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Project CARS – What A Difference A Year Makes…

Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is steadily involving on all fronts, impressively shown off by the newest video of MotoGamesTV.

Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is steadily involving on all fronts, impressively shown off by the newest video of MotoGamesTV.

The guys compare the state of Monaco and the Lotus 49 from exactly one year ago when the track was little more than a tarmac and armcos.

Since then, the track and the car have evolved a lot, not just in terms of visuals but also on the physical and audio side.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • kr1nz

    Sadly, the physics didn’t improved as much as the visuals 🙁
    I just hope they can make it better.

    • LogiForce

      Sadly what you’re saying is that you can determine the physics from the video.
      Dude, that’s like saying you can determine how a dish (food) tastes from a picture you see online, cook book or in a menu.

      Something’s wrong here. 😉

      Honestly, the physics have changed a lot since last year. The volumetric throttle system being just a recent bombshell of an improvement of the physics. Which ended making the throttle response so much better and gas pedal input so much more realistic, and as cream on top the engine also responds much better to the clutch engagement.

      So to claim nothing has improvement is plain wrong. From the way you determine it, or else if you are a member from the lack of involvement.

      • kr1nz

        I have the game.

      • Realkman666

        Of course you can tell physics from a video, that’s why nobody bought Test Drive Ferrari.

      • Anonymous

        Actually TDF isn’t horrible for more of an arcade game. So if you want to judge the advancements of the Madness engine since TDF is a very early version of it and put it up against pCARS you can really see how much the Game engine has improved as a whole.

      • Realkman666

        Oh yeah, pCARS seems much better, I was “just sayin'”. Maybe I’ll get Ferrari on sale one day, but I have the feeling I’ll find it frustrating.

      • Anonymous

        No I was serious it’s a good comparrison of the evolvement of SMS game engine and was just a simple reply to your post. We all know that TDFRL is maybe a 72-75 Meta score title leaning more toward the arcade side. I’ve had fun with it but PC version really could use a patch especially to fix UI issues. The driving is something that the user can get a grip on and find some enjoyment in.
        So no my reply was not defensive in nature.

    • Gumshoe

      Sadly, the trolling hasn’t improved at all.

      • kr1nz

        What trolling? I have more to do than trolling. Just saying the truth.

        I don’t care about the thumbs down…but it’s amazing how I got thumbs down for saying: “I have the game”. I don’t know what’s wrong about saying that “I have the game”. But it shows the fanboys that are around here….

      • Anonymous

        Well if you want physics to improve fine. I think everyone wants it to be as good as it possibly can. While in your post you say nice things toward the graphical side of development the negativity toward the physics overshadowed that. While you may be saying that the physics have improved but not to the extent of your expectations as of yet fine but the wording loses that element of the meaning quite easily.

  • TyRacer

    From what I can tell from my own experience, some of the physics are more developed for some of the content more than others as it is a work in progress. I was less than impressed when I initially tested the sim in late 2012, and I can see quite of bit of improvement playing it now. Some content just is not fully developed yet. But for the more polished content ( the 49 Lotus for example) the physics seem to be pretty spot on. The car drives like I’d imagine an early model formula car would drive, minus the aid of tons of aerodynamics and advanced tire technologies.

    I am glad that I recently re-downloaded the title and gave it another chance, because now I am looking forward to the further development and release of Project Cars. I can definitely say that my original mindset has changed and I am starting feel that the final release will be more sim and less arcade.

    Just my two cents….don’t shoot!!

    • Anonymous

      Good to hear the progress is convincing you, another good car to try (in my opinion) is the Capri. Some of the cars like Formula B are basically testbeds for tyre tech, while some are just in early stages like the RGT8, but there are indeed a few gems already.

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    Is the Monaco track really that smooth?

    Looks like the PCARS version has been laid down in marble, as barely any movement in the car, only when riding the kerbs.

    • Guilherme Cramer

      It is mostly very smooth, from past experience driving there. Suspensions settings obviously would help detect any bumps better, but Monaco is mostly very nice. Many other tracks in pcars still need more work, though.

      • Lemming77

        Not to mention, it’s a very low speed track too. Which makes all the features in the tarmac which are there more unremarkable. The only one really worth noting is the hump on the left side at Casino Square, which all drivers drive around, including in the video.

    • Ben Lee

      I think some of the camber isn’t quite there yet. For example, there should be considerable camber at Mirabeau, yet this isn’t modelled at the moment in-game.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Physics getting better and better … very slowly

    • Gumshoe

      Well that’s probable a good way to do it, no?

    • Nicolas Grignon

      a better attitude from your previous posts, thank you…

  • Mazda Mps

    Another 6 months and I think it should be near a point I’ll play it longer than 15 mins. It’s come a long way since I last played it at the start of the year.

    • Marc Collins

      I would echo that point. Fixing the physics and FFB so that the steering feel is approximately as realistic as GTR2 or GTL (era 2005) would do the trick for me.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that, at some point, they improve the FFB. It’s far better than in the early builds, but still feels wonky and nowhere near as good as rF2 (another game in development). The visuals are very good, however.

  • Silvio

    When you watch a AC movie you feel your are watching an onboard camera from a real car, and I’m not saying about eye candy but about realistic conection between car, track, and steering whell movement and reactions.

    But when you watch pCars movies you feel like watching someone playing an arcade racing game in an amusement park. It doesn’t look real, there is no connection between the elements.

  • Opse

    Nice ! You did one track and a new steering wheel in 1 year ! Congrats ! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Ya right that’s a good one hehe. You wanna buy some lake front property just outside of Tucson?

  • Professional Operator

    the hand movements still looks kind of funky.
    Seems like a rapper gesticulating LOL

  • Aleš Přibáň

    Kind of strange to me compare 10% of completed trak with 100% completed track and call it year progress. We talking here about racing game not about graphic benchmarks right? The steering, what im interested much more looks not exciting. Im pretty sure someone will call me hater again when im typing such comment but i dunno, pCars progress = visual progress. Its far not enought for me. I NEED REAL CHALLENGE that means happyness from racing / driving and i cant feel it just by looking graphics around. BTW, in my junior membership i cant see no progress in content and this is really not make me decide to put more money for better memberschip. Cu on the road drivers .)

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been with the Project since it launched. If you don’t feel a difference between the Lotus 49 a year ago and the Lotus 49 today you have numb hands. As far as the “steering doesn’t look exciting” – I don’t know where to start.

      Maybe I’ll start by saying that MotoGamesTV always takes very calm laps around tracks when they do these videos. I would also say that someone sawing away at a wheel to keep the thing straight isn’t realistic either.

      • Aleš Přibáň

        Dunno if you readed all my post 🙂 I really belive there is a difference. But when i run pcars and try some cars i simply dont feel it ! Well aspecialy for you: 1) i dont feel what i want to feel when im driving cars in there and for 2) It doesnt look like intensive driving experience to me from a vid. Okay ? And i am very sorry to you for my opinion. But it will change absolutely notning on it.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t feel bad, saying what you feel, it’s your opinion & I’m sure thoses that haven’t bought into the WMD, will accept it as that, and welcome your comment.

  • myvracelog

    people complaining about way car feels in prior build or this build..
    keep in mind every single build may have a experiment going on with your favorite car that you may not like. Heck for 2 weeks I could not even get my mouse to work in the game. Now it works. Things change and experiments happen in betas. Relax ..have fun, post you finding in a professional way on there forums to help the project.

    a few tips for trying and testing the cars:

    A- use same car every build so you can actually see a difference. after done with that car try the other ones. this way you know how that 1st car feels weekly. My choice have always been to try the lotus 79 weekly.

    B – Turn aids off so you can understand how the car feels. If you are running aids then complaining about the feel you may be a lost cause.

    C – Stop depending on ffb to steer your car for you.. turn it on low or even turn it off before judging feel of the car.

    D – Stop running your wheel in 900 degrees. There is no way you can actually feel a cars natural feel with 900 degrees in ANY SIM OR RACE GAME.

    Turn 900 to 250 and then adjust from there. This will give more precise turning

    if using log profiler try following…
    overall 100%
    spring strength 100%
    damper 44%
    center spring 89%
    degrees of rotation 285

    then go in game and turn ffb on low or even off, then you will get true feeling of the car. good luck.

    • Neil

      There is no reason to set you wheel to anything less than 900 degrees (or whatever the maximum if for your wheel) in pCARS.

      The software automatically adjusts the to the correct steering lock for each car. If you want to adjust how fast the steering reacts use the steering ratio in teh car setup screen.

      • myvracelog

        show me a driver that races with 900 degree ill show you a wrecker. I would rather set degrees myself then let a game set it for me. I saw countless people set there wheel up wrong in iracing complaining about how car feels wrong and after several questions finding out there settings were out of whack.
        (this especially true for those with Logitech wheels)

        Everyone of them had more control by dialing in there own settings. Becareful not to confuse car steering lock with wheel ratio. Two different things.

      • Anonymous

        Steering lock should be set to what it is on the actual car.
        250 degrees is nothing!
        I am limited to 240 with my black momo and i can tell you, with that lock, you basically have a choice:
        Normal, nice steering, but without the ability to get around sharp corners or hairpins. OR really sensitive steering that is not controllable and means you cannot get round sharp corners.

        Like Neil says, you should set the steering lock to 900 if the game supports automatic adjustment or expects this (for example netkar pro expects 900, where as rfactor2 actually adjusts the steering lock for every car).

        In sims that don’t support it, you should try and find out what the real life car steering lock would be, for example, for gpl, setting it to about 540 for the 60s gp cars is generally accurate.

        Obviously this is all tied to steering ratio in the car setup too.

        But don’t get me started on your suggesting to turn on artificial centring springs or to turn off force-feedback in order to “feel” the car. That is an awful idea.

        The best way is to turn the ffb down slightly so it stands less chance of clipping. But never turn on a false centring spring that is not related to physics at all!

      • myvracelog

        it adds wheel weight which makes the wheel feel like you are not turning air.

        more like sitting in a real car. As far as ffb goes it is a artificial feel given by numbers plugged into a track. Some people can’t race with out it because they need the ffb to tell them when to steer the car. Basically being led by the nose because they can’t think for them self.

        try my method 1st, then dial in the ffb after you learn the track. It will allow you to 1st learn the track then add in the subtle realism’s that you may need to feel immersed.

        or don’t try it i don’t care lol.

        I am not the one complaining on a million forum boards the cars feel disconnected, others are. Atleast I try to give some ideas how to connect with track.

        cheers 🙂

      • Neil

        Were not talking about iRacing.

        Problem with what your doing is if you drive a car with more steering lock than what you have set you end up with non linear steering.

        WMD thread covering the system:

        Set your wheel to 900 degrees and you get the correct lock the car has in real life.

      • myvracelog

        ”We are not talking about iracing”

        No really? I was giving an example. No offense intended but..

        1st there is not a problem with what I am doing. Get that straight. Problem with multi-player racing often is people don’t understand how to set up a wheel then are all over the track then PLAY the blame the game. Or come up with a million other excuses. 900 degree wheel one of worst additions to online racing, Makes bad drivers that much more sloppy.

        I have 5 different wheels of all levels, tension, ffb, ball bearing so on and 250 to 300 always most control over car. ffb or no ffb. I don’t care if Jesus himself posted differently I would disagree.

        Evidently your way is not working for everyone, if it was working you would not read complaints that people feel disconnect from the tracks on various forums and sites.