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Project CARS vs. iRacing vs. Forza 5 – Bathurst Comparison

FTRRacingTv have put together another of their comparison videos, this time checking out a truly iconic combo in three racing titles.

FTRRacingTv have put together another of their comparison videos, this time checking out a truly iconic combo in three racing titles.

The video below shows a lap around the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit, better known as Bathurst, inside the Lotus 49, one of sim racing’s most popular historical Formula One car.

Which title does it better, the two PC-based simulations or the console-exclusive driving-game? Watch and decide!

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    Would’ve been nice if they had used the same FOV for each clip.

    IMO, I’d say PCARS > iRacing > Forza5

    • The Dark

      graphically and sonically(?) i must agree. but it would be interesting to see if that order is the same between pcars and iracing when driving them and focussing only on the physics. both seem decent from the video.
      i am not sure if forza has a hope to be on the same level as the other two for physics. the sound is weak and diluted also.

      • Rlee

        I’ve been an iRacing member for 4 years and I prefer pCARS, hands down. iRacing, as a simulation, has been over hyped for years. Only recently has the tire model come far enough to actually start to begin to simulate reality. Which is funny because 4 years ago when the iRacing tire model was pure garbage, people still touted it as the be all, end all of simulation.

      • Roy Rki

        Sounds like when GP legends came out. Hard to play does not equal realism.

      • The Dark

        they did yes i remember those times. pcars has come on a lot in the last few months. only yesterday i was racing the GT40 on the vintage r5 tyres at night in Imola. it was really quite immersive. it was night here too so that even helped 🙂

  • Leeman

    Forza looked good but sounded awful. Certainly can’t judge physics from the video, however, and that’s all that really matters.

    • fordgtguy

      That’s because that Forza 5 capture is god awful.

  • todemanjack

    At the end of the simracing day, this video reveals very little. Graphics wise they are all not that far apart. Physics, I’ll bet is the same, not that far apart. So it comes down to game play. Or how adaptable/customizable is game play. Are we constrained by the devs. limits? Or can we customize the game to meet our needs? Are the devs. truly giving. Or are they just trying to lure us into paying for more.

  • Mike Cantwell

    Being that I was there a few weeks ago, the best version is not shown here, and that is GT6. The main issue is the trees. Both Forza and GT6 have tried to replicate the Australian gum trees, even have the correct tree on the right as you enter the Dipper….

    • AussieStig

      I agree Mike, this seems to be a problem for most track designers. The Aussie bush looks totally different to the European or North American bush. I know it’s a small part of the whole, but if you are an Aussie and there are a few of us around the game loses something visually in translation. So I see where you are coming from mate.

      The rFfactor 1 mod for V8 Supercars has moer realistic scenery and in particular gum trees.

      Visual Rating: 1 Project cars, 2 Forza, 3 iRacing

      • Mike Cantwell
      • Bobby

        Wow, I’ve not seen the GT6 version before but at some points it looked more real that the top video!

      • EZehnder

        Holy Crap! Yeah, that wins hands down in every way.

      • todemanjack

        Looks like the actually hired a graphics artist, instead of just a graphics engineer.

  • Max Pautov

    I choose:
    1) PCars

  • Razvan Lucan

    I like the asphalt reflections in PCars, the softer shadows in iRacing and overall ambient lighting in Forza. However, not by much, but Gran Turismo 6 does look better.

  • robxb

    I just wish I could see the mirrors in Project Cars..

  • robxb

    I just wish I could see the mirrors in Project Cars..

    • HardRock

      Yeah, ideally the videos should have been recorded with the same FoV. Rest assured though that if you want you can adjust the camera settings to your liking in pCARS and see the side mirrors in every car.

  • Balcis

    I don’t know about the feeling of driving, road and speed but as how they look; by far Project Cars look much more realistic than any other racing sim.

  • Damien Smith

    Visuals and sounds Pcars for now not the be all of gaming graphics iracing is dx9/10 no silly lighting tricks to fool the human eye and in this video the iracing FoV was stretched to better match forza and Pcars besides that iracing are accurate down to 2mm with their lazer scanned tracks even the aussie gum tree was scanned for the track as well as all the farewell messages to Sir Peter Brock. you can keep your flash lighting tricks ill stick with iracing till other company’s can match iracings accuracy

  • Ted

    Project Cars is indeed the b-all and end-all of realism, the lighting and environs are easily the best out there, makes iracing look like something from 2005. Sorry iRacing but you’re now just for the diehards who can’t move on.