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pCARS vs. rFactor 2 – Monza Historic Comparison

AdrianF1ESP has put together a great new comparison video, showing the historic version of Monza both in rFactor 2 & Project CARS.

AdrianF1ESP has put together a great new comparison video, showing the historic version of Monza both in rFactor 2 & Project CARS.

A chicaneless historic version of the Italian Grand Prix venue is available in both simulations, keep in mind that both titles are still very much in development with rFactor 2 being in beta stage while pCARS has not yet left alpha stage.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. More info can be found on theΒ WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    They both look fantastic, almost identical.

    • steve30x

      You should have went to specsavers opticians

      • Anonymous

        lol I nearly choked on the cup of tea I was drinking reading your comment πŸ˜‰

        They do look identical in the design, not the graphics obviously.

  • D3

    2 great comparisons here IMO…the graphics on one hand, and the car movement in the other XD

    PCars looks better, but look at the movement from the car over the lap. Pretty stiff and limited.

    rF2 looks more basic, but the car reacts much better in terms of the weight shifting around and loading up the suspension.

    • myvracelog

      I have trial copy of RF2 and I call bs that RF2 physics are better then PCARS. Not only does PCARS look 100x better, the physics are just as good.

      Rf2 JUST FEELS LIKE A OLD GAME LETS FACE IT. If you took price out of the factor every one playing RF1 and RF2 would be playing IR. Which blows away both, lets be real here. O but lets not forget most RF servers have THE AIDS ON, so they probably would not be able to handle Iracings physics anyway.

      PCARS game with aids off is more like IR, but without the un-natural feel that if the car gets unbalanced there is no saving it. That is the feeling most RF drivers would not feel because they have THE AIDS in-abled on 99% of there servers. (I have been in countless rf leagues where people claim to race with aids off yet Traction control is allowed… what a farse). The same type people who bark about how sim like it is, you know who you are.

      I enjoy RF and RF2 but LOL , rf2 is capable of solid graphics if tracks made by the right team. Hell the converted CM f1 tracks are extremely nice, but it takes pro’s like codemasters to make nice visual appealing tracks.

      • D3

        Wow, you provide what you assume is a balanced look at the info posted, and receive that in return XD

        “Let’s be real here”. Yes…lets…good to see you judge a whole community of racers and their individual abilities by the servers that you have raced on with the demo of rF2. Fantastic.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Open servers mind you. πŸ™‚

      • myvracelog

        ”you have raced on with the demo of rF2.”

        the demo is a guest pass which I have every update you have plus every mod and track under the sun. Just I did not have to pay for it.
        What would keep me from buying it?

        worst user friendly track ui I have ever seen.

        involved with a good league in another sim game for awhile and time is limited.
        ”judge a whole community of racers”

        Not at all, I know there is a sim following, and to be honest I am not judging the way people play in a bad light, to each there own. Just like Pcars which is made up of mostly arcade racers, but that does not make Pcars the quintessential arcade game.
        What would make me want to buy it?
        Ridiculously good Izod series.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Just because a server allows aids doesn’t mean they are used. When a session is over you can view the log to see what aids each person used and most of the time people don’t make use of them. I am slower with aids on and I drive iRacing without a problem. I guess I am god by your standards? You my friend are delusional if you think pCARS drives like iR. The whole aids on servers thing on rF2 is new and it comes from all the console kiddy cry babies that have flooded this genre with the quest to find the sim with the best GFX that can’t stay on the track even with aids on. We didn’t have this problem in rF1. Servers never allowed aids. You will also find that leagues rarely allow aids at all and generally aren’t full of bad drivers that need them.

      • myvracelog

        go look at RF and RF2 server list and count up how many servers have aids restricted.. ya I know I am correct.

        Also any self respecting ”sim” league would have them off.
        That is Fact not a opinion.

        If a community wants to ”talk the talk” at ”least walk the walk”.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        crap the crap

      • Skytrill

        When you speak too much truth on internet forums, most people will start bashing you because they don’t want to hear it.. just saying πŸ™‚

      • myvracelog

        yes true, but I tell it like it is. thanks for your post.

        I also have wide shoulders and they don’t buckle.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Talking about aids, please explain this video you made:

        Driving line which you can’t even follow. Pffff.

      • myvracelog

        Like Skytrill says below the truth hurts.

        1st time and 1st lap out on donnington track (done cold, and all markers not added to track yet).

        I never drove or last time I did it was in race 07 years ago. Not that I need to explain to a wazzle like you, but any time at a new track I use the racing line and roof view. Why don’t you bring up my oval videos full races where race after race I start in last place to get top 3’s or top 5’s or even win. (All done in a game that is a 100 times harder then rfactor and more sim like. Nacar 2003 GTP is 100x more difficult and challenging then anything rfactor offers)

        Also you seem to have a READING problem. NEVER NOT ONCE DID I SAY IT WAS: ”BAD TO USE THE AIDS”.
        Just don’t act like some supreme online racer because your racing RF2, because that is laughable.

        My point is (which went over your head because your obviously a RF2 butt hurt fanboy) ..

        MY point is for all the bashing the RF – RF2 fanboys do about shift PCARS and f1 cm, and other games your the community is not really SIM at all because all I here is big talk from a bunch of wanna be’s racing with aids on.

        Let’s kept it really here and call white, white and black, black.

      • Noel Hibbard

        You’re clearly a child. Not sure why I would engage but anyways. I see your point about aids. Trust me, your silly attack on non-pCARS drivers didn’t go over my head. Your saying a real racer shouldn’t need aids and if you’re going to claim your community is full of better racers you shouldn’t have to allow aids on your server. Got it. So basically what you’re saying is “you” fall into the inferior group that actually “does” need aids as shown in your video and confirmed in your last comment. New to the track or not, you really shouldn’t need a higher camera angle or driving line to learn a track. And geez, this is your first lap at Donington? Clearly this is a new hobby for you. I did see lots of oval racing on your channel. So you do well in oval races. So what. I don’t know who you are racing with to even know if that is an accomplishment. For all I know those races were on public servers. Different leagues have different talent levels. Also, please don’t call me some wazzle. You have no clue who I am or what my experience is or where I have raced or what championships I have won, who I have raced with or how long I have been racing or even what real life experience I have. Obviously. Google is your friend. I don’t hide behind a nickname.

      • myvracelog


        Why would I care about anything about you lol…I could care less who you are .. obviously your such a ninny you have to go stalk my youtube.

        If you piss up a tree taller then you it will always come back down on you. Perhaps pick shorter trees. Err …ah.. maybe shrubs in your case.

        Attack on non Pcars drivers, LOL just wow. Get a clue.

      • F1Racer

        Lets watch the language and the name calling guys please.

      • Billy Smart

        I don’t hide behind a nickname.

        So your saying the forum mods here are hiding behind a nickname? thats what it looks like to me.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Some people use nicks to hide, some for security. Yes the admins here use nicks. You can twist my words however you want, but what I was trying to say is I use my real name so Google will find info about real life and fantasy life. Now, carry on. πŸ˜‰

      • James Russell

        What a roof jockey πŸ˜€ All of your arguments in your above post fell flat after reading what you wrote am not a fanboi of either..i was just reading up to see which one i should choose and instead i come across the standard ridiculous internet mine is bigger than yours posts.

  • Mrslfrsl

    Oh well, where is the second link? πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Real life footage would help too, for example :

    Though i can’t find a good quality youtube version.

    Rfactor 2’s version is actually good and wants to at least try and be somewhat accurate, whereas pCars is a kind of cookie-cutter half arsed approach as they seem to be taking with the historic tracks. So erm yer, i’m not quite sure how people can say that they “look identical”.

    I’ll admit it is a bit difficult to see from the video, but go and drive both, and look at the turns, the environment and the surroundings, then compare to historical pictures and footage and hopefully you’ll start to see what i mean.

  • Noel Hibbard

    Not the best track in rF2 visually, but even the best looking rF2 tracks don’t really compare to pCARS. Lets hope that pCARS delivers on their claim to improve the physics. Until then you can’t take it serious.

    • Anonymous

      Noel, purely out of curiosity: When was the last time you actually tried pCARS? πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Rob how about you tell us what pcars physics is like, I mean this is your blog site, and I’ll be purchasing all the sims you report on, on your site, can’t wait for your review on it though, not interested in reviews or previews from those that have invested in it, only your opinion counts to me, that’s why I visit your site, please do say.:)

      • Anonymous

        Melanie I’m sorry but I won’t do any sim reviews anymore as it would be a potential conflict of interest.

        I’m simply not in the position to do fair reviews anymore, If I write a positive review about pCARS people will question my intensions and if I criticize another sim it will be the same.

        I just post these videos & previews of all sims and you are free to decide which title you like better.

        Of course I’m always welcoming guest authors so if anyone feels like providing a review – Please do, I’ll post it for sure πŸ™‚

      • Noel Hibbard

        Rob, just wanted to thank you for the job you have been doing with the site the past month or so. Either you have a lot more free time these days or there has been WAY more news to report. Or both. πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, it is a bit of both. I had quite serious family-related issues to deal with for most of spring/early summer so time was even more sparse back then.

        But it is slowly getting better πŸ™‚

      • Suprak

        You can’t take this seriously

      • Marcos Sanz

        Although I am not a fan of pcars (I need to try it again, last time was 5 month ago), you can’t judge the physics with this video, it’s only a bug, it has nothing to do…

      • Anonymous

        So what?

        This is a bug, it’s in alpha-stage!

        How exactly does this hurt pCARS’ credibility when it comes to physics? Do you think there aren’t such bugs in iRacing, rF2 etc. in this stage of development?

        The difference is, nobody ever gets to see these titles in that stage, with pCARS you can follow the development from a much earlier stage.

        Of course, that requires users to put things in perspective and accept that not everything is perfect. If your are going to freak out over every single bug and if you can’t see the big picture then WMD is not for you I’m afraid.

      • Noel Hibbard

        rF2 has had bugs like this due to bugs in tracks and/or cars having bad collision maps. I wouldn’t judge the physics on that video. But you probably already know this.

      • Jos

        damn that car sounds good from tv cam!

      • Noel Hibbard

        Around 450. I updated it last week but haven’t had a chance to give it another spin. I will try to over the weekend. I hope to be pleasantly surprised because I was very excited about it in the very beginning.

      • Anonymous

        Heh, I don’t think you have successfully updated last week…we’re at 535 now πŸ˜‰

        Seriously, you will be surprised. Make sure to check out the events section for CPFT events to try the cars that are currently in physics development focus.

        Due to the nature of WMD, the cars are at different stages in their development and trying the “wrong” car can give you a false impression. So make sure to try one of the cars that have received the latest treatment and you’ll like it, I’m quite sure πŸ™‚

      • Noel Hibbard

        I “drove” something like 450, later I updated it (about two weeks ago) but haven’t driven that build yet. I am updating it right now. It was on 521 (this was the one I updated to a few weeks ago). When I drove the one in the 450s I drove a bunch of cars and the one I had the most fun with was the Capri. Thanks for the heads up on which ones have physics focus. I don’t follow the pCARS forum much so I would have had no clue.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Okay.. looks like I have to install steam to go past 527. I will have to mess with it later.

    • Andrew McP

      I’m going to benchmark myself — for the sake of bystanders — by saying that I still rate rF2, AC, and iRacing above pCARS when it comes to convincing (ie hard!) physics. But in recent builds something has changed in pCARS for me and I no longer get the instant revulsion I used to get when I took a car out on the track.

      I could never quite pinpoint what was wrong, but the steering never quite felt right and the old mushiness from Shift1/2 seemed (and I emphasise seemed!) to still be evident to me.

      I can’t quite pinpoint what’s suddenly much more convincing now, but despite struggling with some discomfort from back pain (which is a great way of quickly filtering out weak enthusiasm!) today I’ve had some genuine fun in the current [email protected] Event, and was pleased to see you can now download ghost laps from your closest competitors (and the rest) to pit yourself against. Great learning tool!

      Ok, if pushed I would say pCARS physics are still very much on the forgiving side of totally honest, but the BMW certainly behaves much more convincingly when I push it, and the level of immersion is now — for me at least — high enough that I’m not constantly wondering why I’m not enjoying the experience. That’s a huge step forward for me and my relationship with this project.

      A week or two ago I had a similar experience with their Lotus49. After crying over my complete inability to driving iRacing’s beast I fired up rF2 and tried to do a lap of historic Spa in their 49. Then I remembered I can’t drive that car either. πŸ™‚ But firing up pCARS instead I discovered they have historic Spa too.

      And it was surprisingly satisfying to drive round!

      Ok, the fact I can drive their Lotus49 after failing so dismally in the other two is perhaps a warning sign for unforgiving, hardcore sim racers. But for me sim racing is about the overall experience, and not the exact detail. I want to be immersed and satisfied, not punished by grueling authenticity when I don’t have real world physics to tell me what my car’s doing before it’s too late. I simply don’t have the skill or reaction times to deal with that, which is why I’ve been stuck in the iRacing Skip Barber for 4 years. πŸ™‚

      Still, there are worse places to get stuck in this hobby.

      Anyway, I’m not saying that pCARS is secretly tuning their project for mere mortals like me; I’m nowhere near qualified enough as a sim racer to dissect such things. All I know is that I’m starting to enjoy pCARS in a more well rounded and satisfying way. I may still find other projects more convincing in subtle ways, but I no longer see pCARS as being in a separate class.

      That separate class used to be “sims I own but don’t drive”. It’s definitely not in that class any more… though I may well discover that the BMW has just hit a weak spot in my analytic armour, and other cars will disappoint me. But for the time being just typing about it has made me want to fire up the other PC before I get on with what I ought to be doing. And that, in itself, is a very pleasant and very welcome change for the better.

      Of course it’s also possible that I might just be taking too many painkillers for my bad back, and am getting delusional. But I hope not. πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        “…convincing (ie hard!) physics…”

        That has to be the biggest fallacy in sim racing…

      • Andrew McP

        Not really. Without real world physics feedback I’ve always believed 100% (or anything close!) accurate sim racing ought to be significantly harder than the real thing.

      • Anonymous

        That’s mainly due to lack of feedback and situational awareness, and it shouldn’t be made even harder by exaggerating the difficulty of the driving itself, as some “hardcore” simmers seem to like. Advanced, modern racing sim physics should seek to model the rather progressive nature of break away.

        Anyway, it’s good that you enjoy pCARS. I see the project as a good chance of advancing from “hardcore” psuedo sim physics (i.e. the overly hard, gamey kind), and go for a more realistic experience that is about the racing, and not about fighting flawed physics.

        I’m aware that some find a gaming challenge in mastering overly difficult to drive sims, and that’s fine, just like mastering difficult moves in arcade games. But it might not be too realistic.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Once I finished my session with pCARS I went back to rF2 with the Camaro at LRP and it is an entirely different experience. Personally it is much easier to drive as you have way better feel in the wheel and less lag. I need to spend some more time reducing the lag in my rig because I think that is the #1 thing causing the disconnected feeling.

        I think if you spend all your time in one sim it is going to start to feel natural. I did about 70 laps in pCARS at Laguna Seca (overrated track) in the M3 GT and I started to enjoy it. But then I saw the instant contrast when switching back to rF2. I didn’t even have to retrain.

        I have more confidence in pCARS for sure. I want to upgrade to a GTX760 soon. Once I do that, I should be closer to zero lag. Maybe then I can give pCARS a more fair test drive.

      • Noel Hibbard

        +100. I think pCAR’s biggest problem has been input lag. It will make any sim feel disconnected. Almost like there are aids driving for you even though you have turned them all off. I just gave the latest build a spin and the input lag is DRASTICALLY improved. Still not perfect (compared to iR/rF1/rF2), but way better. I need to play around with some of the settings and see if I can improve it some more. The M3 to me feels a little odd. The FFB is still not even close to rF1+RealFeel, rF2 or iR. The M3 GT felt very switchy. Hard to explain. It would step out then push then step out then push. Almost like you are driving with digital controls. I did a YouTube search and found other people displaying this same odd push/oversteer/push behavior. I really think it is due to input lag and not being able to react in time to avoid the over steer. The default set is also way to pushy for my taste. Need to play with the setup a little. Which brings up another question. Is there any telemetry for pCARS yet? If not, is there anyway to see tire pressure at least?

  • Jos

    pcars seems to have an overkill of sun reflections on the road. rf2 could use some more.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    One has cartoon’s physics, other has cartoon’s graphics.

    • gt3rsr


    • Horrace L Foster

      I read your comment and started laughing because I could not express what I saw your description is perfect, short and to the point!

  • Justin Schmidt

    rf2 looks more accurate. trackside is very fantasyish in pcars.

  • me

    Something in-between would look better. Pcars version looks a bit like phone captured from a screen : too contrast , too overexposed. rF version is a bit too gray and lifeless, a bit blue in shadows would improve it.