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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap

Slightly Mad Studios have released five brand new Project CARS development builds during the past week.

Slightly Mad Studios have released five brand new Project CARS development builds during the past week.

The builds bring plenty of changes and new content as listed below. Alongside the usual stream of changes & improvements, several major physics improvements are currently in progress as Project CARS has recently received new physics features such as an overhauled turbo modeling as well as brake fading functionality.

Furthermore, a major new feature is being introduced with the addition of the dynamic persistent session grip. The feature allows for race tracks to dynamically rubber in during the course of a race weekend, the feature of course hooks in with the dynamic weather as well as rain will affect the build-up grip levels on track.

Build 673 (28/02/14, Team Member+) – 59.4 MB
* PS4: Added save-game code
* Exclude PS4 movie player from Xbox One configs
* XB1: Switch presentation mode to immediate sequential (makes frame rate smoother)
* Adds MP4 player to PS4. Adds ‘renderthread’ pass through to render. Fixes all PS4 renderer shutdown issues.
* Fix thread crash exit issue in app worker. Removes benign assert from camera editor.
* Modify PS4 mem pools. Removes camera editor from consoles.
* Updated PS4 videos
* Updates PS4 to use MP4 video.
* DX11: Optimized use of reflection data during loading / removed device flush.
* DX11: Fixed a memory leak with common constant buffers.
* Re-verb volume level fix for tunnels
* Tunnel volume fixes
* Fix for AI in P2P tracks
* Fix for pitlane crash
* Fix double events from GUI buttons
* Work on Practice / Qualifying and pit release ( fix pitbox option )
* Career Championships: Ginetta GT40 Challenge series added.
* Career Championships: Configured first set of series specific point systems and updated relevant series.
* Resetting physics sync time for app timer sync (the multiplayer time synchronization)
* New Monitor screen, updated Lobby screen
* Engine stall behavior tweak for several cars
* FG1000: Handling update mainly for FFB feedback
* Tileable Carbon fiber texture. Brown variation. Initial check in.
* Tileable cloth stitching texture. Black cloth with white stitching. Initial check in.
* Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Switched back to original livery colors
* Mercedes SLS GT3: WIP on LODs, LODA and LODB done
* LMP PM06A: Updated runtime files + added ambient shadow and placeholder liveries
* BMW Z4 GT3: Fixed offset LEDs on CPIT display
* Imola: Added collisions in the garages of the reverse track
* Euro Tracks: Textures for new Truck and Trailer.
* Loire: Added textures for a31 and a34 – camera pole and color hut door

Known issues:
– Replays in MP: Not working as they should
– Free practice: If you have Engine Auto Start turned OFF when you exit the pitbox the AI will turn the engine off, you need to press ignite and starter.
-P2P Tracks: Don’t press return to pitbox
-Formula Gulf: Hold the wheel tight, it will shake a bit abruptly during straights
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

The new build is now available to all WMD members with Team Member level and above, the builds are accessible via Steam.

[toggle title=”Click Here for the full notes of all builds released during the past seven days”] Build 672 (27/02/14, Team Member+) – 264.9 MB
* PS4: Implemented basic support for time trial leaderboards (only overall leaderboards supported, and only Brands Hatch Indy leaderboard has been created)
* PS4: Movie files now sourced from MP4
* Added train flyby sound for Azure
* Adding new explicit water shaders that use the reflection emap when rendering.
* Switch back to UpdateSubResource from Map for constant buffers (ATI cards don’t like this method)
* PC/XB1 – DX11 implementation of common constant buffers!
* Implemented impostor reflections using screen space 2D texture instead of cube map
* Impostor reflection render callback removed from main menu render
* Impostor reflections, replacing cube map approach by screen space texture approach in shaders
* Made the screen drops a bit less irregular in shape as the reapeating unique shapes were too noticeable
* Carbon Skinned shader fixed for common buffers
* Fix for the green windscreen bug – caused by solid_glass shaders using forward lighting in phase3 – the behaviour of the new common buffers did not replicate the (rather lucky) fact that this shader needs to re-use the last lighting values that were setup.
* Fix for backwards water
* New Reflective water shader
* Adding in shader variations for reflective_water_transulent so that it matches the lighting systems
* Fix for transmissive colouring
* Created version of screen drops that animate so that they change shape when moving
* Clamp driver character time passed to fix head rolling in replays.
* Code to generate an initial entry-level contract for the specified motorsport (not hooked into UI yet)
* Setup skeleton system for the Oval Driving behavior
* Work on Practice / Qualifying and pit release
* Introduced “wheels_start” and “jack_down” triggers and wait event “car_gone” (waiting for signal that car left the pitstop, mechanics can return to garage safely)
* Distinguishing between dialogs that have Bink videos in them and dialogs that do not. As dialogs are always loaded, we needed to introduce a dialog type that could be discarded in-game so they it could contain Bink video in menu. This removes Bink decoding during gameplay and will ultimately improve render performance, especially on console.
* First Career Team logos added
* Inbox, fan talk, manager names, fan talk names added to TextDB along with placeholder fan avatars
* Loire: New texture maps, 1st commit, fixed tertre rouge curve.. collision adjusted edges and colored asphalt areas cutted in, add textures for a28 – missing emmisive map for windows
* Imola: Added garage spots both tracks. New pit spot spacing and grid sizes. Set to 20 pits and 40 start spots, fixed floating wall after the hairpin turn and removed sub terrain building from export
* Brands Hatch: Fix for wavy roadloft at Howthorn and Derek Minter Straight, fix for streched curb at pilgrims
* Mercedes 300SEL: Added members’ winning liveries names, added new chrome/black rims textures – initial check in
* Caterham SP300R: Camber baked into suspension animations
* RUF CTR3: Fixed flipped UV mapping at diffusor
* Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster: Wheels dds texture, misc dds texture, lights dds texture, badges dds texture, lightglass dds texture, brake disc dds texture – new texture, initial check in
* LMP PM06A: First preAlpha export, minor collision update,
* Initial driver animations setup for Ginetta G40 and Ford Mustang Boss 302R

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
– Replays in MP – Not working as they should
– Pitbox sequence is broken, you will see some strange things happening.
– P2P Tracks – The AI will be so excited it wont let you drive (Press Ctrl+I if you want to drive)
– Engine Auto Start has some issues, either the AI takes control but doesnt start the engine (use CTRL+I) or it will trigger automatically even with that option off.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 671 (26/02/14, Team Member+) – 68.2 MB
* PS4 sign in modifications
* PS4 Added Sign in, Game Preence and Connection handling
* Clean-Up DX9/DX11 detection to use ApiName rather than D3D9 device pointer
* Fix for DeferredRendering helper dx9/11 detection
* Update to allow road elements to have full tangent space input.
* Fix for lobby crash in Aries
* Fixed sequence restart
* Fixed Time Acceleration un-initialised variable
* Re-added sync time for the participant system
* Fix for driver floating in mid-air
* Contract/team name tweaks to remove spaces (easier for testing)
* Added console and debug menu functionality for contract testing
* Removed extra header qualification causing an error
* Added career contract accessors and functionality to accept, change and terminate them. Saving accepted contract to profile
* Added leaderboard capabilities structure and query, updated PC and XB1 implementations to fill the structure.
* Connected vote infomation to GUI so you can now see who has voted for what (in both ingame lobby and frontend lobby)
* Vote flag support for lobby GUI Handlers to be hooked up by WillS.
* Traction control options in the front end is set to simply ON or OFF to make way for the per car traction slip tuning system.
* Added the race overview screen to free practice game mode
* Work on Practice / Qualifying and pit release
* Cleaning up pitstop obsolete data
* Default spawn in garage for qualification
* Turbos Phase 2: Fuel Use and Reliability
* Turbo Wastegate data additions
* Loire: Tweaked texture maps, added textures for a17 – pitwall section and a1_ garage construction
* Oulton Park: New main path, raceline and pit lane path. Editied corridors in some obvious problem areas. Fully working. Used Louis start, pit and garage positions.
* Brands Hatch: Added overlays for stain-dirt-cracks on road, grass skids added, road broadmapping fixed, csm flattened for dented curb, gridskids added
* US Tracks: Textures for US TV Van, textures for US Ambulance.
* Euro Tracks: Textures for EU TV Van
* Ginetta G55 GT3: Lods wip temp check-in

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
– Replays in MP – Not working as they should
– Replays: Head still rotates in a scary way
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 670 (25/02/14, Team Member+) – 290.1 MB
* PS4: Fix for Online Lobby not being navigable
* x64: Refactored CalculateTrackDistance code to work around a compiler crash in x64 configs
* x64: Added 64 bit STM libs
* Code to allow us to attach a world flare to a dynamic actor and to turn it off when the world mesh its created with is turned off or switched off.
* Code to allow us to use the Reflection emaps in rivers.
* Added a definitions to the trd files to tell us if the track in question has a river.
* Fixes to BPCEM system. This improves the road reflections alot.
* New flag sprites
* Activating Time Acceleration for all ingame systems
* Accelerate button now enabled and working on Session Overview screen
* Accelerate button now functional on Monitor screen
* Track Maps: Azure Coast – new trackmaps, trgs, sf lines
* Updated Session Overview screen
* Debug menu functions to help with contract handling
* Added initial HRDF and code to define and handle career contracts (using info from latest designs, including team updates)
* Adding initial text for career contracts and updated team names from updated design
* Hooked up track change vote system which forces host change track if enough votes are recieved
* Connected vote to kick and vote to start systems to mp races. Potential fix for spawn in pit bug. Incremented protocal version to eliminate chance of old build braking MP. Added lobby flow handler.
* Added new PhysicsSyncTime class which determines elapsed + delta times from 600hz physics stamped time
* Wastegate pressure now a setup item
* Turbos: Wastegate data and calibrated gauge for Ariel, Caterham and Ford cars
* Brands Hatch: Added overlays for stain-dirt-cracks on road, grass skids added, road broadmapping fixed, csm flattened for dented curb, gridskids added
* Loire: New texture maps, 1st commit, tweaked colors, 3dtrees added at first turn
* Azure Coast: Added latest things from all/new tunnel stuff added/reworked eze area/fixed csm road/walls/grass/updated sel sets, updated grid to 32 (Stage1-was 16), Stage 1 – fixed AIW line being under the track surfcace in last corner
* Badenring: Fixed trds to match start postions . Fixed no pit spots the National circuit. Move first garage spot off pit lane and into the first ope garage
* Oulton Park: New Export, AIW changed – starting positions – pit positions – Garage Positions – no pitlane was made due to error crossing the pit-in
* Silverstone: Fixed panasonic logo on gantry before pitentry
* McLaren 12C: More approval fixes
* Formula Rookie: Camber baked into suspension animations
* FG1000: Baked camber into suspension animations
* Ford Mustang Boss: Taillights more glossy

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 669 (24/02/14, Team Member+) – 217.6 MB
* PS4: Achievements. Activated trophy award layer. Trophy pack is now required.
* Added initial TextIDs for career teams
* Added initial HRDF and code to define and handle career teams
* Fixing result ‘prev/next list item’
* New in-game lobby design and code fixes.
* Updated HUD shift light color, fix for driver behind not animating, new background movie from JonZ
* Career Inbox screen updated, fix for A button on gamepad not working on some dialog boxes
* Improved turbo wastegate code
* Ford Capri Gr.5: Initial pass at wastegate and calibrated gauge
* Lotus 98T: Calibrated boost gauges
* FA pitstop prototype sequence (not yet implemented)
* RUF CTR3: Fixed UV mapping issues
* McLaren 12C: More approval fixes
* Better distance attenuation function for spotlights. Adjusted car headlight angles.
* Oulton Park: New export, Static file updated, grass cover files
* Loire: Added latest, further outer terrain detailing, added textures for a16 and a16 – tunnels
* Brands Hatch: Improved roaddetail, add vertexcolors, added additional skidmarks, added dirtedges and fixed errors in trackedges, new whitelines, material tweaks on different roadsurfaces, updated pitconcrete
* French Tracks: Fixed delac and tweaked nm, textures for French ambulance version.

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled[/toggle]

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Leaf Branch

    I waited 1 year since I last updated my Projectcars install, last night I tried it again, got in the Apollo at Bathurst, took the last corner in 2nd gear & floored it (trying to make the car spin/loose traction) but the car just gripped (with minor opposite lock). The tires have too much traction for this game to be interesting, such a shame.

    • Anonymous

      Tire experiment in most recent build makes some cars feel like they have TC on. You wouldn’t know that, not being involved. Also the Apollo is a Bi-turbo engine, and has low torque until the turbos kick in at higher RPM. You have to be an auto enthusiast to know that!

    • Dylan H.

      So, you weren’t involved for a year, you randomly tested one (ONE) car regardless of in what state it is currently and you judged the game after 1 lap.

      Congratulations for your useful contribution to the simworld.

    • Keith Horner Jr

      so whats your login credentials? I’d be willing to purchase for a nominal fee to find out for myself.

      • Leaf Branch

        I would be known as Sirshroomsalot in game, only had time to drive around Laguna seca lately.

    • Alan Dallas

      Try that same test with the Formula A on default tires and no TC. You’ll loop it in a heart beat.

    • Neil

      Give it a go now. The Gumpert got some new tyres.

  • Silvio

    I made more than 3 laps in nords with jaguar and I can say that, after 1 lap, I was involved with the game and have had too much fun. The feeling is not that floating boat anymore. Don’t forget to erase your cars folder to assure a clean new build.

    • Mario Strada

      Sorry, what do you mean “erase car folder”? I usually erase my profile file and that’s it. I never heard about erasing the car folder, but if true it may explain a bunch of things.

      There is one car that is highly suspicious to me: The F2 is undrivable as it lock the front wheel regardless of setup. Maybe that’s the reason?

      • Neil

        Its the folder that has your profile in it. It also has the graphics config, it sometimes helps to delete that too, just to make sure any updated graphics setting to break things. Some people find it easier to just delete the entire folder.

        As for the Formula B, it needs some work, I haven’t tried it in a while, but I seem to remember that if you drop the brake pressure it should help. but really it needs the tyres updating.

  • F1Racer

    pCARS is really getting there now. I had a blast in the Ford Sierra Cossie and the Merc DTM 190. Both were fun to drive.
    The rain still kills my fps though when in TV view. Down to the 20’s even on my 780GTX with i7-4770k @ 4.3Ghz. I’m not totally maxxed out in the settings either.
    FFB still has some subtleties missing but it too is improving.
    Looking fwd to the Escort’s arrival.
    Yep, SMS are definitely getting it done.

    • Anonymous

      Good to hear some positiv statements about this title, rather than all that moaning!
      I have some high expectations on this one and I hope it won’t dissapointe me ^^

    • kahel grahf

      20 fps with this kind of rig is kind of sick; not even maxed out.
      How much without blur, dof, this kind of nonsense but still some filtering x4AA and x16AF.
      And I know it’s still in the famous early stage…I won’t be too harsh.

      • F1Racer

        Don’t forget I only got this fps when it was in TV view + rain.
        But yes it is still low.
        I will note down my settings and then reduce them and see if I can find where the culprit is.
        I also believe that I don’t run with motion blur in pCARS but I`ll confirm this next time I’m at my rig.

        In the sunny weather fps’ is fine. Around 60-80 if I recall.
        From lowest to highest the fps average in the sims for me are
        rF1 / GSC2013

      • Big Ron

        You´ve mentioned that replay is locked to 30 fps. There might be an issue with the locked 30fps and the drop since I guess, with your setup you would get much more than 30 fps in replay, even in rain.

      • F1Racer

        No no, I said the replay was locked to 30 seconds not FPS 🙂

      • F1Racer

        OK, had a little play around today. Changed 1 setting only. I changed the AntiAliasing method from DS4X to MSAA.
        Now, in rain I am getting 52-60fps whether in cockpit on in TV mode (CTRL-T or replay).
        In Clear weather, I am 80fps in cockpit and between 90-100+ in TV mode. So, quite the difference just with that one change. I may experiment with the other AA modes later and see how much they vary.

      • Big Ron

        Which Environment Map-setting do you have for the reflections? Is it set to Ultra or to High? This level makes a huge difference, too.

        Sorry for the confusion about the lacked replay. 🙂

      • F1Racer

        It’s on High. Here are my settings before I changed the AA from DS4X to MSAA, all others are the same.

      • punkfest2000

        Try dropping the detailed grass and the run the -nocrowds option.

      • F1Racer

        Thanks, I might try that if my fps drops down since changing the AA to MSAA. Right now with MSAA the fps is really good as I mentioned.

      • hotak

        expecially detailed grass option seems to have a VERY big performances impact, i have around same (60) FPS with the config you posted (but with DS2X, AS x16) and with everything maxed out, no detailed grass and DS4X

      • F1Racer

        Tonight I will compare my fps with and without detailed grass.