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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap + Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released five new development builds of Project CARS + a brand new community gallery during the last week.

Slightly Mad Studios have released five new development builds of Project CARS + a brand new community gallery during the last week.

Aside from plenty of changes on all fronts of the simulation as listed below, the new builds also introduced a brand new car – The Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

Together with the builds, Slightly Mad Studios have also released a new Project CARS Community Gallery, featuring 48 stunning screenshots made by WMD community members.

For even more pCARS glory, you can also check out a brand new video trailer by AdrianF1ESP, showing off the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife in Project CARS.

Build 638 (10/01/14, Team Member+) – 66.8 MB
* PS4 updates for ‘begin’ on shaders, to allow for constant buffer monitoring.
* Fixed issues with multiple constant buffers being bound.
* Removed a large data cache stall in SetInternalParams.
* Set Xbox One TitleID and SCID in appxmanifest file. Note that the SCID is a temp value currently.
* Fixing PS4 compile error – missing switch case
* Added AI Lap time generation
* Drivers: Oli webb initial exports and textures
* Added Oli Web materials
* Ariel Atom V8: New engine torque curve, ride height & bump stops, other handling finalizations.
* Made Evon CR500-Flexi the default tire for Atoms and the R500
* Brands Hatch: Texturemap tweak to fix the pitwall-fence shadow
* Snetterton: New texture maps, 1st commit (NOT IN-GAME, YET)

Build 637 (09/01/14, Team Member+) – 51.0 MB
* Xbox One: Added first draft input set for gamepad
* Xbox One: Updated default XDK header paths in xb1 props based on latest XDK defaults
* Xbox One: Added basic gamepad support
* Xbox One: Moved some XB1 specific input files to use wrt extensions
* Xbox One: Fixed bug in temp vsscanf implementation that caused stack overflow
* Xbox One: Fixed bug in keyboad state history management that resulted in modifiers being ignored
* Fix for Driver floating in mid-air
* Pit mechanics: Fire attendant reference animations added
* Pitstops mechanics reference animations update: Fixed positions to reflect car pit position more accurately
* New ChampionshipSessionInfo HRDF added to cover the session-specific data, accessed via a hashed lookup. Session type icons added to the new HRDF and hooked up to Career screens to match screen design
* Correct turn indicator icons
* Individual drops texture added for wet cam. 4×4 cells
* Pagani Zonda Cinque: Added seat belts, many fixes for first export, runtime updates for first export.
* Snetterton: New texture maps (NOT YET IN-GAME)
* Oulton Park: Added new textures for start lights and pit wall section (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Build 636 (08/01/14, Team Member+) – 70.2 MB
* XBox One: Temporary fix for flickering instanced geometry
* XBox One: Fix for distortion rendering crash
* Tweaked PS4 DCB and garlic buffer size. Added checks for bad view port settings.
* Fix for PS4 render target clear on env map.
* Fix for PS4 reflection render target size.
* Fix for loading crash when exterior sunflare is set to “none”
* Screen rain droplet textures *first pass*
* DX11: fix for Distortion texture SRGBnesss
* Tires: L49 KERB A/B/C to test three “fixes” for slow speed kerb stepping
* Lotus 78: New fexi tire based off the the one done for the 98T. As with the 98T the flexi tire handles lower grip better so that was adjusted down slightly. Had to work on rolling resistance/drag to get top speed back to 160-ish mph, fixed the incredibly high brake temps reported, also added a rain tire to test, removed the old modal tire.
* Ford Capri GR5, BMW M1 Procar: New flexi tires with new compounds to suit (lower grip as before). Also added a wet rain tire for both cars to try. Adjusted the setups a tiny bit on both cars to suit the new tires. Nice and predicable handling/sliding on both cars. Enjoy!
* Mercedes 190E Evo2: LODA/ LODC work done. Started Cpit work. Actually at 75K tris.
* LMP RWD P30: Added wheel and tire LODs
* Ariel Atom 300 & Mugen: Updated underbody collision material settings
* Azure Coast Stage1: Removed the rails along the central reservation area, updated the whole left side of the croisette, added new rails, fixed pave, updated csm csm walls csm grass, fixed treewall texture, fixed hotel martins mat, wrong emm, , updated VT stuff along the croisette, left side + res area, updated sel sets

Build 635 (07/01/14, Junior Member+) – 64.3 MB
* DX11/Xbox One uses single pass Motion-Blur technique – this allows phase3 to use 11.11.10 (32bit) HDR saving ESRAM memory bandwidth.
* XBox One: Phase1/3 splits enabled + cleanup and align XB1 threadsetup more closely to PS4.
* XBox One: Fix for missing command buffer sizes in threadsetup
* Fix for ambient shadow texture extension on non-dx platforms.
* DX11: Fix for missing constructor init on new CommandBuffer members
* Enable/fix single Pass motion-blur technique for DX11.
* Changed the leaderboards code to use Steam as the default. Use -javalb to switch back to old Java master server leaderboards.
* Career leaderboards can now show track records only from cars eligible for the event. Added code to extract the eligible vehicle IDs in the format the leaderboards use, and enabled car text display.
* Vehicle criteria extended to make opponents pick the same car as the player (with different livery), even though the player can select from within a range
* Added AITweak for an AI dedicated Tweak it region + new live steering that’s more simplistic and should be a bit smoother+ code cosmetic changes to the driver class
* Formula Rookie: Fixed inverted radiator cooling
* Azure Coast Stage 1: Added latest stuff, reworked where needed the hill/slope along the freeway and all surrounding stuff, fixed csm+ grass csm, added basic vt suff along it, left to add trees bushes/tested

Important: Mandatory profile deletion

Build 634 (06/01/14, Team Member+) – 11.6 MB
* Implemented the Authentication::Login method on Xbox One – for now it brings up the Xbox UI Account Picker menu.
* Added Xbox One services API reference for accessing Xbox One online APIs.
* Fixed wrong controller checked for signed-in user on Xbox One.
* Fixes two new shaders to compile on PS4.
* FA Tires: R2,R3 and FFB changed
* FC Tires: R4, R5 and default setup changed
* JPLM Tires: R4
* Vintage Tires: R5, SLO A/B/C
* Tire model: Heat improvements
* Ginetta G55 GT3: LODX and LODA cockpits only parts and materials. Ready to be merged into the main file, cockpit2, alpha, DDS texture, cockpit DDS texture, interior DDS texture, steering wheel DDS texture. Initial check in’s.
* Snetterton: New texture maps, first commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    * Ariel Atom V8: New engine torque curve, ride height & bump stops, other handling finalizations.”

    I had a heck of a lot of fun with the Atom V8 when I tested. I think it could use just a touch more grip but otherwise it feels just like all the reviewers talk about. Amazingly fast when you’re on it, and amazingly unstable and oversteery when you’re full on it. The way you can catch slides and play with the throttle oversteer is excellent, in my opinion.

  • blastx

    Game looks great. Probably the only competitor of Forza when it comes to graphics. Btw are those screen made on PC? what’s the x1 and PS4 resolution?

    • T0MMY3688

      all screenshots are made on PC, 2 of my shots are there actually.

    • Anonymous

      The PS4 and XB1 are targeted at 60fps, I believe the resolution is initially at 1080p on both but for release it obviously depends on how they perform after all of the features are added and optimisation is done.

  • Anonymous

    Car physics are starting to reach levels of excellence at least from where I am sitting. I understand a lot of varibles go into each individuals experience of game play but what I am seeing and feeling suggest the physics will be as good as any. Anyway I have included a live in game clip in chase view just to show how much better car behavior looks

    • Besada

      I completely agree with you that the physics and handling are feeling most excellent on the cars that have gained most attention from the devs, But this video… sorry mate but it doesn’t do justice at all 🙁 Not because the handling or physics would be poor, but because the camera is still the same old that makes things look boaty/floaty and the fact that the car is a really stiffly sprung and generates lots of downforce, making it look very static at the same time.

      In other words; inb4 the utube physics “experts”, haha.

      • Anonymous

        It’s night and day as compared to some videos I have seen with the floaty behavior. It looks every bit as good as Assetto in chase view IMO.

        I get now what your saying is that while my video does show a definite move away from floaty behavior it still is in that ever so evil chase view when it comes to Sim Race video. My point is it looks pretty good in that ever so evil viewing mode so that is leaps and bounds in the right direction.

  • kahel grahf

    Had some doubt, but it’s nice to see them on the path to deliver a decent game…a year from now.