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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap

Slightly Mad Studios has released plenty of fresh builds of their WMD-powered Project CARS title during the past week.

Slightly Mad Studios has released plenty of fresh builds of their WMD-powered Project CARS title during the past week.

One of the highlights of this week’s additions is a first version of the brand new Ginetta G40 Junior which you can check out in the videos below!

The new build is now available to all WMD members with Team Member level and above, the builds are accessible via Steam.

Build 663 (14/02/14, Team Member+) – 348.4 MB
* XB1: Fix for slow debug config (was caused by PIX instrumentation being super super slow in combination with the d3d debug mode)
* Fix typo in last check-in
* DX11: Debug spam fix + XB1 Dynamic VB size init fix
* DX11: Added extra reporting for mismatched vertex declarations to aid debugging
* Missing source sprites for container
* Fixing bumper main menu selection bug. Corrects bumper selection in Profile, Race Weekend and Dashboard.
* Updated My Profile Accolades screen
* Replay Cameras: New real-world-style set for Besos National – Take 1
* Replay Cameras: New real-world-style set for Badenring short – Take 1
* Dashboard screen polishing. Localised the session info names, and simplified some array handling in dashboard screen.
* Added the remaining text variations (with tokens) for each news story type and made news pick one randomly, along with matched (placeholder) image
* Career Championships: Added a Formula Rookie and Formula B Series to extend testing and use as a basis to implement support for series unlocking via contract offers.
* Career Championships: Formula B Euro FB – pre-alpha
* Career Championships: FormulaR EuroFR Challenge – pre-alpha
* Set the number of pit progress structures to eMaxParticipants – prevents running out of structures when more than 24 players in a race.
* Fixed adhering to penalty bug- which meant you would get DQ’d even if you went in for the penalty.
* Azure Coast/Milan/Belgian Forest/Dubai/: Added missing textures
* Azure Coast: Fixed pop-up on Azure Coast assets
* Eifelwald: Various CSM, terrain fixes, fixed floating, intersecting and flickering objects
* Silverstone: Fixed micro gaps and holes all over the track.
* Oulton Park GP: Raceline added
* Ginetta G55 GT3: Liveries part4
* Ginetta G40 Junior: Added runtime files + collision export, first export
* Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth: Added LODX, livery alpha material changes
* RUF RGT-8: Side mirrors and Bonnet done. Working on Interior. Today Removed 20 K tris

Known issues:
– Oulton Park – The track will crash in practice mode, and if you enable qualifying. Only working so far in race and TT.
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
– Ginetta G40 Junior: No placeholder LODs yet, Ride height is too high (issue of the placeholder physics)
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

[toggle title=”Click Here for the full notes of all builds released during the past seven days”]ย Build 662 (13/02/14, Team Member+) – 281.9 MB
* PS4: Fix for common buffers using incorrect thread in scene for shared global vectors.
* PS4: Fix for lights in rear view mirror.
* XB1: Enable Forward rendered threading / threadsetup perf tweaks
* XB1: Reset Shadow Setting Quality on TrackLoad (discrepancy with -skipmenu)
* Addition of PS4 login flow preprocessor for auto sign-in
* Minor OneSock changes for PS4 multiplayer
* PS4: Fixes shadow best cascade.
* Xbox One multiplayer implementation first pass.This enables basic multiplayer functionality on Xbox One. For the time being all users need to be in a party before creating a match. Matchmaking support is not yet implemented.
* XB1: Fix some shadow rendering issues (now correctly aligned with PC)
* Added better fps reporting on PS4
* Moved reflection code again to a better position. Enabled threading for it on PS4
* XB1 DebugMenu fix some debug only D3D11 asserts
* Fix for multi-threading reflections, this stops the glitching on PS4/XB1/DX11MT when running in wet weather.
* DX11 / XB1 optimisations: LightWeight Primitives use our self-managed double buffered dynamic vertex buffer ( instead of being driver managed ). Placement buffers with ‘streaming’ for Constant buffer setting on XB1
* DX11 – fix for instance vertex buffer over-runs.
* Select correct main game (not FE!) shadow settings index on race load.
AI & Pit-Stop:
* Updates to AI pit strategy debug logging
* AI fuel strategy debug logging
* AI damage strategy updates for practice/qualify
* Extra AI tyre choices based on track temperatures
* Increased range of pit stop choices for AI
* Tidying up driver code
* Tweaks to suspension forces for AI including unloaded tyres, ground detection and tyre compression
* Added a career helper to convert position number into a display string (1 to “1st” etc.), and updated career news to use it for the standings text
* Info is now stored in the profile for the last 5 Career sessions played, and all career news slots are now being populated from this session history (as it builds up).
* Scoring news now displays names of drivers finishing 1st/2nd/3rd in a session, and the winner’s rank in the overall standings.
* Scoretable generation extended so it can get scoring for a single session, as well as totals
* Career news ticker now displaying short versions of the news messages. Added applink for it and made headlines type-specific
* Finishing position now passed down from Timings to the per-session info, and moved all per-session info into a new profile struct to make them simpler to process. Got news displaying driver names, positions and lap times, and the appropriate image for the timed session types. Historical standings from when the news was generated are now used rather than the current standings (so news doesn’t change).
* Fixed a bug with resetting when switching series. (NOTE: Career progress has been reset to avoid invalid session information producing bug reports)
* Standings screen fix: Instead of having 10 racers in first place when no points are scored on the standings screen, we have 10 races in “-” place as ranking does not apply until points are on the board.
* Traction control slip fix
* RUF RGT8: Tweak to engine behavior when bump starting the car.
* Adding UI support for the new Traction Control Slip tuning options. Car CDFs are still being updated to handle this value although the setting does work on the Ariel Atom Mugen.
* Start of My Profile update
* Bug fixes for the quick menu. Added a delay on the menu appearing to get around click event duplication issues. Will look for a permanent solution to this after the milestone. Also fixed the options applink on the quick menu screen.
* Endorsement tab added, My Garage screen updated to latest style
* Loire: Added missing texture for a1_pitbuilding and garage interiors, added textures for extend garages
* Silverstone: Aspect ratio adjusted for the panasonic banners
* Wisconsin Raceway: Barroed corridors at the “kink” also slowed the AI 10% at the apex. Keeps them from running wide there.
* Oulton Park GP: Tracklist update, AIW Updates, viewer objects
* Sakkitto GP: Fixed pit spots not displaying and working. Had to reset the special waypoints in the AIW file to fix.
* Azure Coast: Reworked first small roundabout, removed wall, and made it drivable, fixed csm + grass csm, totally reworked the area in front of the marina, reworked the terrain, added base for all buildings, added 2 new buildings, created path for all of them+ added hedges/walls to sep properties, added small kerbs around all base+path, remapped, created 2 new gantries/ reworked from Kate, reworked csm wall + grass csm around these new stuff, fixed all VT static/inst/crowds/dyn/lights
* Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth: Complete UV mapping, finished wheels/brakes, added custom livery support, lots of fixes
* Lotus 72D: LODX cockpit polished, mapped and textured. LODA interior and steering wheel modelled, mapped and textured.
* Ariel Atoms: Added static camber to the animations
* BAC Mono: Baked in camber to suspension animations
* BMW Z4 GT3: Added ADL livery
* Ginetta G40 JR: Initial checkin, added placeholder liveries (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Known issues:
– Azure Coast (Full/FullRev/Stage1): CTD happens when reaching the end of the track
– Oulton Park – Not yet available, it will be unlocked tomorrow after some last minute fixes are made.
– Oulton Park – The track will crash in practice mode, and if you enable qualifying. Only working so far in race and TT.
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 661 (12/02/14, Team Member+) – 251.8 MB
* 64 bit FE (untested) : andreww
* Fix to getting stuck in the lobby when returning from an MP race. Fixes AR-1471.
Rules & Penalties:
* Added vehicle class-specific rules capability – and added pit-penalty-missed-laps-count.
* Updates to the free camera based on feedback
* Updated Results tab of the Dashboard screen
* Changes to map the Round/Session structure to the Career scoring, scoring now working fully for FormulaC format (as well as the other series), and best lap times are now being saved (needed for News). ScoreTable use moved out of progression and generated when needed instead, as its fixed round-only was clashing with the scoring changes (UI screens fixed up to match) – also simplifies the resuming. Fixed a bug that could cause portions of a series to be locked incorrectly, and an issue with the new series detection when skipping.
* Player simulation rate is not changed while simulation step is in progress.
* Formula A: Tweaked torque curve, new diffuser model, new brake tech
* RUF RGT-8: More LODA work. Suspension/ Chassis done. Today removed 27 K tris
* Derby Park: Added missing 3D tyrestacks, removed old ones, fix to overlays, concrete walls update – just moved some to fix intersecting with other stuff, tyrestacks updated
* Belgian Forest: Fix for zfighting in previous export – adverts for Panasonic and Nvidia updated
* Badenring: Fixed small gaps all over the track fixed bush pop ups behind Mercedes tribune

Known issues:
– Azure Coast (Full/FullRev/Stage1): CTD happens when reaching the end of the track
x64 Known issues:
– Cant change tires in any car (using car setup)
– x64 still using BTM

Build 660 (11/02/14, Team Member+) – 528.1 MB
* PS4: Fix for start race glitch caused by bad distortion texture. Also fixes time update in global constant buffer.
* XB1: Fix F1 debug menu rendering
* x64 compile fix
* DX11: World matrix caching optimisations
* Disable the rain drop stats from the screen.
* Latest updates to the screen drop effect.
* Avoiding car-related special effects (like exhaust smoke, heat haze particles) ramain on screen when participant leaves the session (when DisableAllRendering for participant is called). KillParticipantEffects method added to classes which did not have this functionality. Otherwise ResetParticipant is used.
* RUF RGT-8: New in-car and external engine sets, plus an AI version, tweaks to tranny, gears, wobble & backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory.
* Tweaks to tyre rolling surface sounds. More realistic transitions from low to higher speeds. Less stone sounds at lower speeds.
* Brake Failure sounds.
* Adding UI mechanism for MP voting system.
* Added host name as session name for game browsing as a temporary fix
* MP race to returns to lobby instead of main menu, First pass vote to skip logic implemented
* Ingame lobby fixes: Voting and countdown timers now functioning as expected, hooks created for MP code. (Not Implemented yet)
* Code to allow us to use a Free camera type setup for adjusting/tweaking attached camera positions and orientations.
* Fixing crash bug in the quick menu dialog.
* More text added to InboxSocial TextDB category
* Italic and Small Black fonts added to the pakfile list
* Adding traction control to the main menu car tuning global panel, as it is in-game
* New shortcut menu to quickly access Profile, Garage, Options
* Per-Session timings can now be saved for career participants (only session types using timings are counted). ChampionSessionInfo modifed so sessions can set whether they’re timed or scoring. Career progress will be reset to avoid it using potentially invalid data.
* Re-enabled false start, and changed penalty from DQ, to a Pit “stop-go” Penalty.
* Tire setup loading fix/optimization
* Making volumetric torque generic
* Added event to notify app once player vehicle remodding/setup changes are complete
* Formula A: Added some static camber to the suspension animations
* Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth: Prepared for export with all textures
* Derby Park: Material overhaul, new kerbs, road, grass, gravel, walls, soild, dirt, trackedges and 3D tyrestacks added, fixed CSM issues, fixed that odd artifact thing
* Azure Coast: Fixed alpha channel, fixed some barriers, fixed some more stuff, fixed some more things all around the track, fixed csm, fixed bugs, updated static/inst/crowds/dyn, adding flare locators to lamps, blocked alt route add static conc barriers
* Eifelwald GP (all variants): Updated the adverts to use the new branding texture, updated the adverts to better proportions
* Silverstone: Slightly changed advert texture for LED screen above pits with Daves latest modifications, added fixed advert on hotel at Silverstones modern
* Badenring: New AIW’s to adress the narrower front straight. This fixes the AI running out on the grass. Oth tweaks include some corridor funneling, and moving the grid to match the start boxes painted on the road surface at all three tracks.
* Wisconson Raceway: Moved corridors onto all the curbing keeping the AI from freely using them (especially the exit curbs). Some funneling of the corners to help race starts. Disabled roling starts in the TRD as it just wasn’t working correctly (cars crashing and off in the grass etc).

Known issues:
– Azure Coast (Full/FullRev/Stage1): CTD happens when reaching the end of the track
– When returning to a lobby you cannot leave it unless if you use the X to close the game
x64 Known issues:
– Cant change tires in any car (using car setup)
– x64 still using BTM

Build 659 (10/02/14, Junior Member+) – 405.4 MB
* PS4: Adds SSAO texture size to common constant block.
* PS4: Dirty update of world matrices, also stops update of common buffer if not dirty.
* Fix for x64 crash on some tracks with grass enabled (Sakitto etc)
* Fix for SSAO texture size not being in common constant buffer.
* Better normal mapping for particles. Basically rewrote the math for the normal mapping process.
* AI reverse recovery logic checked after pit/garage to ensure it does not affect AI cars in pit/garage spots
* Switch off engine for car placed into garage
* Enable ignition/engine on leaving pit/garage if off
* Added InstantStartEngine for AI controlled vehicles
* Work on stuck reverse behavior
* Prototype Pitstop Sequence update. Removed old animation references (without “_r_”)
* Career news now identifies session type, and picks an appropriate TextID for timed events as well as races. Fixed typo in one of the timing textIDs
* Added support for the remaining Career news string tokens – unhandled values will still display the token itself but have been added to NewsInfo. Updated timings textIDs and checked times will be formatted correctly, added NewsInfo for session type
* WIP checkin of news. First news item is now partially populated using string token replacements, from data gathered from the last race played. More tokens still to be added for string replacement, with some coming later when functionality is added (e.g teams). TextIDs added for some news variants
* Updated Career Calendar screen
* Ariel Atom V8: Revised engine braking torque. Aprox 40% higher. Default map setting set to 6 (range of 13).
* McLaren F1: New tires, tweaked chassis, asymmetric brake fade tech applied
* RUF RGT8: New tires, tweaked chassis, asymmetric brake fade tech
* Pagani Huayra: New tires, tweaked chassis with updates from Zonda R suspension
* Ginetta G55 GT3: revised default setup from CPFT feedback
* Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500: Windscreen reflections dds texture, wheels dds texture, misc dds texture, lights dds texture, lightglass dds texture, brake disc dds texture, windscreen banner dds texture, badges dds texture – initial check in
* RACER L4-RS: Added cockpit animations, fixed reported bugs
* RACER V8-RS: Added cockpit animations, fixed reported bugs
* Belgian Forest: Updated and added adverts for new branding texture, fixed CSM fatal errors
* Eifelwald: Feedbacks fixes, updated the adverts to use the new branding texture, more opacity
* Loire: Added latest assets from Tomas, further terrain details and sideroad details added, add textures for a2_pitbuilding
* Silverstone: Adverts swap to new branding texture
* Azure Coast: Added some new dyn arrow sign, fixed some crowd pos, updated arrow signs and barrier, updated for latest exports-fixed some barriers

Known issues:
– Azure Coast (Full/FullRev/Stage1): CTD happens when reaching the end of the track
– Derby Park/Harrison Pikes: Strange artifacts in 3 sections of the track
x64 Known issues:
– Cant change tires in any car (using car setup) [/toggle]

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Dani .

    By far the best in graphics. In terms of sounds they are improving a lot, some cars sound are really well done, very very immersive. I didn’t try it yet, but if phisycs at the end are good, this will be my sim. Ac lacks sounds and inmersion for me, and rf2 looks like it’s going to be RF2 Forever.

    This is an oppinion i have tried RF2 and it’s good but buggy and unfinished, and AC doesn’t feel to me like everybody claims, looks more like Gran Turismo series for now, but with better FFB.

    For now I am in RF1 and GSC.

    • Deatroy

      “AC doesn’t feel to me like everybody claims, looks more like Gran Turismo series for now, but with better FFB.”
      What a joke, really.

      physicswise is pCars not good compared to AC.
      Sound: yep need to improved, comes later
      Immersion: subjective ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a joke, really.
        I have the same impression as Dani has. Cars in AC are to a big degree very understeery, I have the feeling that AC physics are made for road cars (which are imo very frustrating to drive at tracks), so I can understand the connection between AC and GT in his post. In general, I can’t really get into AC at the moment and it doesn’t feel to me “as it should” (regarding people calling it the best of the best ever made, though it’s not ven finished) as well.

        But before this post gets too much OT, I think pCARS is going the right direction. I really really regret that I didn’t get myself a copy in the past, cause it looks like gerat fun…
        Graphics are top notch (though it’s not the most importent things in racing games, as a car enthusiast it’s still a big topic for me), the selection of cars is just amazing (I mean Group C cars as stock content in a game, has there ever been something like this beside GT and Forza?) and physic-wise I can’t tell anything, but if it’s going to be more simcade (I hate that word) than hardcore simulation I wouldn’t really mind, as long as the racing experience is good.

      • Deatroy

        Graphic is a beast, yes!
        Selection of cars is also awesome, like the variety of it.
        Just to note: i will buy pCars aswell. Tested it a lot on friends PC and i am happy with it, but physics could be more simulation, but they want to attract console players (PS4, Xbone). I understand it.

        Understeering thing is quite real, if you drive normal street cars. GT Cars have a bad default setup for you i guess.

      • Project CARS Italia

        No, you don’t understand.
        The fact that the game will be also on console doesn’t mean that the physics will be dumbed down for the average console players.
        The game is developed to be a racing simulation, not something less. The GT and Forza players that aren’t
        used to racing simulations will have to drive properly in pCars. The only concession for these guys will be the full support for the gamepad (that is used also by the majority of the pc players in racing games by the way), the ability to customize the handling model with the driving assists and to modify the difficulty level of the AI. That’s it.
        SMS have already a racing game with next gen graphic and a simple handling model and it’s called World of Speed.That game is for the guys who like NFS and Burnout driving model. Project Cars is for the guys who want a realistic racing experience.
        Right now the game is still in alpha under every aspect, so what you see/try is incomplete, not finished.
        When the game will be finished you will be able to judge it properly.

      • Deatroy

        Thanks for the explanation ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Project CARS Italia

        You are welcome. And to be clear, I’m not paid by SMS to advertise the game. I’m a WMD member like many other guys who write here, I simply login with the twitter account that I’ve created for my country.
        I’m a player like all of you guys and I joined this Project because I like the idea of partecipating in the development of a racing simulation. I can ask for a refund in every moment if I’m not happy with the direction in which pCars is going. But I’m still in the WMD community, just like the majority of the people who funded the game. Being part of the project we know things about the development of the game and the way it’s done that you can’t know. In the beginning things were frustrating also for us, because as players we wanted the perfection from the day one, but we then learned that making a game such this one isn’t simple: really, needs lot of time and work by the devs.
        Lately we saw that the almost always negative comments about pCars left the place to more constructive and positive words: that’s because every piece of the puzzle that makes the game is progressively going in place, and the fact that we are getting close to the release date will make this process only faster. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

        “””The GT and Forza players that aren’t
        used to racing simulations will have to drive properly in pCars””””


      • Sesto Elemento

        Street cars should understeer and in fact they do in AC. Racing cars don’t.

        I don’t see the problem.

      • GamingCanuck

        They understeer until you make a decent setup, then they drive beautifully.

      • Dani .

        Well yes, inmersion is subjetive, i am throwing a personal opinion, i am not talking about physics, cause they are very variable and unfinished for that games. I am talking about the feeling when I use my wheel, for sure It will be a solid opinion when they release full versions of all. Anyways, PCARS is surprising me with the good upward evolution it has, if physics in this game are going upward as the same level it’s going to be very good sim.
        Time will say.

      • Big Ron

        The joke is that you canยดt handle that there are people not liking AC as much as others. Well, yes. They exist.

      • Deatroy

        I accepted his opinion about AC, but he puts AC on a level of Gran Turismo, which is definitly a joke.

      • Anonymous

        I think Ron said it best people have their own thing. Question is if it’s so great why are people not playing and instead having verbal disputes about it here?

      • Dani .

        Yes, i don’t feel in AC that sense of going fast, a sense of being into a big fast speed machine, that sense of pushing a bit the accel will kill me. Ac feels to me similar to GT, it feels like a unworried drive, very light in sensations don’t know the concrete thing that it does, but it’s not a joke, it’s my opinion, no more value than that.

        I realize this when I fire up GSC, after AC session, just a big change.

      • Pablo Coronel

        The joke is you believing that AC is a simulator, its a simcade, like Gran Turismo lol

      • Anonymous

        If you hate Pcars & Assetto corsa so much, why are you even commenting on their news page, oh not enough news for the king of all sims as you put it rfactor2?
        The joke is on you, you was fooled into believing your favourite sim would steal the limelight, it had done seven years ago, they underestimated the arrival of Pcars, Assetto corsa, and RRRE, and now they are stuck in limbo, trying to play the catch up game.
        Did you even purchase AC, or are you basing your comments off watching youtube videos.

      • Pablo Coronel

        I dont hate a game, maybe i hate people but no games lol
        I have all of them, pcars, AC, rf2, its a shame that you cant tolerate my likes, dont know why always comment my comments.
        Anyway, its fun.

      • Deatroy
      • Deatroy

        oh hey the troll from RaceDepartment.

      • Pablo Coronel

        oh the intolerant pCars fanboy from Virtual IR

      • Anonymous

        Explain to me exactly why AC is simcade. I’m not picking fights here, just want an educated opinion on this. I find AC physics have much more depth to them than some of the other sim titles but hey, thats just me.

    • King Ice

      Sry 4 my Engrish.but here it goes.. I never really understood Euro sim players or sim small devs who always in constant fighting and bickering each other by saying their sim game is the best and others not! IMO there is no such thing as a real simulator game if the player only use a wheel or a gamepad when factors like G force,motion and fear factor are missing in this so call simulator game.! Why cant u guys be like the americans..they only had 1 platform teh is iRacing..and their fanbase and Official like NASCAR support iR very well…Even game like Eveonline which only had servers in London are freaking awesome. IMO for a racing game netcode and mp come 1st then physics and follow by graphic,contents and so on.!
      IR graphic is still amazing which its lowest setting i can get 120++fps and still look freaking briliant..good for long endurance races. and also iR sound also very good for long races not like some euro sims that come with +20db 3khz booster that try to kill your ears.!

      I rest my case…

      • Markus Ott

        Maybe because american racing ethics itself are different to the european. In america there are racing cars with 70s technology because it is all about the show. In europe, because we have many manufacturers here, technology and development are the most important reasons to go racing. We europeans like evolving sims, ongoing development (well, at least those who are not stuck in the past and are unable to make up their mind).

        Nevertheless you are right, but iRacing is devloping much too slow, it is like only one guy is working on content and it was for the most part too focused on american cars no one really knows outside of the USA. The price structure is also a downside of its own, I bet if all costs would be cut by half iRacing would be unrivaled in competitive multiplayer racing.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand either one of you trying to make it a regional tug of war. Like well were this and that such and such. No America is not just about Nascar and iRacing does have competing developers here in the US namely ISI and Ignite on PC and Turn 10 on console. Racing fans are similar no matter what the region and developers no matter where they are from all try to put forth their best effort.
        At least come up with something that has substance and not prejudicial!

      • Markus Ott

        That’s not prejudice, that’s just reality. I had several talks to engineers and mechanics. In the US technology is not the main point of racing, NASCAR is only one example. Look at your Grand Am cars. Tube frame Daytona Prototypes that now are to race against modern LMP cars. It is impossible to balance them, DPs are hopelessly outdated racing technology. Of course racing fans look out there for the same thing: great racing action, and there is no way to say americans do it wrong. But the ethics for manufacturers to go racing are basicly different in the US than in europe. Simple fact.

      • Anonymous

        You seem to forget about Indy Racing that has a similar heart as F1 even though it has been more spec based in the past but other power plants for the cars from other manufacturers are being brought on. Most what you are saying is opinion so no it can’t be seen as fact.
        I also am aware that auto racing as a sport in general carries more weight in Europe as compared to the stick and ball games we put atop the pedestal here in the US. This does not mean that there are not fans just as fanatical about racing here. The difference is possibly the US puts more emphasis on the driver with the philosophies rather than the car being most of the series here have some sort of spec base to increase the level of competition. Which in that regard none is closer than that outdated stuff you call Nascar.

      • Markus Ott

        Indycar. Not as if Dallara is building the cars, and they are from Italy ๐Ÿ™‚
        But maybe you can give me examples of an american manufacturer having success in european series or famous international series. Only example I know of is Corvette Racing.
        You just need to face reality, Birddog66.

      • Anonymous

        What’s your time line? Anyway my time line is getting very short for the continuance of this for nothing discussion. I grow tired and really don’t think it’s worth me being a sucker searching the internet over the success of Euro Makes vs American Makes.they both have had their share of success and anyway I can piss farther than you LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

        I did a quick search and i’ll voice this in a way Europeans can understand this. Ford Powered Race Cars have won 13 F1 Championships that includes a period of dominance. I think that is all I need to say about the seriousness of American Engineers minding the fact there are just as incredible European Engineers lest we not forget the scope of the whole picture.

      • Markus Ott

        Seriously dude?
        Ford F1 engines were developed by Cosworth in England.

      • Anonymous

        I jumped into this silly war to make a point of that and made a little game of it. History reads Ford 13 United States Championships. Ford Product, Ford Technology we may have actually learned something from the Italians because they rule F1 overall. I have tried to be as Neutral as possible but you don’t want anything to do with that. Your right we should end this before it escalates

        This is what inspired my post

        But maybe you can give me examples of an american manufacturer having success in european series or famous international series. Only example I know of is Corvette Racing.
        I think it is you that does not like the truth! I prove you wrong with just one example. There are more.

  • kenpat .

    Took pcars for a spin today, first for a long time. Merc DTM around Imola and RUF at Brands. Felt pretty good and I’m sure it’ll be even better when I spend some time dialling in my wheel… It’s getting there and yes it does look gorgeous.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    I don’t have the access to the beta. One thing I am looking forward with PCars release, is the single player career – how is it? Is it fun, challenging, immersive?

    Can you start career in cart racing, then move to open wheelers, then to GT cars, to Nascar? Or is it like rFactor-like pure sim – meaning dead-boring career mode?

    • Project CARS Italia

      I can’t tell you the complete career’s plan, because it isn’t official yet and also because there is still something going on behind the scenes as for the cars that we’ll have in game, but the career is one of the main contents of the game and SMS is putting lot of effort in it. Naturally delivering a boring experience is not the main plan. ๐Ÿ˜€
      But I can give you some hints, based on informations that most people already know from the gameplay videos out there and from the official news posted in the WMD portal.
      We have karts, entry level touring and gt cars, entry level formula cars, sport road cars, supercars, trackday cars, modern and historic touring and gt cars, modern and historic prototypes, classic Lotus, modern formula cars, stockcars, and some more. And cars were chosen with the career’s plan in mind. Also, as far as I know, the player will be free to choose in which direction evolve his racing career. I can’t say nothing more for now.
      As for the single player experience, when you start the game you can choose to play the car you prefers in every single track of the game. As far as I know we won’t have restrictions and the player won’t be forced to complete the career to unlock contents. In this way we will please everybody: from the guy who wants to start a career to the one who just wants to to start the game few hours the day to race his favourite car in his favourite track. Personally I think it’s the best solution: in this way the people who don’t like championships and want all the content unlocked from the beginning won’t be forced to search for cracks or savegames to have it.

  • Roger Wallentin

    So far I am impressed by the visuals and engine sounds (some cars so far). Some of the tracks are starting to look really good as well.

    Physics still needs more work, but some cars start to feel authentic now for the first time since I tried the first versions over a year ago. Very promising if they are able to take the handling the last mile this is a clear contender for top sim in my book!