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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap

Slightly Mad Studios have released five brand-new builds of Project CARS last week, time to take a look at the most recent changes.

Slightly Mad Studios have released five brand-new builds of Project CARS last week, time to take a look at the most recent changes.

The new builds includes plenty of fixes and improvements, including improved versions of various cars & tracks. Furthermore, plenty of behind the scenes groundwork is being done, including work on the title’s WiiU version, the upcoming career mode and more.

Thanks to the never ending feedback from the WMD members and the two professional race drivers involved in the physics testing, there are plenty of physics changes as well.

The newest builds are all available to WMD members with Team Member level and above.

Build 572 (27/9/13, Team Member+)
* New dialog box for emails and offers with dummy data ready for art pass -> Accessible under Career Dashboard -> Inbox -> Select dummy email
* Added ability of rotation for HUD objects
* WiiU Thread Setup for RVM/Envmap and Phase3 rendering
* WiiU – tweaked Gamma down again
* HUD Mirror rendering optimised for WiiU – uses it own aliased targets for phase1/2/3, removing a texture copy. Increased Mirror resolution + all in MEM1
* WiiU Increased thread priority for RenderThreads
* Fix for track tunnels getting loaded too early
* Fix for lens flares on during the day. (and sometimes off at night)
* Northampton: GrassExclusion.xcl added
* Azure Coast: Added new textures for the lake
* BMW Z4 GT3: Bug fixes

Build 571 (26/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU – various command buffer call state fixes + redundant sampler setting caching
* WiiU warning fix (CarPreviewObject)
* Rain lighting corrected – ambient-and-shadow buffer alias created for particles shadowing
* Career Inbox GUIHandler
* Ovlivegreen_Street flash tread for the Caterham Classic – upped the temperature build slightly
* Azure Coast: Added spotlights along the track, added new fx maps, added cars, vendors, anim heli and plane, added 2d+3d palmtrees, added 3d+bb crowds, added rain blockers and leaves areas, added BBQ smoke
* Volusia Speedway: New Complete AIW’s for the loft changes. Also added 37 pits spots and a working pit lane path for both layouts
* BMW Z4 GT3: Cockpit animations added, added AO, damage
* Racer L4 & V8: Small aero tweaks. Fuel efficiency set
* Formula C: Exteriors mapping/textures WIP01

Build 570 (25/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU shader parameter setting optimisations
* Support for rendercontext SlopeScale bias (polygon offset in GX2 speak) : fixes shadow z-fighting/motherships
* Adding Career Inbox Placeholder UI
* Tires: added buckling induced resistance, new FC “B” tire with buckling and other adjustments, canned FFB disable tweakers
* MRF-G tire: Changed load damping bias
* Northampton: Added Tirewall -Trackedges -loft changes -GuardRails -Collisions -raceline for national and international
* Northampton: New Stowe textures
* Eifelwald Sprint short, Sprint and Mullenbach: New AIW’s. Complete with working pits (except mullenbach) raclines and corridors, corner markers. Grids set to 32
* Mercedes SLS GT3: LODX WIP2 (Max file only)
* BAC Mono: New non-forward aero forces. Minor bump stop changes

Build 569 (24/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU – enabled multi-threaded shadow rendering
* Fix Ambient Shadow MAX_THREADS. WIP RVM multi-threading
* WiiU. DisplayLists are now double buffered – fixes crash in release when using threaded rendering
* Azure Coast: Added lights & beams for lighthouses, tweaked emm. maps, added missing emm map for more buildings, polished asstets, merged all latest, added animated light and light asset for lighthouse
* California Highway: Add missing spec and ao map for tunnels
* Northampton: Textures for Stowe
* Northampton GP, National and International – New complete AIW’s with Main path, corridors, racelines, corner markers , etc… All working pit lanes. National needs the garages opened, so I set the first garage spot to be out in pit lane for now so you don’t start behind close doors. Grids set to 32
* Eifelwald (All variants): New exports
* BAC Mono: bump stop and ride height adjustments. Default setup tweaks. Merged tire with identical Ariel Atom V8 and renamed to Proximus T777

Build 568 (23/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU 0 switch over to Raw Vertex Ptr method for particle systems
* WiiU – support for Raw Vertex/Index Buffers (accelerates particle rendering, also fixes the track worn racing line)
* WiiU – adjust Gamma down a little (Ged mentioned things look a little washed out)
* Fix broken WiiU compilation after recent Gui refactor
* CHUD – fix KickOffRendering sequence around Phase3/landscape and forward rendering
* Azure Coast: Added missing emm map for more buildings, polished asstets, merged all latest, tweaked diff & spec maps
* Formula C: LODX finished and ready for texturing
* Caterham SP/300.R: Front aero settings added, adjusted ride height and bump stops, default setup changes

The new build is now exclusively available via Steam as the trusted Project CARS launcher has been retired.

There are two brand new CPFT (Car Physics Focus Testing) events this week as well as members are asked to provide plenty of physic feedback on the Formula C at Barcelona, the Caterham Classic at Imola and the Caterham SP/300.R at Donington

Members that participate in CPFT also qualify for a position in pCARS Rank.

In related news, AdrianF1Esp has put together a cool new comparison video, showing the Formula Gulf FG1000 at Dubai both in reality and in Project CARS.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

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