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Putnam Park 1.1 – Previews

Putnam Park 1.1 – Previews

Global Motorsport Technologies is currently working on a revamped 1.1 version of their popular Putnam Park club racing track for rFactor.

Changes in version 1.1 will include new grass with a new shader from ISI, reworked trees, tweaked cameras and more. For details, check out the official changelog below:


+ At present we have redone the grass with a new shader from ISI
+ Reworked the trees using more advanced shaders.
+ Comprehensive Shader overhaul for Nvidia cards, meaning you should run this track with out LOD clamp enabled for optimum detail.
+ Tweaked wet weather lighting values (lighter now)
+ Other little fixes like tweaked camera lod bias to provide better detail.

  • six.degrees

    Good stuff, a vastly underrated track.