are all racing game, but the classic retail model has a lot of “bad” things to it as well.

        We think that F2P in general is a challenging and exciting new market. It gives the player freedom to create his/her own game and players can invest as much or as little as they want to and still have a great game in their hands.

        Not all may like it, but you could say the same of people that love F2P they would never go retail and vice versa.

      • Big Ron

        “It gives the player freedom to create his/her own game and players can invest as much or as little as they want to and still have a great game in their hands.”


        IMO that´s the way F2P work best and why I am not against it. I like it to build the game the way I want, excluding crap I don´t like without paying for it. Not that I need F2P everytime, but as an alternation it´s pretty nice.

        I am not surpised that most people on this platform aren´t convinced of paying for single cars when they are whining about chargable modding-content and not getting everything for free.

        Maybe it´s better to offer a bigger package of fitting cars and tracks for a price from time to time.

      • Michael

        Why didn’t you challenge yourselves then or come up with something exciting?

        Deciding to “Cut the game up into pieces and sell cars and tracks” can’t have taken more than, say, 10 seconds to come up with – and it’s a poor choice when considered from so many aspects.

        F2P could have been a brilliant idea, but you don’t appear to have thought it through at all nor looked at the kind of things successful F2P games are doing.

  • Professional Operator


    One of my favourites!!!

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’ve got a reason to step into my rig on a week day now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    this is all starting to cost too much…. going to skip this sim sadly, and i do like simbin quite a bit, but this pay model is ridiculous.

    when it all goes bad and they start to offer car and track bundles at a reasonable price, i’ll look again – oh, and online play… … … …

    • Anonymous

      How much does content cost in R3E?

      • Gulyás Tamás

        Half or third price of iRacing …

      • Matt Orr

        For a third of the quality …

        Oh noes, I said it.

      • Anonymous

        when it launched, it was the price of an expensive game, so something like £55 all in once you convert their points into real cash. They may charge a one off fee for multi player access (could be £1 or £5. but add it on anyway), then there are more tracks to come, and at least 5 cars have been announced or implemented since launch. More are announced literally every week. It’s going to be £100 soon unless they change the pricing deals.

  • eifionevans

    10 times more comments on the latest AC news, steam and simracing forums are quiet on R3E too, clealy Simbin have work to do.

    • Matt Orr

      Well what would you expect in a sim that literally has zero racing?

      • eifionevans

        that was my point lol

    • Jay Ekkel

      No worries the guys are working hard to make new additions to the game!

  • Matt Orr

    R3E, by far the biggest disappointment in simracing since Racing Legends. From GTR3 to…. this. Every time I fire it up I shake my head and ask “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG HERE BESIDES EVERYTHING?”

    It isn’t just the F2P, it’s the fact it frankly sucks. This isn’t even on the same par as what they did with GTR2 – that is easily the worst shifting animation I’ve ever seen. Sounds are “sexy”, but sound so processed it isn’t even funny. The cars drive odd, the FFB isn’t up to modern standard, the tracks aren’t even close to anything they are supposed to be and it’s graphics are even worse than GTR2s. (And yes, I still play GTR2 regularly)

    Oh, and you don’t race.

    If only Simbin had the time and money to make a title that was up to the standards they had set for themselves. Hope loads of suckers buy this so we can maybe one day get a properly developed Simbin title, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Jay Ekkel

      Dont forget the game is in a public beta, features like SP and MP are to be added in the future.

    • mrk1984

      Mate, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but to say that gmotor2 title looks better than R3E sounds absurd. Its not as good as AC or PCARS, but is def not bad as you said. Its a substantious improvement over gmotor2 graphics. The game has problems, but credit where credit is due.


      • Matt Orr

        R3E looks like it’s victim of the usual brown filter shenanigans. It looks like everything is also coated in vaseline and the textures lack definition.

        It may be more advanced, but it certainly doesn’t look better. In screenshots it looks good, in motion it looks terrible.