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R3E – Easter Sale Started

Easter weekend is upon us and Simbin is celebrating by launching their RaceRoom Racing Experience Easter sale.

Easter weekend is upon us and Simbin is celebrating by launching their RaceRoom Racing Experience Easter sale.

Starting today, all items in the R3E store  are 50% off, running all the way through April 22.

Once Easter is out of the way, Simbin will launch new features for R3E as the first round of multiplayer functionality is going to be launched for all owners of the DTM Experience season pass.

  • Chris Wright

    I have it all already, bar a couple of fantasy cars. but I’d thoroughly recommend those of you on the fence to take the plunge in this sale. Great things coming up with Simbin, as we’re seeing, and I would imagine these big holiday sales won’t continue ad nauseum. Whatever the future holds, there’s still huge fun to be had hotlapping on some of the best car and track models in sim racing, to say nothing of the amazing audio.

    • RKipker

      Yes, I agree… but what really tweaks me is that they never never offer any specials or deals to folks who’ve already purchased the content… at full price. I supported SimBin from the beginning and have bought 95% of the cars and tracks at the regular price. I owned the entire collection for many many months now and have never even received a free code for a discount.

      Why not offer the vRP credits at half price (much like iRacing does) then when new content is released you can enjoy the stuff reduced. Make where only folks with all content get a discount (like iRacing again)

      But hell SimBin do something to offer you committed supporters a discount.

      • Chris Wright

        Ah, the curse of the early adopter. SimBin have been rather guilty of this, especially by announcing that only us DTM season pass holders will have early RRE MP access. That’s bonkers, but you’re always likely to see software reduced over the holidays – that’s when I do the majority of purchases.

  • Anonymous

    With upcoming Multiplayer and AI, I’m really tempted to spend some money on this one now…

  • punkfest2000

    The sale is nice. I would like the option to just pay a lump sum and have all content too though, even though there are a lot of cars I would never spend much time driving.

  • Haroldo

    What are the best cars and tracks in R3E to buy?

    • TheEzekiel

      tracks – bathurst, hungaroring, zolder
      cars – i like Zakspeed Capri, BMW M1, RUF RT12R, BMW Z4 GT3 or Radical SR9 but it’s jsut up to you….

  • Guy Moulton

    So you can now buy 10 cars and 10 tracks (not including the $40 DTM pack- now discounted to $20 for the weekend) for around $25? I paid $30 for Race 07 (full price) and got a lot more content than this. Plus it was moddable and I got DTM for free along with all the tracks. There will never be any sort of realroad, no tire flatspotting, there’s no pit stops (I assume that will come in time though), no driver swaps. I’m not sure what you get for all that money. It’s an awfully expensive game for what you get.

  • Jim. C

    Still unconvinced by this product.