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R3E – First DTM 2020 Previews

Sector3 Studios have released first previews of the 2020 DTM class in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

The 2020 DTM cars will be the first cars from Germany’s top-tier touring car series to join the game since the 2016 season cars. Since then, the DTM has undergone significant changes, with Mercedes having left the DTM and the cars having switched from V8 engines to four-cylinder turbo power plants.

The 2020 DTM will definitely be the last time Class 1 Touring cars will be used in the series as both Audi and BMW have confirmed to exit the series and thus rendering the technical formula obsolete as the DTM, if at all, will only be able to survive as a GT-based series starting in 2021.

Going back to the virtual world, the R3E cars are said to be a “not very long” wait away from being made available.

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