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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap

Another week has passed at WMD and as usual, five brand new development builds of Project CARS have been released.

Another week has passed at WMD and as usual, five brand new development builds of Project CARS have been released.

Edging another week closer to the late 2014 release, the Slightly Mad Studios development team is plugging away on all fronts of Project CARS’ development.

A new car has been introduced during the past week as the BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 of Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft fame is now available in Project CARS. The massive turbo-powered BMW will join the Zakspeed Capri Group 5 car in Project CARS’ career mode for some historic turbo sports car battles.

You can check out a preview video of the car below, showing the 320 Turbo during a test run at Oschersleben. The popular German touring car venue is currently being polished with more details and improved textures & other visuals, Oschersleben is also among the tracks that were recently licensed as Project CARS’ track licensing continues to fall into place.

Aside from the work on content, physics and other aspects, one focus point of Project CARS’ development in the coming weeks will be the title’s AI as first improvements of the AI-controlled cars have been checked in with the newest build with lots of improvements still to come.

Build 698 (04/04/14, Junior Member+) – 1.6 GB
* PS4: Fixed PSSL array handling. Re-written material code to split data into two buffers, onion / garlic for fast processing via gpu. Fixes array stride handling.
* PS4: Now has same audio settings as PC
* STM (WIP update for PS4 compilation): PS4 config updates, Added PS4 version of config.h, Removed unused FE config defines (FE_FORGE_CXX etc) to simplify things, Added FE_PS4 OS type, Added FE_CLANG compiler type, Updated feAsmSwapIncr to use Base atomic, Fixed some warnings/errors specific to clang, Defined FE_DISABLE_THREAD_SAFE in all configs, Added work arounds to allow compilation of Base and PS4 std headers together.
* Amendment to Alt-K FPS display to reverse switching of vsync, so that it is off when Alt-K enabled
* Changed material parameter clearing code in order to fix glowing brake disks
* Fixed the wrong LODs being used in the shadow rendering that would result in building shadows popping in and out.
* Fix for DX11 not picking up default items from backing store.
* Remove code to toggle VSYNC when alt-K is pressed.
* Fix for material shader texture params having duff pointers on setup.
* Gravel and Grass systems update + materials with improved lighting
* Grass effect update (less smoke, more dirt)
* Core change to the track and FE camera system and how it treats data.
* Fix for attached camera configuration tweakers
* Fix for return to Frontend Crash.
* Adding sync animations to dialogs.
* Adds a new GUICondition, ‘On Dialog Activated’, used to start dialog anims
* Also fixes GUILayer flag setting for GUIConsole
* Added interface for UI to retrieve accolades and states, and testing functionality
* Track Menu name update back to some temporoy names while we confirm licensing
* Added more track names to get rid of underscores in the track location menu
* MADNESS Engine logo updated
* Submitting 16 new applinks and 3 new appfuncs in preparation for the new career accolades and accolade overview screens.
* Added Test Track and BF to the text database where underscores were appearing in the Menu
* Accolades are now connected to the Aries UI. Platinum Accolades are connected to the Driver Network->Career->Historic Goals and the Gold, Silver and Bronze can be found in Driver Network->Career->Accolades (although there are no Silver or Bronze accolades yet). Platinum AppLinks and AppFuncs are in but not yet connected to career systems.
* Further active aero inputs
* BMW 320 Turbo: Initial physics
* GT3 tires: Further revised heating model
* RUF RGT-8: New setup more in line with typical 991 suspension settings
* Zakspeed Capri Gr.5: Narrower tires, gearbox/LSD update
* Mercedes A45 AMG: Initial physics
* Boost changes to support hud
* Motorsports now unlocking via number of accolades (per-type) won, as well as from winning specific events. Added console command to unlock specific accolades for testing
* Career Invitationals: Road Entry Club first draft.
* Career Championships: Formula A World Championship first draft.
* Career Contracts: Rank 1, 2, 3 contracts added for Formula B, Formula A, and Road Entry Club. Text strings added and hooked up.
* RookieTouring renamed RenaultUKClio to match contract/motorsport changes
* Career Championships: Renault UK Clio Cup placeholder championship added, using Megane until Clio is complete.
* Fix for car specific pit sequence animation failure. Added more tracing and error checking for Sequence events.
* Create Lane desirability system for new way of calculating AI Lat + Redo throttle calculation system
* Brake system has been simplified and revamped
* AI decisions have been removed and replaced with Hazard decision making
* Lat calculation has been simplified and revamped using a new lane desirability mecanic, Cars now experience much less collision problems
* Pitstops F1 Lollipop mechanic Master animation scene + catabe XML
* Bumped global leaderboards version for Friday’s global stat reset.
* Time trial console leaderboard support: Enabled “access track/vehicle leaderboards via autoTT events” capability and disabled “supports overall leaderboards for all tracks” capability on consoles. Fixed transforming submit to track/vehicle into event submit not setting vehicle id correctly. Fixed stat submits that failed immediately never tagging the stat as “failed to submit”, which caused the to never return back to FE when retiring from a time trial race on track/vehicle combination that had no event defined. Increased retry timer for failed stat submits.
* Updated the events file with testing autoTT event (Brands Hatch Indy / any BMW vehicle)
* BMW 320 Turbo: Created LODX clones, prepared to re-submit for LODs
* Sauber C9: UV mapping finished, added wheel LODs, added support for custom liveries
* Oreca 03: Fixed CPIT carbon, prepared to re-submit for LODs
* Audi R8 LMS Ultra: Updated to 2013 Aero Kit, Exhaust fix
* RUF RGT-8: Added windshield reflections to cpit model, added AO, cockpit animations and damage deformations
* Lotus 98T: Camber added to suspension animations
* Audi R8 V10+: Wheels user flags fix
* LMP RWD P30: LODA/B/C/D and cockpit meshes done. New Ultra file uploaded. Ultra LODS initial checkin.
* Added high res trees and placement fixes.
* Eifelwald GP: Added trees and foliage, tents and foliage
* Azure Coast: Removed big jump from s2 section, updated csm around Vt barriers/reorganized all xmls with childs
* Loire: New texture map, 1st commit, added missing ao and emm for a123 miss building, added last set of track edges.. whitelines moved closer to kerbs and track edges -continued material fixes and issues fixing on meshes.. added latest from Jan and Tomas, added missing small ao txt for a124 building set
* Milan GP: Additional updates to tree and bush placement. Added more dressing objects to pit wall and various emergency vehicles around the track. Also added some pedestrian vehicles to the car park and made some changes to the paddock area.New corridor funneleing for chicanes 1 and 2 to help race starts mayhem.
* Brands Hatch: Removed fuel rigs, placement update (vehicles, event areas. pitlane)
* California Highway: Foliage instances for California Highway, basicfx version, 1st pass, Californian highway foliage instances- switched the shader and enabled animation, tweaks on hdpines
* Lakeville: Startlights and pitlane exit lights textures added, added startlight funcionality, fixed shader paths and doubled textures coming form various places
* Moravia: Added new vehicles, tents, umbrellas, added toilets, new cars, added tents, marshals umbrelas, cars, fixed flying crowds, added lod distances for tents -fixed later lod poping, fixed overlaped tyres in some places. Pitlane assets placed, trees placing.
* Badenring: Trackside object placement and pitlane stuff, Added trackside vehicles and objects, also adusted the static env map position
* Connecticut Hill: Exported with reported hole on kerbs fixed, replacing trackside 2d trees with 3d variants, added 3d foliage & temp .xml’s
* Silverstone: Logos fixed, armco issues,3d armco
* Snetterton: Tweaked kerb textures, improved textures/materials for kerbs, grass, soil, fixed gaps and mapping errors, added correct collision for soil areas, fixed wrong pitwall collision
* Derby Park: Fixed scene treewall placement to go with new tree object placement, fixed some off track ground mesh holes, updated tree placement around circuit to better match RL ref, added emergency vehicles, swapped out old vehicle placement for new vehicle objects, added modern ad texture, but with non official branding
Known issues:
– Replays in MP: Not working as they should
– P2P Tracks: Don’t press return to pitbox
Do NOT play MP using x64, the game will crash if the host exists the lobby.
– Press Enter to skip the video.

Note: We are resetting all Time Trial leaderboards today and they will be temporarily unavailable for several hours. Once done only the new build (to be released soon) will be able to view and write to new boards.

The new build is now available to all WMD, including Juniors, via Steam.

[toggle title=”Click Here for the full notes of all builds released during the past seven days”]Build 697 (03/04/14, Team Member+) – 203.2 MB
* Time Trial console leaderboard support (WIP): Implemented online query wrappers that automatically translate submits/queries targeting track+vehicle leaderboards to corresponding “autoTT” event boards on platforms that do not support individual per-track per-vehicle leaderboards (consoles). Changed all leaderboard queries and submits to use the wrappers instead of calling online API directly. Fixed GUI code that ignored errors returned by leaderboard queries.
* XB1: Matchmaking improvements: Created new game manager states and moved off matchmaking code to better segregate and control the flow. Fixed issue with attempting to create a multiplayer communication socket while one was already available. Fixed issues with cancelling a matchmaking ticket. Added support for the invitation accepted event.
* XB1: Dynamic envmap and reflections thread split-up optimisations enabled
* DX11MT is default in x64 – added -DX11ST option to force single threading in x64
* DX11: Unset shader resources when unsetting rendertargets – vastly reduces the amount of D3D debug spam when running debug configs
* Shadow changes. Removes CPU hit from calculating object bounds. Uses scene bounds instead. Fixes bug in huge tracks where distant shadows may not show.
* Fix for reflection render not waiting for reflection command list being built.
* Small change to cascade calculations to go with latest code update
* Fix for phanton back clicking, also now clearing fields when starting a new career and entering initial info, also added page progression logic for user input validation on initial info page.
* Increasing calendar event size for current data
* Added all track names and setup outputs without underscores to tidy location Menu
* Updated some of the incorrect Track names, and modified the menu ordering in the TRDs to tidy up the location menus
* New maps for Nords
* Updated HRDF array structure for CareerAccolades so it’ll be easier to manage data from different files
* Number of awarded Accolades (per-type) can be counted, as well as totals (needed for UI display). Debug code added to display accolade info for testing. Added platinum level for accolades.
* Changed Career FirstOffer name to match contract data (RookieTouring) so it generates a contract
* Gearbox changes to support sequential mode
* New WMD media van trackside instanced asset
* Nurburgring GP: Fixed some static asset possitions, added cars
* Loire: Added txt a68 building – roof, added txt for a123 buildings set
* Brands Hatch: Fixed incorrect Long/Lat co-ordinated for both Brands Hatch TRD files
* Connecticut Hill: Moved pit in trigger in even further a bit to avoid having the car being controlled by AI when scratching along the pitwall from the outside
* Moravia: Fixed some crowds overlaps etc, new vehicles, helicopters etc. placed -finished, deleted old cars and replaced with new ones -finished.
* Silverstone: Tree placement on the main route
* Ford Escort Mk1: Fixed steeringwheel pivot, small material change
* Ginetta G40: LODX cockpit polished, mapped and textured. LODA interior model finished, mapped and textured. Cockpit related issues fixed.
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Windscreen setup, windscreen reflections added
Known issues:
– Replays in MP: Not working as they should
– P2P Tracks: Don’t press return to pitbox
– Garage Scene: Some cars have brake discs glowing and taillights broken

Build 696 (02/04/14, Team Member+) – 585.9 MB
* PS4: Updated VS project with proper set of PhysX libraries
* DX11 fix for Missing Headlight glows, white grass on Brands and broken Tyre Rotation bugs when enabling global constant buffers. Global Constant Buffers are now enabled again.
* Updated render tasks so the drawing gets completed in the correct place. (This can cause an issue if multiple settings are used for threading.)
* DX11 fix for weird Lights bug (renderlights issue with global constant buffers … hopefully the last)
* PC DX11MT enable Envmap/Reflection thread splitting optimisations enabled.
* Race weekend adjustments; to allow formation lap & race 2 for non pre-race session tracks
* Changes to make menus mouse-wheel scroll by distance rather than by item, and to make scroll bar clicking work for menus correctly.
* Fixed the time acceleration menu item so that left/right increases/decreases time progression
* Updated the Track names for the following tracks: Oschersleben, Hockenheim, Donington, Nurburgring/Nordscleife, Spa Francorchamps now we have the licenses agreed.
* Fixed the quick solo menu to work correctly with new menu scrolling code
* Updated to use latest Fanatec SDK v2014.02.18
* KERS guages
* Tires: Fix for missing Oreca 03 tire record. Also includes WIP heat model work on the GT3 tires.
* Audi R8 V10+: Fixed a mistake with engine torque at very low rpm
* Memphis: New pit path added on the correct side.
* Career Championships: Series sets added for Formula Gulf, Prototypes LMP3, LMP2, and LMP1.
* Career Contracts and Motorsports – All Prototype motorsports added. Formula Gulf sport added. Rank 1, 2, and 3 contracts added for all Prototypes and Formula Gulf sports, text strings added to database for all the contracts.
* Added text strings for accolade display
* RUF CTR3: New LODA/CPIT export
* BMW 320 Turbo: First export
* Audi R8 V10+: New Wheels, wheels dds texture – new texture replacing placeholer texture
* Mercedes A45 AMG: Fixed bugs, reduced drawcalls, LODX chassis modeled, cockpit modeled, placeholder LODs created, Fixed exhaust position, turned off exhaust flames
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Windscreen reflections texture – new texture, initial check in
* Ford Escort Mk1: First export, added srcdata/runtime files, added collision export + placeholder liveries, quickie initial physics
* RUF RGT-8: Windscreen reflections dds texture – new texture, initial check in
* Summerton: Autograss files & instanced tyres added, trd file update
* Moravia: Placed new trackside service cars and civil cars around the track.
* Lakeville Raceway GP: Completed the polish pass, new CSM, new tyrestacks, complete material / texture pass, new marbles, new fences, new wall decals, added new placement XML for the tyres only, updated tree placement all around the track to be more accurate, added updated hrdf files for autograss, updated the foliage texture to match ground.
* Spa Karting Circuit: CSM issue fixed
* Summerton: Track updates – texture/material polish
Known issues:
– Replays in MP: Not working as they should
– P2P Tracks: Don’t press return to pitbox
– x64 temporarily disabled due to steam client issues.
– There is a mix up with some logos at track select

Build 695 (One/Four/Fourteen, Team Member+) – 333.2 MB
* PS4: Increases number of command buffers and also the size of the deferred render list.
* PS4: Splits up reflections and dynamic environment maps across threads. (This is only enabled on PS4 at the moment.)
* Vehicle basic translucent shaders – reinstated alpha test in shadow processing (just for these shaders) to fix problem with transparent overlays casting shadows onto the surface below them (specifically badges casting large shadows on bodywork)
* Reduced volume in rev limit zone for exhaust resonation.
* Updated logos for Spa, Oschersleben, Hockenheim, Donington, and Nordschleife
* Started the Driver Network Profile Comparison dialog box, Inbox notifier now bounces, added a left/right list to the Review Contract screen so that you can now choose from multiple contracts when creating a New Career
* Brands Hatch Indy: Track Photo
* Time trial console leaderboard support (WIP): Added support for events tagged as “automatic time trial”, AutoTT events are sorted into separate lists (do not appear in the events GUI) and allow multiple vehicles defined for each event, Naming convention cleanup
* Further KERS code
* Formula A: Added new KERS features. Must be over 100kph to use it and have the engine on.
* Tires: Contact patch cooling change, FC r10
* Audi R8 V10+: Using hybrid system to approximate AWD system torque split
* Ginetta G40: Small correction to rear motion ratio
* Belgian Forest Historic: Added pitin and pitout trigger, redirected texture and shader paths
* Jin Ding: Added pitin and pitout trigger, redirected texture and shader paths
* Volusia: Moved pitout trigger to match to already placed pit positions, redirected texture and shader paths
* Harrison Pike: Moved pitout trigger to end of pitlane, redirected texture and shader paths
* Concord: Moved pitout trigger to end of pitlane, redirected texture and shader paths
* Heusden: Grounded Pitout trigger to ground (was floating before and therefore not drivethroughable), redirected texture and shader paths
* Fixed various displays of driver names in career (contracts, news, emails and standings), so that player now uses the name they chose when starting a new career, and AIs use their localised strings. Player surname is also displayed when required.
* Added CareerPlayerInfo data to the profile, to store the values the player can set in the CareerStart screen. Fixed up the New career so it reset the old save properly including non-profile vars like the calendar date.
* Passing through different UI values for Career New and Continue so they can be handled differently
* Moravia: Deleted trackside truck near the track.
* Nürburgring: Guardrail position fixed, trees update around tweaked terrain
* Jin Ding: Reset special waypoints and resave to get the pit spots to appear.
* Azure Circuit: Updated to support 36 car grid size, New pit lane path, 18 pit spots, 36 garage/grid support
* Conecticut Hill: Moved pitin trigger further out so that touching the wall will not let hand over to AI
* Heusden: Fixed pit in out trigger issues reported
* Mercedes Sauber C9: New driver anims
* Ford Mustang Cobra Transam: New driver anims
* Ginetta G55 GT3: LODs WIP temp checkin
Known issues:
– Replays in MP: Not working as they should
– P2P Tracks: Don’t press return to pitbox
– x64 temporarily disabled due to steam client issues.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

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