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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap + Previews

Slightly Mad Studios have released five new development builds of Project CARS this week, all of which are available to members with Team Member level and above.

Slightly Mad Studios have released five new development builds of Project CARS this week, all of which are available to members with Team Member level and above.

The new builds introduce a large amount of fixes and improvements, particularly on the physics front as CPFT testing continues as well as in the audio department as reported earlier this week.

This week also marked the arrival of an early version of the Mercedes 190E Evo2 historical DTM car that joins the BMW M3 E30 for some epic German touring car rivalry.

Build 541 (16/8/13, Team Member+)
Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
* Game session manager can now work in “JavaDS” or “Steam” mode. Steam functionality not implemented yet
* Added skinning support to Engine shader (used for drawing objects with over-rides, e.g. for debugging performance issues)
* New bodywork shaders with base layer support, to give artists more flexibility with liveries
* Volusia: Add nmp and spec txt for panels and add ao textures for second stand, polish dif txt
* Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed CPIT carbon material, Added AO and cockpit animations
* Ford MkIV: Added Liveries 5/6

Build 540 (15/8/13, Team Member+)
Pit Engineer:
* Pit Engineer determine when tyre change or tyre inflation is deemed necessary
* Fixes for driver AI and physics tweaker HRDF files. Now load in place. This fixes 64 bit issues when loading these files
* Fixed VS2010 miscompiling 64-bit ints casted to 32-bit being still passed as 8 bytes in vararg
* Fixed issues with connecting to online games
* Changes to stop windows versions of generic primitives compiling on other platforms
* dx9 and dx11 rendering implementations for GenericPrimitives
* Added double sided translucent technique to basic_translucent runtime shader
* Lighting shader amendments required for spotlight to work with shadows disabled
* A new Zakspeed Capri Turbo incar engine set. So you still prefer the old one…well this one is in stereo, and from a higher quality recording. The sound is more detailed and less saturated – but – I wanted to match the ferocity of the set that may people liked. There is a new WIP layer of exhaust/chassis vibration that kicks in around 5000RPM and out 6000 and back in at 9000. Some very subtle offload exhaust rumbles as well around 7000 downwards. NOW…read this carefully…the turbo is still broken so I’ve done the old trick of hanging a dump sound at the beginning of the highest offload sample just for a bit of fun. Note, Fmod works differently to the ISI based system; so to get it to dump you have to hit the offhigh sample coming in from another, so either the limiter sample from above it or the sample below it. As I said this is just for a bit of fun until the turbo logic is in better shape and then I’ll replace the offhigh sample with the correct one. I’ve eazed up on the distance occlusion (so less muffled) and opened the exit of the trajectory a tad more. This car remains a testbed in the distance stuff. It has zero distance dsp echo or reverb as I’m getting ready to test another approach to this
* Volusia: Add new textures for second stands and extend platform
* Ford MkIV: Added correct GoodYear tires
* Lotus 98T: Added a new tire as default to test a more realistic grip level
* Mercedes 190E Evo2: Fixed cockpit center camera

Build 539 (14/8/13, Team Member+)
* Added name entry & warning dialogs to the Pit Strategy screens. Fixed a couple of issues in the GUI dialogs, and made the active strategy always top of the list
* Fixes for x64 compile and link
* Base implementation for Generic Prim types
* Added in code to the renderer to allow us to be able to add references to materials and generic buffers
* Volusia: Add new textures for floodlights, update ao map and volusia logo (for volusia track), new textures
* Dubai: New exports
* BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Major physics update to get everything more accurate. New flash+modal tire to go with it.
* Ford Focus RS: Added support for custom liveries, minor bug fixes
* BMW M3 GT4: Livery fixes

Build 538 (13/8/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU RVM uses small deferred rendertargets
* WiiU – support for loading textures as linear, non-swizzled : required for CPU readable colourcubes
* ColourCube loading and blending fixed for WiiU
* Fix HDR motion-blur and lit particles for WiiU
* WiiU: Moved assert break to after print whilst it is w-i-p to show assert string in TTY
* Added new controller set “PC Keyboard”
* Removed co-existance of keyboard & mouse steering
* Fixed another missing renderthread parameter in the RVM rendering
* Fix for Visibility Sampling not honouring the render-thread (caused crash on track load with DX11MT)
* Disabled adaptive FFB in default tweaker until we get it working better (i.e. varying less during a session)
* Increased version of Kart_01
* Dropped Kart_01 stats
* Remove unused motionblurmap from hudglass
* A new Zakspeed Capri Turbo external engine set, plus an AI version. The incar version is next and “may” be finished by the end of the week. This external engine set is from trackside recordings and has good structure and character throughout the whole RPM range using many samples. Also includes the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant based effects, trajectory and roll-offs. There is a new set of turbo sounds but the whole turbo logic is not well (putting it kindly) and needs looking at by the code and physics crews. The external gear shifts and backfires now have a better distance roll-off and occlusion effects. This car is a bit of a testbed in many areas (trajectory, distance roll-offs, turbo etc)
* Derby National/GP: Further fixes and updates on inner terrain, new exclusion map added to avoid grass growing on kerbs, added Jans latest, added track edges on side roads edited tyrewall textures to look less flat
* Volusia: New textures
* Memphis: Fixed nmp issue
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Ford Focus: All new Wipers LODX/A/B/CPIT. New Wipers animations and mask. Updated Windows and Windshield materials. Fixed UV4 Glass mapping. – LODC Windows (black glass) Boot was using misc material. Changed to Windows and remapped

Build 537 (12/8/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for transmission audio load not being set
* Debug menu command added to reset the current calendar date
* Framework added for saving career progress (date saving will be available once UI supports it), with support for multiple savegames
* Hooked up Pit Strategy screens to be functional
* Added controller text
* WiiU minor fix – remove lit particles target from Mem1
* Updated string tests and add BUniString versions
* 64 bit: Added ConvertUtf8toBUnichar and ConvertBUnichartoUtf8 to handle differences in wchar_t size across platforms
* 64 bit: Updated BUniString To/From Utf8 helpers to use new conversion functions to fix bug when wchar_t is 4 bytes
* Tires: adjusted Kart default setup
* Tires and Kart: FlexiCarcass details, another round of Kart updates
* Derby National/GP: Fixed grass exclusions to avoid having grass growing on curbs
* Volusia: New textures and export

The new builds are now exclusively available via Steam as the trusted Project CARS launcher has been retired.

The new builds also kick off two new CPFT events as members are encouraged to provide detailed physics feedback on the BMW M3 E30 Group A at Zolder and the Kart 01 at Chesterfield this week. Members that participate in CPFT also qualify for a position in pCARS Rank.

To go along with the new builds, plenty of impressive community-made previews have been released which you can check out below!

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    These screenshots are INSANE! With the same attention to detail in the physics as graphics, this title – and ultimately, the sim racing community – should be fine for the next years to come!

    • Anonymous

      If you haven’t played pCARS, when you do you will not be disappointed… IMHO. Yes, I own rF2 (life’r membership) and still like pCARS better

      • Anonymous

        Too look at, there’s no contest, pCARS is the winner. In physics, pCars is still lagging behind rF2. If you’re going for fun, then pCars physics are good. If you want realism, then rF2 is still better.

        Not saying it will stay this way, but for the moment, pCARS still has some work to do.

      • Anonymous

        I think it depends on personal tastes as far as the driving model. The FFB in rF2 is great but the FFB in pCARS is not bad. I like both titles but like the driving in pCARS a tad better for me.

      • Realkman666

        Would you say it’s more consistent in P?

      • Anonymous

        You mean rF2 more consistent? I still think rF2 will shine when some of the top notch mod teams get their stuff released I see it a tad more on the hardcore side which isn’t always a good thing where it concerns MP and races can become crash fests. I like the idea of a tad more controllable cars to enhance the MP experience creating a better endurance race environment that pCARS may end up being the top sim for endurance races. I do however like hardcore challenges in more of a sprint race setting like a 20 lapper.
        So both are good in my mind.

      • Realkman666

        Oh no, I don’t think rf2 will ever be consistent in any way, I was just wondering about pCars because I can’t try it.

      • Anonymous

        Keep your eyes peeled since funding for next gen may open but if you kick in enough to receive a free copy it will be for the platform you kicked into and is one thing to consider.
        As for pCARS with most of the cars I can run consistent laps and handling is very good and there are some that are lower on the list for getting the amount of work others have but will in time. Stockcars do not yet have asymmetrical setup option so they will need a bit of work when that happens.

      • Josh Desotell

        How do you think pCARS will do up against GT and FM on the consoles? Really want pCARS, but only have a laptop so I’m thinking about it for consoles.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the best looking Race Sim ever. Our community members have done great things with custom liveries and you wounder why they are not employed by a developer out there somewhere?

  • Olivier Prenten

    Even if I’m a pro rF2 I have to admit those screenshots are really incredible!

    • Anonymous

      You can be Pro rF2 and pro pCARS you know!

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I’m personally pro everything. Played most of the sims around (except Assetto Corsa and GSC so far), and they’re all good in their own ways.

      • Anonymous

        No GSC Shame on you Pez. 🙂

      • Wim

        Except Pablo? … 😉 Pro everything is cool.

      • Jay Ekkel

        Pro everything is the way to go!

      • Josh Desotell

        Pro everything….except GT6 (or at least until they fix the sounds).

      • Mario Strada

        I am pro everything well done.

    • Anonymous

      Well if you are currently not a WMD member when pCARS is released possibly with a demo give it a run and see what the driving is like as well. You may have heard different opinions for car physics I for one like it quite well the way it is and any improvement is a bonus in my mind.

    • Gniewko Ostrowski

      yeah, screenshots from pCARS are absolutelly amazing!

  • Roger Wallentin

    The tire and handling model goes like ping pong the last months

    A few months ago you where 100% sure to crash if you got the car to sideways which would need steering correction.

    Now for example the Ruf RGT8 feels like you can slide it as much as you like and its not going to spin, you can even help it with steering input to get it straight in a quite realistic manner. To me it feels a little bit too safe now and there is little fidelity in the transitions between under and oversteer.

    Great to see that much work is ongoing to balance tire model with all other physics and handling parameters. I think its getting closer and closer to something very good,

    For me AC tech demo and prior to that nkPRO is the benchmark in car sim handling and how tires and suspension actually react to under and oversteer. There are others which are good as well but AC is to me the most realistic so far.

    • Anonymous

      AC is just a tech demo with only one car and track which has no basis at all. You need more cars and tracks before you can even say “it’s the most realistic so far”

      • Roger Wallentin

        Does it matter how many cars and tracks there is to judge the physics and handling model?

        nkPro has some 8 tracks and 7 cars or so, it handles almost as good as AC does.

        The way AC conveys the transition between push understeer and power oversteer is the closest to my real-life experience i have experienced. I do a bit of drifting and track driving with fast cars IRL.

      • Me

        And you got all that from the tech demo?!

      • Troels Hadberg

        And then some. AC has better ffb than any title I’ve ever tried before. No, I doesn’t matter it’s one car/one track. If you’ve driven FVA or NetKar, you know Kunos has something special going on, and in AC it all comes together and sets the bar for the rest. I’m with Roger. No need for more cars/tracks, when you’ve spend thousands of hours driving every sim worth driving, you know when you have a good game or not. Period.

      • Me

        Ok…you win. The AC tech demo is the best…ever.

  • Mario Strada

    Well, I was impressed. I only tested the BMW, Mercedes and RUF, but as of last week some of the beamers were really bad. I had to come up with some really weird setups to make the handle passably.

    Today I took them all for a spin and aside from FFB inconsistency between the cars (the GT4 is very light, the others just right) I really enjoyed them.

    The RUF was a lot of fun and it was a nice surprise to find an early 90’s Benz.

    Having just came back from the laguna Seca Reunion, after spending my time with more classic racecars I could conceivably look at in a weekend time, I do wish that they could add a couple (or more) of CanAm cars (I don’t care if same physics with different bodies, the beauty of those cars are the wild shapes and the doom like noise).
    Also a couple of vintage Camaros and Mustangs (and how about an AMC Javelin, probably easy to license)) would really round up the field nicely.

    They did have a couple of pristine BMW M1 Procars racing yesterday, with BMW liveries (and they actually did pretty well. So guess which car I immediately tested today?).

    Another couple of fun cars I saw that would look good in the game are late 50 lotus F1 and of course an entire field of mid to late 50 Maseratis GT cars.

    Interest factoid: Yesterday II saw an Iso Rivolta GT race. No one could figure out what it was, but I remember that car well from my misspent youth.

    • Anonymous

      The Lotus license didn’t include any front-engined cars, but it has the 1962 Lotus 25 which is equally small and light. I assume it’s the version with the 1500cc Climax V8.

      • Mario Strada

        Indeed, that was one of the cars at Laguna Seca today. Looks like a toy. I almost looked in the cockpit to see if it was pedal powered. And it had indeed a Climax logo someplace around the Lotus one. It basically has the engine covered and the nose is rounder. The car itself is minuscule. I’d love to have that in pCARS.

  • Steve Shears

    They’ve defo improved the handling on the Capri and they’ve fixed the tyre to track adhesion now so the tyres don’t sync. The boy roll on the Capri is also very believable. I’ve slow mo’d what i mean here…

  • Josh Desotell

    Lot’s of work on “Daytona”… 1) How does it look now? 2) Video?