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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap + Previews

Alongside five brand new builds, Slightly Mad Studios have also released plenty of new community-made previews.

Alongside five brand new builds, Slightly Mad Studios have also released plenty of new community-made previews.

Aside from plenty of progress on the PC builds that all WMD members can enjoy, the Slightly Mad squad is also plugging away on the next-gen console versions of Project CARS that have recently been announced.

A new batch of previews can be found below, showing lots of stunning community-made liveries for the Mercedes Benz AMG SLS GT3, the latest car to be made paintable.

Build 617 (29/11/13, Team Member+)
* Build compilation fixes for PS4 & XB1
* Initial checkin for PS4 bbot
Wii U:
* WiiU: Enabled Phase1 threaded rendering + fix ThreadSetup.
* WiiU: Fix for Linear texture corruption on loading.
* WiiU: Compile/link fixes
* WiiU: Volume texture Unlock invalidation fix..
* WiiU: Fixes (shader path error, phase 1 threading disabled)
* WiiU: Minor compilation fix
* Driver outfit selection (more backend work)
* Adding a drop down to track selection so you can now select the country of the track from a drop down to filter results.
* Wrapped macro guards around the pit stop system
* Pit_gasman_01: data for testing, includes update of animations and CATABE (not yet in-game)
* Validation check for weather settings.
* New climate tech changes: Ability to force to fixed time of days for weather system while allowing forecast to proceed, ability to force to fixed start times, ability to overload long and lat and timezone based on climate settings, ability to overload wtc based on climate settings, ability to overload weather system time based on start time of day, ability to overload weather long lat and timezone based on start time, ability to overload wtc based on start time and climate, ability to overload track roation offsets (true north) based on start time.
* Fix for lighting edit paths it is now going to profile folder
* LMP RWD P30: tire dds texture – new texture, windscreen reflections dds texture – new texture, wheels dds texture – new texture, misc dds texture – new texture, lights dds texture – new texture, windscreen banner dds texture – new texture (placeholder), badges dds texture – new texture. (initial check in work)
* Ford GT40 MKIV: Interior DDS texture. All new. Initial check in.
* Lotus 49 windscreen textures minor color tweak, removed not needed texture.
* Dubai (all): New Dynamic objects for Emirates Raceway

Known Issues:
– Game will crash on exit
– Track country filter isn’t fully sorted
– Formula A: MP Host car is bugged, wheels don’t move and they keep releasing smoke.

Build 616 (28/11/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for recursive singleton on PS4.
* Enabled phase 1 and static env map MT on PC,
* Adds phase 1 MT, adds static emap MT. Combines messages and command buffers for env maps. Fixes issue with env map flicker on phase 3.
* Updated env maps to create lighting using the correct intensity.
* Updated all platforms to support a different light intensity for emaps, this fixes an issue with multi-threading of env maps.
* Fix for Battle hardened windscreen continual clears.
* Emap intensity is now stored as a separate light param.
* Disabled car to car collisions for ghost vehicles
* Use physics memory pool for new functions
* Added memtrace to new functions
* BAC Mono: New FFB topology
* Formula C: WIP LODA complete starting on LODB
* Lotus 49: Added gauges texture, fixed wrong number in oil temp gauge. Added gearstick vibrations, reduced mirrors vibrations a bit, fixes on windshield, windshield textures update
* McLaren MP4-12C: new car specific, driver paddle animation
* Dubai (all): Add small textures for background buildings, fixed intersecting and floating statics

Known Issues:
-Formula A: MP Host car is bugged, wheels don’t move and they keep releasing smoke.

Build 615 (27/11/13, Team Member+)
* DX11 / Xbox One: Unused shader parameter setting optimisations
* DX11 / Xbox One: Vertex Shader unused parameter optimisations
* DX11 / Xbox One: internal StretchRect no longer needs a constant buffer
* Xbox One: use write combined memory for dynamic geometry
* PS4: compilation fixes
* Fix for marking triggers in waypoints
* Added NULL pointer protection during pre-race fuel calcs for P2P tracks
* Fixed non-spindle torque translation case
* FFB: New topology FFB tweaker for McLaren F1 only. Default will switch when all cars are balanced to the new system
* Pagani Zonda R: Softer minimum damper settings (same as 12C GT3), now using default FFB tweaker
* McLaren MP4-12C: Applied physics data from McLaren. Using GT3 suspension geometry temporarily
* McLaren F1: Updated setup with official McLaren data. Added F1 LM suspension settings
* McLaren MP4-12C GT3: New suspension geometry from CAD, added heave spring to rear, revised other setup and aero data to match specs from McLaren
* FG1000: New FFB using pure rack method and no softclip, reduced mirror vibration in cockpit view
* Test Clearway true when in pre-race, enabling collisions for all vehicles
* Penalties applied (drive through and stop/go) actioned in the AI systems
* Adding the track sprites to the Quick Race, Free Practice, Create Online and Time Trial main menu panels
* Added flag for organic overlays
* Mercedes SLS GT3: LODA interior and steering wheel modelled, mapped and textured
* Caterham Classic: Updated ULTRA settings
* Azure Coast: Added latest assets, fixed some issues found on them like mapping/flags/lod dist, added new VT 3d trees, deleted some bad trees, reworked some sections of central reservation, added new rails+posts, added 2 new carparks, added new fountain, added new small lake, moved casino, fixed terrain, path, sidewalks, terrain, armcos, csm, grasscsm, temp fixed VT stuff where needed. tested
* Eifelwald: Changed the track type back to Circuit from P2P for the full route
* Dubai Kartdrome: Added small huts around the track, fix coll mesh for some parts, add whitebox placeholder for bg buildings, add slightly more trees around background building

Known issues:
– Ghost car has collisions
– Dubai GP has issues in FP mode, where the 1st 2 laps are not counted at all.

Build 614 (26/11/13, Team Member+)
* Xbox One: Updates for gold config. Moved call to set main thread affinity to earlier so that it gets picked up when the main thread is renamed.
* Xbox One: Set correct thread names
* Xbox One: Force main thread onto Core 0
* Xbox One: Fix release linker error with reflection guid
* Xbox One: Updates for release config
* Xbox One: Shader loading switched to non persistent for the time being (saves memory, speeds up loading)
* Xbox One: Use MONOLITHIC fast constant setting and fast sampler setting API’s
* Xbox One: Use Write combined command buffers + fast GPU kicks
* Xbox One: PIX Profiling now on a define.
* PS4: Fixes for compile errors.
* Fix for dynamic env map flicker on multi-threading.
* Change texture Find/Get and handle ref counting inside GUIRenderer
* Updated to use GUI ‘DoesTextureExist’ for better ref handling
* Fix GUITextureHelper::GetCountryFlag to recignise flags loaded using the async loader
* Reinstate GUIRenderer::FindTexture so the race app core GUITextureHelper can use it. Next I will fix up the ref counting to localise it in that function.
* Adding the world record holders to the Quick Race, Time Trail, Multiplayer Create, and Free Practice main menu panels.
* Camera info debug view: Horizontal fov computation corrected, camera orientation corrected to match 3DS MAX angles
* Added pit crew animation script framework, integrated with existing PitSequence. Updated script animation system with vehicle rendering control. Wheels are hidden/shown as they are changed.
* Protection to accessing spindles
* Tires: New FFB topology as an accurate rack, but deconstructable
* Pre-race fuel simulation calculations for each vehicle
* Added triggers to waypoints
* Internal tracking timers in physics uses ms
* Added auto tick frequency multiplier
* Added metrics support for live fuel consumption and fuel left
* Fuel consumption uses same system for AI and player and sample rate increased
* Dynamically update fuel consumption and use
* Added trigger support during accelerated time
* Disable vehicle to vehicle collisions when in pit lane (temporary)
* Added accelerated versions of vehicle and AI update
* PhysX materials use average friction combine mode
* AI race/qualifying pre-race fuel strategy
* AI basic strategy/support for fuel calculations during race
* Minimum physics tick upped to 300 hz
* Split AI system files
* Anhalt (all): Moves grid back behind new start triggers, fixes the count on the 1st lap when racing on it.
* Florence: Backgroundmap updated
* Dubai: Added AO map and concrete wall for apartman02 background building
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Added cockpit display
* RUF RGT8: Added cockpit display + fixed shift pattern

Known issues:
– FG1000 is not driveable at the moment, it will be fixed soon.
– Ghost car has collisions

Build 613 (25/11/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for PS4 debug build.
* Fix for PS4 compile error.
* Fix for missing PS4 render file.
* New F1 menu item for adaptation type, which was accidentally missed from previous check in
* New texture referencing system, allows for only the texture in use to be loaded. (backend work)
* New climate system , allows for unique condition overrides based on location. (backend work)
* BAC Mono: Testing the F3 r3 carcass with street tire tread. Softer anti-roll bars.
* Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400: Applied Nic’s setup as default
* Pagani Zonda R: default setup tweaks. reduced FFB strength a bit
* Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400: Fixed missing LODX grilles
* RUF RGT8: Various optimizations + prepared for LODs, calibrated gauges, various optimizations
* LMP RWD P30: Driver animations
* Dubai Kartdrome: Fixed collision mesh, remove from selection some tyres and add dynamic tyres in viewtool around the floodlights, added dynamic tyres around the floodlights

The new build is now exclusively available via Steam as the trusted Project CARS launcher has been retired.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Marcos Sanz

    awesome graphics, but not realistic. It looks more like a comercial/videoclip/film/magazine production than a sim

    • nlx1

      Yes it suffers from ‘hyper-realism’. I don’t understand the purpose of going to such pains to model every tiny little detail, and push such high hardware requirements, for a game that just always looks a bit funny. When I look at these shots it’s like being teased saying “Look how amazingly realistic it could have been”. Annoying.

      • nlx1

        I find it to precisely occupy the dip of the uncanny valley.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps SMS has broader marketing strategy.. licensing the engine to car manufacturer for rapid virtual prototyping (maybe)
        edit: I’m sure the “hyper-realism” can be tweaked to suit different needs.

      • Silvio

        “Look how amazingly realistic it could have been”

        Maybe you”ll find somewhere almost this statement from SMS in online magazines from 3 or 4 years ago.

      • Anonymous

        SMS just can’t please this crowd. I agree that most of the shots in these posts are over saturated and whatnot. However, they’re just what the community has made. You can turn off any visual effects you don’t want and make it look as bland as real life on an overcast day. Or you can leave them on and make it feel like a movie. It’s a very simple couple of options to tick/untick.

  • John Krisfalusci

    DriveClub looks like this will destroy Project CARS, I’m sorry but check out the clips on Youtube and come back to these. Big difference.. =(

    • Anonymous

      Nah… It’s a completely different type of driving game, more like NFS used to be in the old days, only with more modern multiplayer stuff. It makes no pretence to be a racing sim, with only very few road cars and no actual race tracks, pick-up-and-play physics, no racing regulations etc. AFAIK.

      The DriveClub environments look fab though, and if I get a PS4 I’ll probably pick it up as a fun driving game.

    • F1Racer

      DESTROY! KILL! 🙂 You mean graphically it might be better than… ?

      Well not on a PC it wont. 🙂

      Screenshots I’ve seen of it are very impressive though but I, like others, am not a console racer.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve been given a warning for cutting the track !